Best Facebook Live Chat Plugins for WordPress

Social networks remain one of the most important source of customers for any type of business. And Facebook stands out with the most advanced tools to keep your potential customers engaged with your web project. WordPress websites` owners has the unique opportunities to connect Facebook brand page and their project in a matter of few clicks.

One of the easiest way to connect the power of Facebook with your WordPress website is to use Facebook Live Chat within your web project. Fortunately, you do not need any special knowledge or skills to add Facebook Live Chat to your WordPress website. There are lots of modern WordPress plugins that can do it in the simplest and convenient way.

Today we will focus our attention at the most interesting and useful plugins that aim to connect your WordPress website with Facebook by means of live chat. Live chat is the feature that brings your website a better user engagement and develops your social media marketing strategy to a new level.

Any WordPress website owner should be interested in adding Facebook live chat to his project. The direct communication with your users has never been so important, so you need to take care of the way they can speak to you in the simplest and convenient way. Pick any plugin from our list below and you will solve this problem with ease and style!

Facebook Customer Chat — Customizable Live Chat for WordPress

Facebook Customer ChatFacebook Customer Chat is the tool that allows you to provide your users with lightning fast replies to their question through the live chat functionality. Facebook Customer Chat increases the conversion rates naturally by supporting your customers, strengthening your brand reputation and providing the guaranteed message delivery to the addresses.

Facebook Customer Chat has the beginner-friendly interface that provides a WordPress admin with easiest work flow experience ever seen. The plugin provides all the features of a WordPress widget. This feature allows you to customize the plugins appearance with a few clicks on your dashboard.

Furthermore, Facebook Customer Chat has incredible customization opportunities. You can choose the position of your Facebook live chat based on user role (logged-in or not), or user device (either desktop, mobiles or both). You can also be switch the chat on and off for specific pages and categories of your WordPress website. Button position, text and elements` color, custom tooltips could also be easily customized from your WordPress admin dashboard.

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CartBack — WooCommerce Abandoned Cart & Remarketing in Facebook Messenger

CartBackCartBack is actually very simple but effective tool to recover the customers who have abandoned their shopping carts within your WordPress website. The plugin just send the private Facebook message in automatic mode when a user leaves your website with some products in the shopping cart but without checking out.

CartBack is fully optimized to work with the most popular platform for WordPress online stores — WooCommerce. Using WooCommerce and CartBack will allow you to raise the conversion rates significantly. Personal Facebook messages are highly more visible and has more chances to be reacted by users than any other marketing tool.

CartBack also obtains very good analytics opportunities. You can observe all the results of the plugin`s work: how many messages were delivered and read by users, how many users have proceeded to check out after the personal notification via Facebook chat and so on.

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Messenger Customer Chat (Real-time Chat) WordPress Plugin

Messenger Customer ChatMessenger Customer Chat is also a straight-forward plugin that just brings the possibility for your users to communicate with you (or your website`s team) via live Facebook chat not living your WordPress website. This live chat can work pretty well as the feedback form with real-time answers from the website administration.

The main advantage of this plugin is the ease of its install onto your WordPress project. You do need any special customization or preparation, so you can speak with your audience directly just in a few minutes after buying and downloading the plugin to your WordPress dashboard. Nevertheless, the opportunities to raise your conversion rates should not be underestimated — this plugin is a real helper in bringing you loyal customers in a long distance.

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Social Tabs Live Chat For WordPress

Social Tabs Live ChatSocial Tabs Live Chat is an example of the extended functionality with more than one social network connected to your WordPress website as a live chat. Social Tabs provides a WordPress admin with the opportunity to create Facebook live chats, Skype chats, WhatsApp and Viber chats, communications via SMS.

Social Tabs Live Chat brings a diversity of ways for your customers to connect with you. Although you should keep in mind that this diversity brings further responsibilities for you or your managing team to speak with the users within all sources they like. We advise you to connect only those channels of social networking which you can support without any problems or overloads.

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Facebook Messenger Contact Button

Facebook Messenger Contact ButtonFacebook Messenger Contact Button is the WordPress plugin that brings the most simplified way to connect Facebook and WordPress with the live chat. The plugin simply adds a Facebook live chat to your WordPress website and allows you to connect with your users via its convenient interface.

Facebook Messenger Contact Button allows a WordPress admin to fine-tune the live chat with shortcodes and 9 built-in animations for attracting your visitors` attention. The live chat you create with Facebook Messenger Contact Button is fully mobile adaptive and can provide the communication with a user with any device.

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Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin WordPress

Facebook Messenger Customer ChatFacebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin is another simple way to add a Facebook chat to your website on the WordPress platform. It does not require any special knowledge in the field of web development or design to be used for the sake of growing your conversion rates and brand awareness among the target audience.

Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin saves the chat history for your conversations with customers and can bring it from Facebook to your WordPress live chat. This feature makes the communication process easier and the way users get their feedback becomes more convenient for both sides of the conversation.

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Facebook Messenger Live Chat for WordPress

Facebook Messenger Live ChatFacebook Messenger Live Chat is also a simple and straight-forward WordPress plugin to get in touch with your potential customers in the most convenient way. The plugin is light-weighted and does not affect the downloading speed of your website. It does not require API data to work with your WordPress website.

Facebook Messenger Live Chat is fully compatible with WooCommerce which opens up new opportunities to connect your chat with product or service offers. The languages in the chat could be easily changed and the popup message can be totally customized for your individual needs.

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