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Every responsible owner of the WordPress site is constantly trying to figure out how to attract new visitors and how to keep their attention for as long as possible. There are many ways to achieve these goals. Many site owners already use video, thematic image galleries, social streams and other interesting techniques. Today we will talk about another extremely important and useful tool for attracting the audience — quizzes.

Quizzes aim to entertain users of your site, provide them with useful information or refresh their knowledge in a certain area. For example, quizzes can in a humorous manner compare a person`s traits with certain characters from movies or cartoons, reveal the hidden psychological motives of actions or behavior, check the knowledge of history or geography. In fact, the list of examples can continue indefinitely. But the most important feature of quizzes is their versatility. You can come up with an interesting quiz, regardless of the subject matter of your internet project.

Reasons to Create Quizzes for Your WordPress Site

There are many reasons for creating quizzes on your WordPress site. The most obvious of them is attracting visitors and keeping their attention for a long time. If you ever went through the quizzes yourself, then you probably remember the passion for the process and the desire to get acquainted with the result. All these positive emotions are also experienced by the visitors of your site, if it has some interesting quizzes. Thus, you create an extremely favorable environment for increasing the number of regular readers and the time of their presence on the site, as well as the reduction of the bounce rates on the pages of your site.

In turn, the improvement of these indicators has a beneficial effect on the SEO component of the site. Search engines notice that users interact better with your internet project and note this by raising your positions in search results. For the development of any project, this factor is one of the most important.

Another advantage of quizzes is the creation of a loyal audience for your project. If you sell products or services through your website, potential buyers will find it more interesting to stay on your site and then use paid services. If you are a blogger, quizzes will help to create a community core and constantly expand it. In any case, you will work to strengthen the position of the brand or your own name, which correlate with your online project.

Last but definitely not the least reason is your own fun. Yes, we should not forget that the process of creating content for your users should bring pleasure to you personally. Quizzes are interesting not only for passing, but also for creating. You will be able to show your ingenuity, sense of humor and share interesting knowledge through interactive connection with the audience, which is any quiz.

Quiz Plugins for WordPress

Now, when you understand the importance of creating quizzes and are ready to start working, we can share with you the most useful tools. Naturally, the creators of WordPress plugins took care about the quizzes to be created by any WordPress administrator, regardless of knowledge in the field of web development or programming. These tools will provide you with a simple and intuitive interface for creating quizzes of any format and complexity. Enjoy the new opportunities!

Viral Quiz Maker – OnionBuzz for WordPress

OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker is ready to help you in creating quizzes and ranked lists for your WordPress site or blog. The main task of the plugin is to create a viral content based on interesting and fun quizzes, but with it you can also test people for the level of knowledge in any field of activity.

OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker includes simple templates for creating all popular types of viral content: Trivia Quiz, Personality Quiz, Lists and Ranked Lists, Flip Cards, and More formats coming soon!

Using the original answer types, you can create whole exciting quests in quiz format for your users. Visitors will definitely want to return to the site, where they had so much fun!

This plugin is compatible with any free or premium WordPress theme. Also, it has 100% responsive design for optimizing content under different mobile platforms.
OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker is very powerful for social sharing of your visitors results. You can easily configure the available social networks to distribute the viral content by your users.

Mailchimp integration will allow you to significantly expand the base of subscribers of your project. You can leave the subscription form at the end of any quiz or require users to initiate a specific test (or to disclose its results).

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WordPress Viral Quiz — BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

Wordpress Viral Quiz BuzzFeed Quiz BuilderBuzzFeed Quiz Builder is the leader in the number of sales and positive feedback on CodeCanyon. This plugin is included in the group of premium tools and will cost you $25. For this money you will get a really useful tool that will create quizzes of two main types: personality and trivia.

A distinctive feature of WordPress Viral Quiz is the ability to block the results of the passed test until the user performs a certain action. An example of such an action can be social activity (like, share), subscription to your newsletter or other mandatory interaction with your site.

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Quiz And Survey Master

Quiz and Survey masterQuiz And Survey Master is a free plugin that you can download on (the direct link is indicated on the button below). The plugin functionality allows you to create quizzes of any complexity with different features: true and false, drop down, open answer question, multiple choice (radio buttons), multiple response (checkboxes), fill in the blank, number, captcha, and others.

In addition, Quiz And Survey Master provides a number of useful features for users that allow you to send results from quizzes to email, give the opportunity to share the result in social networks or leave a comment on any question or for the quiz in common.

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WatuWatu has all the benefits of a standard quiz plugin, but more than that, it features special opportunities for creating questionnaires or test papers. The basic version of Watu is free. The premium version costs $49 and includes advanced features for exam quizzes like student logins and data exports.

Examination focus of Watu plugin can be useful not only for students and examiners during testing. You can create a special educational section on your website that students can use to prepare for their tests. If your project is on an educational topic, then you simply can not run your site without this tool and the quizzes created with it.

Get Watu Get WatuPro

Quiz Cat — WordPress Quiz Builder

Quiz CatQuiz Cat is a free plugin that allows you to bring quizzes to a new level. The main feature of Quiz Cat plugin is the ability to create landing pages dedicated to a particular test. This opens up new opportunities for commenting and social sharing directly on the pages of your site. Now you will not lose users who leave to discuss test results on social networks — they will remain on the pages of your site to discuss the results with other test participants.

Creating landing pages for your quizzes also increases your ability to change design to a specific style. You can easily create a suitable atmosphere for passing any thematic test. This approach is sure to be appreciated not only by fans of tests, but also by the fans of those artworks for which you will make tests.

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Chained Quiz

Chained QuizChained Quiz is also a free plugin and also has its own unique feature. This peculiarity lies in the possibility of creating nonlinear dynamic quizzes. This means that each choice of answer can lead the user to different subsequent questions. Such quizzes do not just collect answers and count results, but are whole fascinating quests for your users.

Chained Quiz allows you to create interesting text quests with the usual functionality of quizzes. This interactive entertainment will surely appeal to most of your users, because it resembles more as a delightful game, but not a boring filling of forms.

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Poll, Survey, Quiz & Form by OpinionStage

Poll, Survey, Quiz Form by OpinionStageOpinionStage is a special platform that preserves and allows you to explore the results of a wide variety surveys and quizzes. The basic functionality of the plugin is free and allows you to create any available types of polls, quizzes and surveys. The quizzes you create can be stored on OpinionStage sires or placed on your website.

The paid version of OpinionStage gives you access to advanced analytics of data obtained with your quizzes. Premium subscription costs $19 per month. With the help of this tool you will be able to conduct serious research of public opinion on those issues that interest you personally and the audience of your site.

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GuessOn — All in one Viral Quiz & Polls for WordPress

GuessOnGuessOn is a truly versatile tool for a viral content oriented online projects. Functionality of GuessOn plugin includes all possible quiz variants, including those, about which you probably do not even know yet. The plugin is paid and costs $30. There are also various paid add-ons that open certain features. For example, you can purchase a separate add-on for placing pop-ups in your quizzes.

GuessOn can be the only necessary tool if you are planning to devote your online project to viral content on different topics. Interesting, fun and exciting quizzes will allow your content to quickly disperse on the network and become viral.

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