Efficient Use of Facebook Potential on Your WordPress Site

Efficient Use of Facebook Potential for Your WordPress Site

Facebook has already overcome the simple status of a platform for communication and entertainment. Today, this social network is a powerful tool for marketing and sales for participants from around the world. The first of these features has been ensured by the Facebook administration, which has provided its users with special tools for conducting business and measuring the parameters of its success. Thus, with the help of Facebook, you get advertising platform with huge opportunities for analytics.

Facebook audience has already exceeded 1.7 million. But this social network is constantly improving and changing. So if you want to grow with it, then you need to constantly keep abreast of events. Where to get started on Facebook and how to effectively synchronize it with your site or blog on WordPress?

In this article, we will examine the most simple and effective ways to attract an audience of Facebook to your website and vice versa. Using these two tools simultaneously can give amazing results to increase audience awareness of your brand or your person. Also we recommend you to read the article, which contains general tips on creating a successful advertising campaign in social networks.

Facebook Business Page

Most of Facebook active users are aware of the possibility to create a Business Page, but not everyone use it. In fact, there are no objective reasons for refusing your business in the advertising on the largest social site in the world. In addition, you should consider that promoting of your business on a personal page is a violation of the Facebook rules and may result in penalties, up to a permanent account ban.

Business Page has a number of advantages to the personal page to promote your professional activity on Facebook:

  • Business page has an unlimited number of subscribers (personal page is limited by 5000 friends).
  • You are not limited in the number of generated pages for business – if you are engaged in various activities, you can create a separate business page for each of them.
  • The ability to connect and use different applications to manage business page.
  • Creation of custom applications to collect the list of subscribers for your email newsletter from the pool of fans at your business page.
  • Purchase finely targeted advertising through Facebook functionality.
  • Posts` planner, which allows you to set the date of publication in the future without additional plugins or applications.
  • Powerful and deep system of analysts for the interaction of subscribers to your business page and its contents.

Thus, business page will help you to advertise your activities in the most favorable light and to keep track of all the necessary analytics without leaving Facebook. If you refer to a business page from your site, you get a greater involvement in the subject and a better response from your audience.

Social Like, Share and Follow Buttons

Social Like Share and Follow ButtonsLikes and shares are the most effective tools to distribute content on social networks. So ignoring the possibility of placing the buttons responsible for these actions appears to be at least shortsighted. If you give your visitors the opportunity to like and share your content, you will get free advertising by an interested audience. And this ad will go further than you can imagine. After all the sharing of interesting content will proceed further than only by your site visitors to those who liked the shared content after them.

Adding social buttons to your website on WordPress platform is very easy. Modern WordPress plugins can provide all the necessary functionality for configuring and adding quick like and share buttons to your website or blog. You do not need to have knowledge in the field of web development and design to create the most suitable widget with social activity buttons for the style of your web site. The most popular plugins for these purposes are Jetpack Sharing and SumoMe Share app.

Auto Posting to Facebook

Another way to improve attendance by synchronizing the website and social networks is an automatic posting of content on your site to Facebook. So you drive more than an interested audience through a social network. The secret is that people are more likely to view their feed in a social network than some specific sites, even if they do find them very interesting. Therefore, your chances to get the reader’s attention is much higher if you show him the preview of your post in Facebook.

You can use a special tool from the developers of this social network to automatically add a blog post of your site to Facebook – Facebook Auto Publish. But you should not limit yourself to one social network. Other useful plugins (for example, Jetpack’s Publicize module) will give you the opportunity to post content of your site automatically once for all the social networks. This way you can set up the most effective model for the spread of your content on social networks.

Open Graph Meta Tags

Open Graph Meta TagsOpen Graph Meta Tags are responsible for the visual display of your content preview on social networks. With their help, you can set up a link to the post, its title, description, image and special ID. You can familiarize yourself with the manual about editing OG Tags from Facebook or provide the work to configure these settings for special WordPress plugins.

One of the most convenient plugins, which includes the ability to customize OG Tags is Yoast SEO plugin. You can find detailed instructions on how to configure these settings using the Yoast SEO plugin in our detailed guide about its options.

Groups on Facebook

Facebook Groups are another potential source of traffic for your site. Groups are separated from personal and business pages. They bring together different people according to their interests.

You do not have to be a creator or an administrator of the group to pull the interested audience out of it for your site. You need to gain respect and get the expert authority in the area, to which is this community devoted. Then you can share links to your site as an expert and get a good influx of visitors. Naturally, it is also necessary to create a unique and useful content on your web project.

Social Streams

Social StreamsSocial Stream is a unique tool that allows you to combine all your social activities on a single page of the site on WordPress. This unification will surely enjoy your readers, who will appreciate the ability to immediately view all the updates of your social accounts. Thus you can greatly save time of your visitors and they will thank you for it.

One of the most convenient and efficient tools for the automatic creation of your Social Stream is Flow-Flow premium plugin. With the help of Flow-Flow, you can build a wall of social activities of any complexity – from the mere mention of your blog on Facebook and Instagram photos to the preview of the videos from your YouTube Channel and unique images from Pinterest.

Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook has one huge advantage – the perfect focus on your target audience. This advantage is achieved by fine-tuning, which you can select for your ad. The settings include not only gender and age, but also the precise geolocation, users’ interests and participation in various thematic groups.

In addition, advertising on Facebook appears to be a fairly cheap way to express yourself in a social network. Contextual advertising on Google will require much higher maintenance costs and more specific knowledge for your campaign management. Facebook is more friendly and accessible, so novice bloggers and site owners on WordPress often choose it as an advertising platform.

Final Words

Facebook is growing and increasing its audience. But more important is the fact that it provides its users with the opportunity to share useful content and promote their own projects. If you create a really interesting and quality content, then you can be sure of its popularity among Facebook users.

We share with you the basic tips that are related to redirecting users from Facebook to your web pages on WordPress. You can test and select the most appropriate method for yourself. We wish you success in acquiring credibility in social networks, which will help you become well-known to the entire internet!

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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    I have considered setting up a Facebook page for my blog but I have yet to do it. I know it can help. I do however have share buttons on everything and one of my posts has many shares on it on Facebook, mind you I am not even registered to that site! So no too bad. Now imagine if I did make an effort. I am going to look in to making a page more and working with their ads system as well. Great info, really got me thinking!


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