Quick Tip Finding WordPress IDs

Quick Tip: Finding IDs for a Page, Post, Category or Tag in WordPress

WordPress does not display ID of any page, post, category or tag on your Dashboard by default. ID may be required when you write your own code to customize a particular theme or plugin (or create them from scratch).

Today we share with you a simple and obvious way to find the ID for any page, post, category or tag on WordPress. This method does not assume installation of any additional plugins or extensions for WordPress and is based solely on default features of modern browsers.

We offer to look at a specific example of an ID search for the post in the WordPress admin panel.

First Step

Go to Posts menu in the sidebar of admin panel and select All Posts string.

First StepSecond Step

Hover your mouse over the post from the list, which ID you want to find. The browser will give you a tooltip about the URL of the post`s editing page, to which you can go by clicking on the title of the post in the list. This URL contains a number, which will correspond to the ID of the post.

Second StepThird Step

If you do not want to remember and manually print the ID, which you see in the tooltip of a browser, you will need to make another simple action. Go to the post editing page in your browser and you will see the same numerical value as in the tooltip. You can easily copy the ID numbers from the browser address string (which can not be done from the tooltip).

Third StepNotes

  • If you are looking for IDs of categories and tags, it will not go after the inscription “post=”, rather after the inscription “tag_ID=”. But in any case, ID will consist solely of numbers.
  • You can use some plugins to determine the ID of different site elements on WordPress. For example, you can set Get page IDs Plugin. But you have been given a simple method for determining the ID by using the built-in browser features, so the additional plugins are not necessary.
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