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Best WordPress Appointment Booking Tool — Amelia Full Plugin Review

Nearly any type of business needs to deal with appointments. It is much easier to set up your calendar and give your potential customers their opportunities to pick the most convenient date and time, if you have a WordPress website with a proper toolkit. Online appointment booking became the most preferred one among all types of customers since it had been invented. The main reasons for such choice are the speed and the comfortable conditions for each user.

Such amazing feature as online appointment booking could not be ignored by WordPress platform. There are thousands of different free and premium plugins to set up your own appointment calendar within the WordPress website. These tools require no special web development skills or knowledge and serve as multipurpose tools for planning purposes. Premium tools of this category give even more opportunities towards automated planning and employees` control.

Amelia enterprise-level WordPress appointment booking plugin is one of such premium tool of the new generation. This plugin allows a WordPress administrator to maintain a big team of employees and great amount of customers with the help of the perfect automated assistant. Amelia`s features go far beyond planning and booking. We will consider and analyze all of the main features of Amelia in this review, for you to be well-informed about this product and meet your own thoughtful decision about purchasing it.

What Kind of Business Is Interested in Amelia Plugin?

Actually, a lot of different business types could be interested in Amelia Appointment Booking plugin. The best examples of Amelia`s implementations could be seen for law consultants, gyms and sport clubs, private clinics consulting rooms, SPA and beauty salons, repair centers. This is obviously not the complete least. You can still wonder: what can Amelia actually offer to such a list of various types of businesses? Let us consider some examples.

Imagine a private clinic with a fair amount of different medical services and appropriate amount of employees. As a potential customer you would prefer either to see the whole list of service and take advantage of quick navigation among them or to find a certain medical service you need and to do it as quickly as possible.

Amelia WordPress plugin allows a WordPress administrator to create and manage the lists of services and appointment bookings for them with ease and style. So that your customers can seamlessly navigate among all provided services, variety of employees who offer the needed service, and simple day and time pick up from all available slots.

Moreover, Amelia offers additional opportunities to receive payments directly after the appointment booking. All the options combined create the perfect automated assistant we were talking about. It means you do not need to hire a person who will look after your schedule and schedule of your employees, control time shifts in calendar and receive payments. Amelia will do all the job and you will take the full control over it. All data will be stored for the further analytics as well.

Now let us focus on tools and features that create your perfect automated assistant by means of Amelia WordPress Appointment Booking plugin.

Amelia`s Features for WordPress Admins

Amelia Features for WordPress AdminsAmelia ensures the full control of a WordPress admin over his employees, customer data, schedule, payments and other connected tools. First of all, administrator has the access to special calendar view, that displays all appointments for all available employees. With this type of control admin can reassemble the schedule in a few clicks, if needed. Moreover, there is an opportunity to notify employees and clients for any changes related to their appointment.

Administrator should not only control but also analyze the whole work process to implement qualitative changes to it. This is possible only when administrator has the seamless access to all analytics data about customers, appointments, payments, recalls and so on. All these data are carefully gathered by Amelia and brought to admin dashboard in the structured way.

Widgets, charts, tables and other types of data views are available for the business owner or his trusted managers. There are opportunities to get a quick overall impression on current situation or dive deeper into data with all available submenus and categories of analytics.

Amelia`s Features for WordPress Users

Amelia Features for WordPress UsersIt is primarily important to ensure your potential and current customers with the convenient and easy appointment booking tool. Amelia serves as the great consultant for each of your customers. The additional advantage of Amelia is that it works 24/7, without weekends, vacations and downtimes. Even when you sleep, there is Amelia to take care about your clients.

Amelia offers 2 important features for your customers: step-by-step booking wizard and search booking widget. Step-by-step booking wizard ensures the seamless process of gathering your client`s data, offering all available appointment slots, receiving and saving the customer`s choice and processing the payment if needed. Search booking widget gives your customer an amazing opportunity to browse through all available day and time slots of chosen (are all at once) employees of your company.

Amelia`s Customization Options

Amelia Customization OptionsAs one of the best WordPress tools, Amelia gives you virtually limitless design customization opportunities. The most important feature of Amelia`s interface for users is its minimalistic and intuitive design. For a WordPress administrator it means that there would be no tons of work on designing each tiny element to bring the whole website in shape. Amelia provides you with simple and understandable tools to edit colors, texts, backgrounds, gradients and other important features of appointment toolkit.

Amelia can also offer great decision for the beginners in the sphere of WordPress administration — demo content. Amelia demos provide you with ready-to-use templates in the most popular website topics: health and medical, beauty and cosmetology, yoga and fitness, consulting services. Even more demos are coming soon!

Additional Features of Amelia Plugin

Additional Features of Amelia Plugin 2There are also several important features which did not pass to the listed above topics. For example, Amelia supports multiple employees for your online business. The plugin can also work with multiple services and extras, as well as multiple business locations. These features open much more opportunities for enterprise-level appointment booking and managing it with all-in-one universal WordPress website, patched by Amelia.

Amelia is fully mobile responsive. It means you do not need to worry about creating a separate service for customers who want to book appointments via smartphones or tablets. The ease of using Amelia also appears in all other areas of work with the tool: from setting up the employees` schedule to receiving payments and deep analytics.


Amelia is the must-have tool for any enterprise-level business that wants to evolve within the WordPress platform. The plugin offers the great opportunity to save significant amount of money on personal assistants by doing their work automatically, without a rest or mistakes.

If you seek for work process optimization or want to provide your customers with easy and convenient way to book their appointments with your employees, then Amelia can save your day and show you new horizons of business development within the WordPress platform.

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