Interactive Maps to Your WordPress Site with Helpful Plugins

Add Interactive Maps to Your WordPress Site with Helpful Plugins

Maps can provide lots of important and useful features for your WordPress website or blog. Travel sites, companies with local and worldwide representatives, cafes and restaurants, gyms and fitness clubs, charity and non-profit organizations — all these and much more other categories of websites need maps to guide their users through some important content. And of course, maps on your WordPress site should me interactive.

One way to create and edit interactive maps without any knowledge in web development and design is to use Google Maps plugins and widgets for WordPress. But the opportunities of WordPress platform go far beyond standard features of Google Maps. We will share the most important information about the best premium WordPress plugins for creating and editing interactive maps on your website. These maps are more flexible and provide opportunities to create your own maps (for example, map of a supermarket or a mall) or track visitors activity through all regions of the world and display it live on the site.

We will consider 8 premium WordPress plugins for creating and editing interactive maps in this article. Each of the plugins has its own set of features and possibilities. Thus you can choose the most suitable interactive maps for your project to provide your users with the options they are looking for. Do not forget to analyze your visitors’ behavior before making any decision.

MapSVG WordPress Map Plugin

MapSVGMapSVG offers a WordPress administrator extensive opportunities to create and customize interactive maps of 3 types: interactive vector maps, Google maps and image maps. Each type of maps has its own set of features which could be preferred by certain website type: online store, corporate website, blog, personal portfolio or any other kind of WordPress projects.

Interactive vector maps essentially provide an amazing opportunity to turn any simple JPG/JPEG image into an interactive map. The plugin also includes more than 100 ready-to-use images for the maps of different countries of the world. You can use lots of additional customization tools for each interactive vector map, for example: tooltips and hover/click pop-ups, links, different color shades to show some statistic peculiarities of each region within a map, directory list for states, provinces or other parts of your map, object lists with custom fields, markers, search and filter fields, detailed view for each region and so on.

Google maps can also be added and easily customized within your WordPress website with the help of MapSVG plugin. You can add all types of Google maps and switch between them: roadmap, satellite, terrain or hybrid. Moreover, you can choose additional design styles for Hybrid and Roadmap types of maps: silver, retro, dark, night and blue. This styles will make your maps unique and memorable for website visitors. You can also draw any type of your own picture, overlay it on Google Maps and add toggles for layers’ visibility with the help of the plugin.

Image maps help to create interactive plans of buildings based on simple JPG/JPEG pictures or your own drawings. MapSVG also offers an opportunity to create images for maps just inside its editor. You can significantly extend the functionality of image maps with built-in JavaScript and CSS editors.

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Interactive World Maps

Interactive World MapsInteractive World Maps is one of the most (if not the most) powerful tools for creating and editing geographical maps for your WordPress website. It includes all known world maps — from them entire world map to any country divided into states, regions and metropolitan areas. Continents and sub-continents are also included as separate maps to use.

You can color any region on the interactive map with the color you like or need. Markers can be used to locate certain cities, geographical sites or any other places you choose to mark in a map. Interactivity can be added by means of tooltips through hover effect or any action (for example, opening a certain URL, displaying a message). Advanced users can add any interactivity by means of their own JavaScript code, easily integrated with the plugin.

Interactive maps of this plugin are highly customizable through built-in visual editor and also advanced custom CSS generator. You can change any colors, width and heights, markers sizes, box border options and much more. The result will be fully responsible for any mobile device of your WordPress users. It is also worth mentioning that you can add interactive maps to any part of your site: posts, pages, widgets, templates.

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Mapplic — Custom Interactive Map WordPress Plugin

MapplicMapplic Custom Interactive Map WordPress plugin goes far beyond geographical maps and their features. It includes 15 ready-to-use world and regional maps, which you can use as an interactive tools adding unlimited color combinations, URL connections and other additional features. However, the prominent feature of Mapplic is in the possibility to create interactive maps from any image.

Mapplic allows you to create interactive maps with unlimited count of floors, pins, landmarks and other useful markers for your site users. It opens up a wide range of opportunities for shopping malls, schools, hospitals and other public buildings. Temporary or annual events can also create beautiful interactive maps for their visitors` comfort. RPG and table games players would love this plugin for unlimited options in creating interactive maps for their ultimate adventures in science fiction of fantasy worlds.

Mapplic is also fully mobile responsive and supports touchscreen devices for your users` better experience from any devices. This plugin provides user-friendly interface for integrating your own development ideas through the back-end admin panel.

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Super Store Finder for WordPress

Super Store FinderSuper Store Finder for WordPress is an ultimate plugin for displaying your stores or offices location worldwide via Google API v3. Super Store Finder has a built-in admin panel to manage your stores, their locations, photos and videos for each shop and other options. Built-in GeoLocation allows your customers to easily find their location and the most comfortable way to the nearest of your stores.

Super Store Finder provides an opportunity to fine-tune the map settings and show your visitors only those stores or offices, that are located in their geographical region. Users can also enjoy Google Street View to navigate trough streets as if the were right there. Do not forget, that you can upload images and even videos to represent each of your added locations.

Super Store Finder allows a WordPress administrator to upload images and use them as custom markers for your locations. GeoCode bulk address list uploading is also available by means of csv files. Customization options are very wide: from simple colors to custom map styles. Super Store Finder also has a lot of interesting and useful add-ons: marker clusterer, distance and radius measuring, reviews and ratings, and so on.

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Advanced Store Locator for WordPress

Advanced Store LocatorAdvanced Store Locator for WordPress has the similar tasks as the previous plugin from our list. It also uses Google API v3 to show your stores or offices on the interactive map for the customers` comfort. Built-in admin panel allows to add, edit and delete stores, manage categories for them. Then you can display stores in the map through 3 types of content: Google map, custom list or both of them combined.

Advanced Store Locator gives your users a comfortable opportunity to search for your stores by address or postal code. It also supports Google Street View option and the search or the closest stores for users` location taken automatically. The plugin supports distance measuring both in kilometers and miles.

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Interactive US Map — WordPress Plugin

Interactive US MapInteractive US Map WordPress Plugin is a specific tool for those who promote their stores or company offices in United States of America. This interactive map gives an easy opportunity to mark any data on the US geographical map divided for states. You can create maps in 3 different styles and use the shortcode to insert the interactive map on all pages you need.

All actions in Interactive US Map WordPress Plugin are taken through the built-in visual editor. So you do not need to have any web development or design skills to work with the map. The interactive maps made by means of this plugin are fully mobile responsive and resizable. It is also SEO friendly and well documented for the further development by advanced WordPress administrators.

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Interactive Map Builder for WordPress

Interactive Map BuilderInteractive Map Builder for WordPress enables wide possibilities to use more than 300 predefined maps or create your own SVG image and edit it as an interactive map. Built-in visual editor allows you to create various maps and color any regions in desired colors, insert markers and text. The world map, 5 continents, 22 subcontinents, 236 countries and 51 US state are available for unlimited use in your interactive maps.

Ample customization features of Interactive Map Builder include editing borders for countries, regions and states, inserting markers and text, adding interactive tooltips and much more. You can also customize a map`s reaction to users` clicks and open an advanced CSS editor to insert your own unique styles for any template or self-made map.

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Super Interactive Maps for WordPress

Super Interactive MapsSuper Interactive Maps for WordPress are very similar to the previous plugin in this list, but is integrated with Google Geochart API, which gives some advanced opportunities to use. Super Interactive Maps also uses SVG images as a basis for creating interactive maps. You can add markers, text, lightboxes with images and videos, tooltips, links and other events for any part of the map.

Super Interactive Maps includes 300 ready-to-use maps divided by regions. You can customize nearly everything by colors, styles and designs. All maps can be zoomed by your users and at the same time the maps are fully mobile responsive, so that you can attract users with all types of devices.

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Online Visitors — Real Time Tracking

Online VisitorsOnline Visitors WordPress plugin is a kind of unique participant in your list. It can show your site visitors` locations live in the interactive world map. This is a spectacular show for all of your site visitors and simultaneously a good analytics tool to watch where do your users come from.

Online Visitors Real Time Tracking also comes with a simulation feature. It comes in very handy when you are starting your website or just do not have lots of visitors — simulation will show some fake data just to entertain your users and make the site more live.

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