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Increasing eMail Subscribers List with Bloom WordPress Plugin

Are you thinking about creating an email marketing campaign to develop your WordPress site or blog? Or do you already have a subscribers base, but would like to expand it? For both purposes, you need a versatile, flexible and effective tool that will be optimized for working with the WordPress platform. Bloom WordPress plugin is one of the most suitable premium options when choosing such a tool.

Bloom WordPress plugin combines features of email opt-in and lead generation. With this handy tool, you can easily create static and interactive forms for subscribing site users to your email newsletter. Huge opportunities for customizing the design, layout and behavior of subscription forms are provided by the universal functionality of the Bloom WordPress plugin. You can create email subscription forms of any complexity without special knowledge in the field of web development and design – all actions are performed in a simple visual editor with an intuitive interface.

The distinctive features of the Bloom WordPress plugin is the availability of various display types, different automatic triggers, integration with the most popular modern email marketing services, plenty of opportunities for customization and advanced features. All these characteristics we will consider separately, so that each WordPress administrator can understand their modus operandi and scope.

Today we will take a closer look at all the features of the Bloom WordPress plugin so that you are armed with information about this useful WordPress tool even before its potential purchasing. The need for this plugin must first of all be dictated by the needs of your internet project and the peculiarity of its audience. The importance and urgency of these or other features for each WordPress administrator are determined by himself – this is the main complexity of the development of a site or blog.

Choosing a Display Type for Email Subscription Form

The Bloom WordPress plugin offers 6 display types for your email subscription forms: automatic pop-up, automatic fly-in, inline form, below content form, widget area form and content locker. Each of these display types can be useful for certain types of design and content on your WordPress site or blog. Therefore, we will stop our attention on these features of the Bloom WordPress plugin and consider each of the options presented separately.
Bloom Pop-up
Automatic pop-up is by far the most popular type among the existing email opt-ins. This form of subscription can work with various automatic triggers based on the user’s actions. These triggers will be discussed in more detail later, but the very possibility of showing the subscription form after a certain user interaction with the site is the most effective strategy for such communication.

Automatic fly-in is similar to the previous display type according to the principle of operation. Its distinctive feature is the smooth appearance on the user’s screen, instead of the sudden appearance of pop-up. This type of subscription form is also configured using automatic triggers for certain user actions in relation to the site.

Inline form is a static display type for email opt-in. You can select any part of the text content to accommodate the inline form. This flexibility will make it possible to optimally place the email opt-in and bring the text narrative to the need of subscription to your email newsletter.

Below content form is a classic way of posting the email opt-in. A significant advantage of such a display of the subscription form is a respectful attitude towards readers, whose attention is not diverted to pop-up or departing messages with the request to subscribe to the newsletter. Another simple advantage of the below content form display is the ability to permanently locate in a specific location, without having to prepare the content for the placement of email opt-in.

Widget area form also can be attributed to the classic method of placement of email opt-in. Widget area is simply created for placing similar elements of the interface of your WordPress site. Sidebar or footer is perfect for an unobtrusive and efficient email subscription form.

Bloom Content LockerContent locker can be called the most stringent measure for obtaining the email of your readers. Content locker blocks the reading of content immediately when you enter a page or after a certain time on it (configured with automatic triggers). Only after entering a valid email the user will be able to read the contents of the page. Be careful with this technique, because it can make a bad service: some users will prefer to leave the site instead of unlocking content with their email.

Defying the Suitable Automatic Triggers

As we mentioned earlier, automatic triggers allow certain types of email opt-in to appear depending on the user’s actions on the site. Now we have come close to analyzing the possibilities of the automatic triggers themselves. The Bloom WordPress plugin provides 6 kinds of automatic triggers: timed delay, bottom of the post, after scrolling, after commenting, after purchasing and after inactivity. Let us examine the general cases of using each of these types of triggers.

Timed delay is the most popular type of automatic trigger. To configure it, you only need to specify the amount of time after the user logs on to the site when he receives an email opt-in. The amount of time can be different for each project and should be configured in accordance with the analysis of user behavior on the site. First of all, the average duration of the visit is important in order to determine the optimal time for displaying the email opt-in.

Bottom of the post trigger is almost identical to the static form of displaying the subscription form below content. But unlike the latter, it offers a more effective appearance of email opt-in, associated with the interactive component of the site.

After scrolling trigger can be configured for a certain percentage of the page view by the user. Thus, this trigger is an advanced version of the previous one, since it suggests that the administrator more subtly influence the behavior of the user when the subscription form appears.

After commenting trigger can be very useful for WordPress blogs and communities where there are active discussions. With this trigger it is easy to track new members of your site and invite them to subscribe to your email newsletter.

After purchasing trigger is perfectly suitable for online stores on the WordPress platform. This trigger is the optimal remarketing tool, which is the additional sale tool for related or similar products for active customers of your store or service.

After inactivity trigger implies the renewal of the user’s interest, which could leave without attention the tab or browser window with the page of your site. A new event on the page gives an additional chance not only to replenish the subscriber base, but also to familiarize yourself with the content of your site.

Design Customization Options

Bloom DesignThe Bloom WordPress plugin offers a wide range of possibilities not only for displaying blocks with a subscription form, but also for vivid customization options for implementing your creative ideas. First of all, there are 115 ready-made templates for subscription forms. You can use them without changes in your design or make a base for creating a unique one.

The possibilities of manual customization for the design of the subscription form include: form orientation, custom borders and edges, image position options and unlimited choice of colors of each element. All these changes are available in a convenient visual editor.

Testing and Analyzing Your Email Opt-Ins

Bloom DashboardThe Bloom WordPress plugin is equipped with its own dashboard, which allows you to track user interaction with the forms of subscription you have created. Detailed analytics will help to identify the weaknesses and strengths of your e-mail marketing campaign from its very beginning – the process of collecting the subscriber base.

Bloom Dashboard also allows you to conduct split testing for various variants of the email subscription forms on your WordPress website. In this way, you can simultaneously run several types of subscription forms and track the most effective option for your audience.

Bloom Dashboard provides the ability to combine statistical information from various email services on one page. This feature will greatly facilitate the comparison and analysis of disparate data to perceive the full picture of your e-mail marketing campaign.

Other Useful Technical Information

The Bloom WordPress plugin is fully compatible with the 16 most popular mailing list services, including MailChimp, AWeber, iContact, Emma, GetResponse, HubSpot and others. Such integration greatly facilitates the work of WordPress Administrator, who is engaged in a serious email marketing campaign with the connection of many traffic sources.

The Bloom WordPress plugin is a retina ready and fully mobile responsive tool that gives its owners the opportunity to concentrate on an email marketing campaign without being distracted by additional content optimization for mobile devices.

The Bloom WordPress plugin provides a convenient format for working with data. You can freely save, import and export all settings and data from the Bloom WordPress plugin. This feature will serve as a guarantee of safety and mobility of your data.

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