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Best WordPress Appointment Booking Tool — Amelia Full Plugin Review

Nearly any type of business needs to deal with appointments. It is much easier to set up your calendar and give your potential customers their opportunities to pick the most convenient date and time, if you have a WordPress website with a proper toolkit. Online appointment booking became the most preferred one among all types of customers since it had been invented. The main reasons for such choice are the speed and the comfortable conditions for each user.

Such amazing feature as online appointment booking could not be ignored by WordPress platform. There are thousands of different free and premium plugins to set up your own appointment calendar within the WordPress website. These tools require no special web development skills or knowledge and serve as multipurpose tools for planning purposes. Premium tools of this category give even more opportunities towards automated planning and employees` control.

Amelia enterprise-level WordPress appointment booking plugin is one of such premium tool of the new generation. This plugin allows a WordPress administrator to maintain a big team of employees and great amount of customers with the help of the perfect automated assistant. Amelia`s features go far beyond planning and booking. We will consider and analyze all of the main features of Amelia in this review, for you to be well-informed about this product and meet your own thoughtful decision about purchasing it.

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Exposing the Most Common Myths about WordPress

Exposing the Most Common Myths about WordPress

Popularity always creates lots of myths. WordPress platform is the most popular way to open your project in internet and it is not the exception for the rule. Most myths about WordPress are created by people who have not tried to use it at all or might have experienced some problems with their first projects on the beginner levels.

WordPress myths are very well-known and we will now try to expose these tales to bring you the true information about the platform. It is very possible, that you have met some of the myths from our list, and even believe in some of them. That is the main reason why we are making our list of expose.

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Best Wordpress Plugins for Navigation Menus

Best Navigation Plugins For WordPress

When you are trying to take steps to direct more traffic to your WordPress website, it is really important to make sure your users keep browsing. One of the best places to focus your effort is the navigation menu. Strictly saying, the menu is the roadmap of your website. More often than not the navigation menu is what draws users deeper into your site. Ideally you want an intuitive menu that helps people find what they are looking for, instead of just staring blindly at the page because they are lost.

The navigation menu is one of the most important components of a successful website. Even if your site looks amazing but your visitors do not decide to stick around and browse, it is useless. Each click on the menu can encourage or discourage your visitors to stay. Making sure your menu attracts visitors can keep you from losing traffic due to frustration. Fortunately designing a successful navigation menu is not hard if you use proper WordPress tools. We have collected some of the best plugins for creating fluid and responsive fly out menus in WordPress.

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How to Style the Comment Form on Your WordPress Website

How to Style the Comment Form on Your WordPress Website

Comment form is one of the simplest (and therefore one of the most important) ways to involve your WordPress website visitors and provide them with a feedback opportunity. Comment forms represent the way to concern your users` time and effort to take part in the life of your project. That is why you probably will need to style any default WordPress theme`s comment form into some unique shapes. It could be very small nuances but they do play the important role on how users perceive your WordPress website or blog.

Most premium WordPress themes allow an admin to customize all elements of his website within a convenient drag-n-drop editor. Today we will consider a bit more complicated but much more all-purpose way to customize your comment forms — with the help of CSS stylesheets of your WordPress theme. This experience will also help you to acknowledge the basic opportunities of WordPress website development and maybe proceed further in learning hidden traits of the WordPress platform.

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Interactive Maps to Your WordPress Site with Helpful Plugins

Add Interactive Maps to Your WordPress Site with Helpful Plugins

Maps can provide lots of important and useful features for your WordPress website or blog. Travel sites, companies with local and worldwide representatives, cafes and restaurants, gyms and fitness clubs, charity and non-profit organizations — all these and much more other categories of websites need maps to guide their users through some important content. And of course, maps on your WordPress site should me interactive.

One way to create and edit interactive maps without any knowledge in web development and design is to use Google Maps plugins and widgets for WordPress. But the opportunities of WordPress platform go far beyond standard features of Google Maps. We will share the most important information about the best premium WordPress plugins for creating and editing interactive maps on your website. These maps are more flexible and provide opportunities to create your own maps (for example, map of a supermarket or a mall) or track visitors activity through all regions of the world and display it live on the site.

We will consider 8 premium WordPress plugins for creating and editing interactive maps in this article. Each of the plugins has its own set of features and possibilities. Thus you can choose the most suitable interactive maps for your project to provide your users with the options they are looking for. Do not forget to analyze your visitors’ behavior before making any decision.

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Why Should Your WordPress Websites Be Enabled with Bitcoin Payments?

What if I tell you there is a way to attract new customers, increase revenue, reduce frauds, save payment costs on your website with no investment at all?

Every once in a while, technology takes a big leap and businesses are usually the first beneficiary and also the first victim of these innovations. Those who innovate and catch-up, ride the wave to the top and those who ignore it are sometimes washed away.

Although the benefits are huge and costs are absolutely none, Bitcoin is still not adopted by e-commerce businesses on the scale which it should be. For many new innovations, there is always a reluctance to adopt. To give an example, it took 20 years for Euro to be completely integrated into the European business ecosystem and today, it is a default. Read more

Best WordPress Booking and Reservation Plugins

Booking and reservation option are the most important features for any modern WordPress website that offers services in the sphere of tourism. Hotel or apartment reservation is one of the first steps each tourist makes while planning his vacation. That is why online services in this sphere are very popular and important.

WordPress offers the best conditions for the beginners in the sphere of website administration and hotel business is not an exception. Lots of dedicated plugins allow WordPress admins to easily get their customers` requests and handle them quickly and conveniently. Customers are happy to receive a good service and hotel owners are pleased with fast and secure booking process. This way WordPress opens opportunities for both sides to take advantage of online reservation and payment process.

We have decided to gather our list of best selling premium WordPress plugins for booking and reservation services. These plugins represent the modern opportunities of the WordPress platform and are available for website administrators without any special web development or design skills. Get acquainted with our list to pick your favorite booking plugin easily!

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Why Should You Use Live Customer Chat on Your WordPress Website

Why Should You Use Live Customer Chat on Your WordPress Website

The importance of communication with your WordPress website`s users can not be overestimated. Quick and live feedback is crucial for any e-commerce project but also an important advantage for any other type of WordPress project — from a personal blog to a big company`s presentation website.

One of the most convenient ways to contact you for users is the live chat on your WordPress website. Live chat should offer the immediate connection with one of your managers or you personally (if you prefer to take control on any action done by user on your website). This feature also creates the effect of a full support for each of your users and customers because they always see the opportunity to contact you and get a quick answer. Even if you can not provide a 24/7 chat management, it can be helpful with automatic replies.

Fortunately, you do not need to develop your own live chat from scratch. Lots of free and premium WordPress plugins are at your disposal. In this article we want to underline the most important features of a common live customer chat plugin on the example of Facebook Customer Chat and show you the advantages of using this kind of tools within your WordPress project.

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Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid on Your WordPress Website

Which Email Marketing Mistakes Should Be Avoided on Your WordPress Website

The modern marketing reality does not allow to create any successful online project without being always in touch with your existing and potential audience. One of the most accessible and efficient way to communicate with your users comfortably is the email marketing.

Most of the beginners in the field of WordPress administration think about email marketing as a simple process of mailing with your website visitors or blog subscribers. But things are much more complicated when you look at them responsibly. Each of your subscribers has different set of demands, needs and wishes. To have an interesting and informative talk with each of them means to study analytics a lot and to experiment with different approaches to reach their attention.

There are thousands of email marketing techniques already. We will try to describe the most important things you need to know about email marketing from another point of view. Let us look at the list of the most common mistakes in email marketing campaigns a beginner can (and in most cases do) make.

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10 Essential Action to Prevent Your WordPress Website Being Hacked

10 Essential Actions to Prevent Your WordPress Website Being Hacked

Despite of being well secured, WordPress website still risk to be hacked. Basically, hackers always find gaps in WordPress websites` defense only because of the human factor. It means that some of our actions can open doors for hackers and soon or later these doors will be used.

Beginners in the field of WordPress administration often make mistakes towards the security of their projects. Today we will analyze the main mistakes and proven ways to avoid them. Even if you are an experienced WordPress administrator, it would not be excessive to check all the items we will mention in this article.

If you only start your WordPress project, then it is crucial to pay attention to all of the listed actions. It would not protect your website for 100 percent rate but will cut off the most dangers your website can face from hackers. The listed actions are also important to get the overall understanding of how WordPress security works and how to avoid the unwanted hacker access to the heart of your project.

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