Top WordPress Media Library Plugins in 2021

Media library plugins are useful and convenient tools that allow you to enhance the experience and workflow with different files you use within your WordPress website. In other words, these plugins allow you to fine-tune your media library for nearly any purpose.

If you feel that the standard WordPress media library does not match the goals and needs of your project, then it is time to look for some advanced tools. Choose any plugin from our list below to enhance your media library in the way you need.

WordPress Real Media Library

Real Media LibraryThe main goal of the WordPress Real Media Library plugin is to help you organize your files within one convenient media library. The types of files may include pictures, videos, documents, or any other important pieces of information you need for your website.

Essentially, the plugin provides you with a complete interface and features of a stand-alone file and folder manager. It means you can perform all the operations of a standard file explorer inside your WordPress admin dashboard: create (or upload) files and folders, copy, paste, cut, delete, rename, and replace them.

WordPress Real Media Library is also a very flexible tool when it comes to the user interface: you can use all the advantages of drag-n-drop folders and files, as well as create shortcuts for files, filter files and change their order inside folders, create media galleries from folders, and so on.

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FileBird — WordPress Media Library Folders

FileBirdFileBird is a popular WordPress plugin for media libraries that has been evolving for a few years straight. It has reached its fourth version for now, and it has lots of exciting features to enhance your experience within a WordPress admin dashboard.

The main features of FileBird are its elegant design, smooth performance, and newest technologies used to code the plugin. FileBird supports various modern page building plugins which guarantees a seamless experience for every WordPress website owner, even for those who have no web development knowledge and skills.

FileBird strives to provide the best user experience for WordPress administrators by means of different sorting opportunities for your files and a neat, user-friendly interface. For example, the plugin includes resizable sidebars and a smart context menu for your folders to fine-tune your media library to your expectations.

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WordPress Multisite Shared Media

Multisite Shared MediaWordPress Multisite Shared Media is another useful tool for WordPress administrators who have more than one ongoing projects to take care of. Although this tool is created for advanced website owners, it is still pretty easy and convenient to use.

Basically, this plugin provides you with a simple yet potentially very useful feature: using the same images, videos, or documents for different websites you own or administrate. All you need to do is to connect your projects into one network. After that, all the files you upload will be available for each website of your network.

WordPress Multisite Shared Media also provides its user with such advanced features as automatic background synchronization of media files between selected network sites, synchronization of all existing media from selected source site to selected target site, automatic cleanup of deleted media files across the network, and so on.

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WP Media Manager

WP Media ManagerWP Media Manager claims to be the easiest way to manage your media files and folders within a WordPress administration panel. The plugin really has a very user-friendly design that allows even beginners to cope with all tasks related to file management with ease.

WP Media Manager has a drag-n-drop interface enhanced by unlimited opportunities to create and edit files and folders within your WordPress dashboard. The plugin also includes a custom filtering option for media files, organization of media files and folders by terms, duplicate creation, server files import, and much more.

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Mediabay — WordPress Media Library Folders

MediabayMediabay is another useful tool to manage your media files and folders with ease and convenience. The plugin focuses on the service for WordPress websites that have tons of pictures and videos and would like to organize them properly.

Mediabay offers an opportunity to categorize your videos, images, audios, and other types of content with the help of folders and subfolders dedicated to corresponding file types or various topics within the content of your website.

With Mediabay you will be able to perform different operations with files and folders easily: create (or upload) files and folders, organize with subfolders, drag-n-drop content to folders, create your own hierarchy, rename, delete, and clear folders, resize folder menu and so on.

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Cloudfiles – WordPress Media Library Folders Cloud

CloudfilesCloudfiles provides WordPress admins with simple tools to organize files and folders, but it also has its peculiarity — the opportunity to sync your WordPress media library with cloud storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.

Actually, Cloudfiles is your 2-in-1 tool to create, manage, and backup folders with media content by means of the most popular cloud services. This is a smart choice for all WordPress website owners who strive to keep their content safe with a synchronized backup.

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