Best Content Marketing Tools for WordPress

Best Content Marketing Tools for WordPress

There are numerous strategies to increase your website users` engagement through a good content. And we have already given some basic tips on creating a perfect text content for your WordPress website. But there are also different prospective from which you can improve your content marketing strategy significantly.

One of such prospective is a group of WordPress plugins which help you to improve your content automatically or give useful pieces of advice while you are creating a new post or page. These content marketing tools are created by experts to provide professional support for beginners in the field of WordPress website administration and development.

We have gathered the most interesting and useful plugins and services for content marketing improvement in this article. These tools will take your content to a new level of user engagement, especially when used in appropriate combination for your website audience and its unique needs.

Yoast SEO for WordPress

Yoast SEOGood content is first of all optimized due to the requirements of search engines. This is true not only because your content will be more popular through better visibility in search engines results but also because these requirements are usually meant to increase the user experience and overall engagement level.

Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress aims to polish every piece of content you create. It gives you straight-forward tip on how to improve this particular post or page you are creating through the WordPress admin dashboard. This tool is awesome for any beginner in the field of website development but is also very useful even for advanced user. You can never keep all the requirements in mind while creating content and Yoast SEO serves as your personal advisor on this difficult and sometimes annoying issue.

Yoast SEO plugin also gives direct tips on content readability. It shows you aspects of the text you should improve like passive voice or too long and overcomplicated sentences. This advice is actually the best automatic help that a WordPress admin can receive nowadays. It was tested on numerous websites and constantly improves.

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MonsterInsightsAnother vital need for a good content strategy is sufficient data from analytics` sources. Google Analytics proves itself as the best source of data any WordPress website owner needs. But the setup and management of original Google Analytics tools can appear a bit complicated for newbies in the field of WordPress administration.

MonsterInsights comes to the rescue in such a case. This tool helps to install Google Analytics for your WordPress website in a matter of minutes and in an oversimplified way – without any code inserting, tracking setup and other sophisticated configurations. Actually, MonsterInsights brings Google Analytics to your WordPress admin dashboard within the easiest way possible. Furthermore, this plugin guides you through all needed fine-tuning depending on your analytics` goals.

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SEMRushSEMRush is one of the best examples of a tool that combines search engine optimization and detailed analytics` opportunities. This tool is an ultimate choice for beginners and advanced WordPress administrators who really want to constantly develop their website due to ever changing trends as well as basic postulates of content marketing.

SEMRush help you to collect appropriate semantic core for your website. It means you can gather the defying keywords and work on your content with optimization in mind. SEMRush also includes advanced tools for technical SEO audit, position tracking and competitive intelligence. It is also very handy for optimizing your paid content strategy.

SEMRush includes the opportunities to collect brand mentions from all over the web and to discover trending topics. With this tool it is much easier for a WordPress admin to choose the most effective content marketing strategy on the basis of definite keywords and to stick to it with helpful tips.

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Edit Flow

EditFlowEdit Flow is a special tool for WordPress projects carried by teams of editors and content creators. This plugin offers convenient options to manage and diversify tasks among the members of your content marketing team. It provides you with event calendar, custom statuses, editorial comments, notifications and other handy tools to manage the workflow of a team.

Edit Flow is a free WordPress plugin. This fact brings more opportunities for teams working on content marketing strategies. Moreover, the plugin has modular structure which opens up opportunities to customize the dashboard due to the particular needs of your WordPress project.

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GrammarlyGrammarly is a handy tool to check and correct your grammar and spelling errors. This is actually not a WordPress plugin rather a browser add-on. But it works on any area of a web page. It means you can use Grammarly within your WordPress editor while creating text content for any post or blog. The tool is free and has very easy-to-use interface.

Grammar check is a very important tool for your reputation management. You can not get good reputation if you are writing your text content with mistakes. Grammarly is not the only checking and correcting tool but it is one of the easiest and convenient especially for the beginners in the field of WordPress administration.

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IFTTTIFTTT is the service that allows you to connect your content with all social networks via all existing devices and platforms. For example, IFTTT gives you an opportunity to connect Alexa with Google Mail or other Google services. Or you can even connect your smartphone with smart home application to control all of its features.

IFTTT is essential for WordPress website owners in the context of content sharing and spreading. You can fine-tune the automatic sharing option for all of your posts or for some selection of your content. This feature brings you an opportunity to make your content really popular and even viral.


Flow-Flow Social Streams

Flow-Flow Social Streams provides you with an opportunity to use social networks in another way. With the help of this plugin you can easily create beautiful social walls with any type of content from social networks. You do not even need to have your own social accounts running unique or reposted content because you can stream any public content without limitations.

Flow-Flow Social Streams is an amazing source of user-generated content which can be easily filtered and categorized by the tools of this plugin. You can create social streams at any subject or topic and connect as many sources from different social networks as you need. Moreover, you can moderate content automatically (by means of excluding or including some keywords or phrases) or manually (within convenient moderator`s interface).

Flow-Flow Social Streams can also serve as the source of testimonials and reviews for any type of goods and services you may wish to sell. With the full control of pre-moderation option, you can create your perfect portfolio without great investments of time and money – just connect hashtags and filter users` opinions!

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Revive Old Posts

Revive Old PostsReviving some of your old posts is also a great idea for staying live towards your audience. Revive Old Posts plugin helps you to automatize this process within an easy and convenient admin interface. The actual functionality of Revive Old Posts plugin is auto sharing of your old post to social networks of your choice.

You can also exclude definite categories of your blog posts from reviving and sharing. Select the frequency of old post sharing and determine the categories you wish to revive – and this simple and free plugin will do the rest of the work automatically.

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OptinMonsterOptinMonster is an additional tool to reengage your users within the content you create. This plugin allows you to create different types of opt-in forms without any web development or design knowledge. Then you can select triggers for different cases to show the created opt-ins to your users.

OptinMonster helps you to reduce bounce rate of your website significantly by giving your users additional chance to stay on your website and subscribe to your newsletter. Wise usage of this tool will provide you with a returning rate of up to 75% of users you could have lost otherwise.

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