11 Awesome Instagram Plugins for WordPress 2017

Instagram is one the most popular social networks. Millions of people use it to share high quality photos and videos. There are lots of obvious and not so obvious reasons why you would want to integrate Instagram to your WordPress websites. Whether you are using it for business or personal reasons, a Instagram plugins can help make the most out of the social media network.

You can use it to promote your brand, share content, make your site sticky, connect with your audience, get more followers or run marketing campaigns. Here we have 10 Instagram Plugins to use on your WordPress website.

A lot of these plugins will do the same thing. They are all known to perform well and feedback from customer support forums are overwhelmingly positive. The one that works best for you will depend on what you need it for and how you like to work.

Instagram Feed Gallery — Grace for WordPress

Grace Instagram Feed Galleries for WordPress

Grace Instagram Feed Gallery plugin has become a real sensation among the modern tools for Instagram social streaming. The most precious features of this WordPress plugin include: 4 variants of stream layouts, 5 feed types, ignoring the common streaming limitations and the full availability of public content for individual streaming with the support of Instagram API changes from June 2016.

The exclusive feature of Grace Instagram Feed Gallery is the pre-moderation system for posts. You can check and approve (or disband) any post in your Instagram social wall manually. The additional opportunity is set by the automatic approval system, which you can fine-tune by including and excluding definite content by a word, phrase, user ID, URL and other characteristics. Now you can advertise your personal or corporate brand by means of Instagram social stream and have no fear about spamers and trolls.

You will find masonry, fixed-height grid, justified galleries and image slider layouts in Grace Instagram Feed Gallery. The comfortable visual editor will allow you to customize each of these layouts to perfectly fit your WordPress website`s design. No specific skills are required to fine-tune the appearance of your Instagram social wall, including colors, shapes, width and height of any element, margins and paddings and other options.

5 different feed types are ready to be used on Grace Instagram Feed Gallery for your personal or open public Instagram accounts. Any open public Instagram content can be streamed: account by username, like feeds, various hashtags, location by geotags and ID. Your site users can sort the content by any of the mentioned feeds.

The seamless API connection is provided by this beautiful plugin. Only one button needs to be pressed in order to activate the authorization options – the simplest public Instagram content connection has been delivered!

Grace Instagram Feed Gallery provides an opportunity to create your eye-catching profile header. It will include avatar, account info, followers and following data. This option is available only for streaming of one Instagram feed.

Grace plugin delivers an easy connection for social share buttons through every post in your stream. This feature makes it possible for your users to share content without living your WordPress website. Brand new lightbox galleries also ensure the possibility of viewing Instagram comments and some other post meta right inside the social wall.

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Instagram TheatreInstagram-Theatre-Plugin

Instagram Theatre has 3 modes: grid, full screen and list. There are all the standard options for customization available as well. You can change things like the layout, animation, hover effects etc. The customer support is responsive and people seem happy with the plugin. Power users and developers can further customize things through CSS.

This plugin is easy and simple enough. The admin panel is intuitive, it loads fast and you can get your galleries up fast. Take a look at the demos and see if it’s right for you.

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Instagram Feed for WordPress – InstaShowInstaShow-Plugin

InstaShow helps you pull from Instagram feeds to build beautiful galleries of images or video on your website. It works with the new Instagram API changes to help you display photos and videos just how you want to. You can setup your own filters among other things.

This plugin is a good fit for someone who likes a lot of options at their disposal. I really like the admin UI. It’s setup with tabs and sliders which makes configuring your galleries easy. You get lots of options to change the UI, size, styles and filters. It comes with over 60 parameters built-in and 10 color schemes.

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Instagram Widget for WordPress – InstaLinkInstaLink-Plugin

Display an Instagram feed on your WordPress website via widget, shortcode or as an element from Visual Composer LINK. This is a simple and dependable plugin. It does exactly what it should without complicating things. Setup is easy and the feedback from customers is positive.

If you use Instagram, this plugin can help you integrate it with WordPress. Instalink is suitable for marketing campaigns, public relations, developers, brands, agencies, business, photographers, online shops and more. This one also works with Visual Composer, shortcode or widget.

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Instagram Portfolio — WordPress PluginInstagram-Portfolio

Instagram Portfolio is great for portfolios, but it can be to build any sort of gallery on your website. It’s an easy way to showcase photography or videos from the dashboard. The settings are organized into simple categories to make things easy.

You can do things like add effects, change the photo filter, change size and layout. This plugin has everything you need to quickly add galleries and customize them to fit any style. It’s especially well-suited for lifestyle, design, travel and photography niches.

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Flow-Flow WordPress Social Stream Plugin

We had to put Flow-Flow on here because it’s an awesome app. You can pull from the most popular social media feeds to add an engaging wall on your WordPress site. Promote your brand, attract new followers with social feeds from Instagram.

There are so many options with Flow-Flow. Get all the inside information by checking out the documentation. Flow-Flow is for more than just Instagram. Checkout the demo content to see what it can do. You have access to the biggest social networks to build beautiful social walls. The best thing about Flow-Flow is that you have so many options.

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Instagram Feed for WordPress – InstaNOWInstaNow

I hate to sound like a broken record here, but here it goes. This plugin can pull from Instagram feeds to add galleries to your site via shortcodes, widget or Visual Composer. You can add photos from Instagram users or hashtags to any post or page on your website. This plugin also comes with iLightbox free of charge. There is an endless amount of possibilities you for output with this plugin. This one is versatile and good for many different outputs.

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Instagram Gallery – WordPress PluginInstagram-Gallery-Plugin

Display your favorite pics and videos by user account or search. There are many different options for you to configure to customize your galleries. This is a lightweight and simple plugin. The demos on CodeCanyon don’t do it justice. You have the capability to make any sort of gallery you’d like.

The admin panel isn’t fancy but you get all the functionality you need out of this plugin and it’s a little cheaper than most Instagram plugins. It comes with 6 different gallery styles, light or dark skins, a lightbox and all the other features you would expect from a quality Instagram plugin.

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Instagram Photo & Video Gallery WordPressInstagram-Photo-Video-Gallery-for-WordPress

Build your own cards, pull feeds by filter, tag or location. This is a nice plugin with lots of power. It’s easy to use yet has lots of power. This plugin has all the capabilities that you need to get great results. Set it up in a few minutes and start posting. Choose to keep people on your website or send them to Instagram. The choice is yours. This is a solid plugin with a lot of parameters for you to work with. Instagram Photo & Video Gallery is another fast yet robust gallery builder for WordPress.

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Youmax (WP) YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook & Instagram GridYouMax-Plugin

This plugin is mainly built for adding video feeds to your site. You can also use it to build Instagram grids. Populate your galleries by hashtag or user account. This is great for those who want to add galleries with multiple sources. You can use it to ad feeds to your website. Youmax gives you grid, thumbnail and full screen layouts.

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Awesome Gallery – Instagram, Flickr, Facebook galleries on your site.Awesome-Gallery

This plugin is another one to help you build galleries from Instagram. Pull from multiple sources like posts, attachments, pages, Flickr, YouTube and more. You can get some popular image sources to display the content of your choice. Build a nice video or image gallery to your specs easily with this plugin. It comes with 7 built-in styles that you can further customize. Another unique feature is the built-in support. You can contact the developers for support directly from the settings panel.

Get Awesome Gallery Live Demo

Final Words

Any one of the plugins on this list can help you add great looking video and photo galleries with WordPress. Most of them will handle the same tasks. Checkout the demos and docs to figure out which one you like to work with most. Remember that there was a recent Instagram API change that took effect in June 2016 that may affect you. Make sure that you have approved your permissions. For most of these plugins, you should  be able to find documentation to help. Let us know if you have used any of these plugins and how they worked out for you. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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