Ninja Popups vs Layered Popups vs ConvertPlug

Are you ready for the battle of the titans among WordPress Popup plugins? Today, we compare the 3 most popular plugins for converting your website visitors into subscribers to email newsletters and customers for your products or services. The participants of our ranking are: Ninja Popups, Layered Popups and ConvertPlug.

First, we will analyze in detail the characteristics of each of these plugins. After that, we will give some comparison tables to help you quickly compare the most important technical characteristics of the three plugins together. Of course, the final decision on the choice of a particular plugin is up to you. But we will try to give you the essential advice.

Remember that popup plugins have a vital importance for the development of a web project, even if it is not commercial. With these plugins you can easily assemble a list of users who are interested in the content of your site. Then you will be able to create targeted email newsletters for these visitors of your site in order to increase the level of their involvement in the life of your web project on the WordPress platform.

So, let us introduce you our participants:

Ninja Popups for WordPress

ninja-popupsNinja Popups is a plugin with the highest number of sales in the category. At the moment, this item has already exceeded 24000 mark, which we should respect. Number of comments from satisfied users of the plugin already exceeded 5000. Part of these indicators proved the existence of Ninja Popups` long history — this plugin was created back in 2012. On the other hand, this tool had a real test of time and helped thousands of sites to become successful in completely different periods of development of the web.

This plugin can be called a universal tool for creating literate popups for your website or blog on WordPress. Here you will find not only a large number of ready-made templates for quick launch of popups on your project, but also a handy tool for manual editing of all design elements. In addition, Ninja Popups can boast a large selection of animated popups, which you can use to effectively attract the attention of your site users.

Fine tuning of Ninja Popups allows you to run a variety of plugins with different triggers for each page of your site. You can easily monitor your clicks, conversions, or refusals to fill in the form popups using the built-in intelligence of the system. A/B testing is also extremely simple to carry out using the Ninja Popups functional.

Content and social lockers allow you to better motivate readers to subscribe for updates of your website or email newsletter. Ninja Popups easily integrates with WooCommerce, mobile versions of websites, and responsive WordPress themes. You do not need to worry about additional optimization of the plugin for the individual design of your site.

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Layered Popups Plugin for WordPress

layered-popupsLayered Popups deservedly gets the second place in our ranking by the number of sales and comments from satisfied WordPress users. More than 8000 sales and more than 1500 comments speak for themselves. Layered Popups began its history in 2013, when the popup plugins only started their triumphant conquest of the web. Since then, the Internet has changed significantly, but Layered Popups plugin has evolved along with it. And today, this plugin is one of the best tools to create effective and beautiful popups for WordPress sites.

Layered Popups is an extremely handy tool for building your campaign to make visitors become your loyal readers. Built-in visual editor allows you to create unique popups based on the individual requirements of your site and its audience. A large number of ready-made templates are at your disposal, but if you want to create a truly unique offer to your users, sooner or later you will need to use this very handy visual editor.

This plugin supports integration with most services for email marketing campaigns. Among the services you will find MailChimp, AWeber, iContact, GetResponse, MyMail, Mailer Lite, ActiveCampaign and others. The plugin integrates with other important tools without any problems. Among these tools can be noted such important plugins like WPML Translate, WooCommerce, Google, Facebook and other social plugins, and much more.

Layered Popups also has various settings for the event triggers. This means that you can customize the appearance of popups depending on various user actions — from the page scrolling to clicking on certain elements. In addition, popups can appear after a certain time or a certain number of visits through the pages of your site. Built-in analytics and A/B testing will help you to pinpoint the most effective popups display strategy for your target audience.

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ConvertPlug Popup Plugin For WordPress

convetplug-popupsConvertPlug is the youngest and ambitious member of our rankings. This plugin has celebrated its first anniversary on December 14, 2016, but it has already gained an army of admirers. The best proof of this fact is the number of sales, which exceeded 4500. More than 700 positive reviews are an additional argument in favor of ConvertPlug. In addition, ConvertPlug is the only member of our ranking, which provides a discount of 50% within the Winter Holidays Sale.

ConvertPlug provides the administrator of any site on the WordPress platform with a wide range of setting options for popups. First, you can customize the way popup display on the site. This can be a message on the full screen, and a small widget in the sidebar. Secondly, you can choose from a wide variety of triggers for the appearance of popups — from a certain residence time of the user on the site to interaction with certain elements of the site. Third, you can choose from a large number of ready-made design templates for popups or create your own masterpiece with a simple visual editor that does not require any skills in web development or design.

This plugin provides a number of interesting features. One of them is the creation of a special video popups, in which users can view videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other popular video hostings. This approach maximizes the attention to the content of your popups. Another interesting feature is the ability to create unique popups for the mobile version of your site.

Built-in analytics and the system of A/B testing allows you to do the right conclusions about the behavior of your target audience. With the help of the data, you can configure various popups for different pages of your site or for defined user groups.

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Popup Plugins Comparison — Main Features

Now, when you are familiar with the basic features of all three plugins, we can launch the direct comparison of our competitors. To begin, we will consider all the main characteristics of Ninja Popups, Layered Popups and ConvertPlug. We have compiled all the important information in a summary table, to maximally facilitate your choice:

Feature Ninja Popups Layered Popups ConvertPlug
A/B Testing Yes Yes Yes
Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Google Analytics Events Yes Yes Yes
Services Integrations 36 50 22
Real-time Live Editor Yes N/A Yes
Visual Composer Support N/A N/A Yes
Contact Form 7 Support N/A N/A Yes
Form Builder Yes Yes Yes
Device Targeting Yes Yes Yes
Triggers 5 5 12
Social Sharing Yes Yes Yes
Ready Templates 60 150 100
WooCommerce Support Yes Yes Yes
WPML Ready Yes Yes Yes
Responsive Support Yes Yes Yes
Content Locker Yes Yes Yes
Updates Free Free Free
Release Date 24 November 12 5 November 13 14 December 15
Price $25 $20 $26 (*)

(*) — ConvertPlug has a limited time offer with -50% discount during the Winter Sale (the price in the table is shown without this discount).

Popup Plugins Comparison — Forms Display

We have identified the ways to display popups for a separate table, as this option may be the most important for many owners of WordPress sites and blogs:

Feature Ninja Popups Layered Popups ConvertPlug
Popups Yes Yes Yes
Widget Boxes Yes No Yes
Inline Forms Yes Yes Yes
Info Bars Yes No Yes
Full Screen Yes No Yes
Slide-in Popups Yes No Yes
Video Opt-ins or Popups No No Yes

Final Words

So, as you can see from the tables, ConvertPlug Popup Plugin is the most modern (because it was created later than others) and is the most technologically advanced and up to date. Also it has the largest number of advanced features. Pay your attention to the fact that ConvertPlug has a discount of 50% as a limited time offer at the time of Winter Holidays.

Of course, some features of Ninja or Layered Popups can appear more important to you. We only provide you with detailed information about these plugins, so you can make an optimal choice among the leaders in this category of the WordPress tools.

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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  1. Elvina
    Elvina says:

    Hey Vadim,

    I am Elvina from team ConvertPlug!

    We appreciate the efforts you’ve taken to gather all the details. Thank you for including ConvertPlug in the list! I’d love to follow the comments here to help all those who wish to know more about our plugin. 🙂

  2. Vadim Skvortsov
    Vadim Skvortsov says:

    Hello Elvina,
    Thank you for the feedback 🙂
    If you have some important additional information about ConvertPlug, you are welcome to overview it shortly in comments. I`m sure our readers would appreciate that 🙂

  3. Dr Blaze
    Dr Blaze says:

    FAO: Alvina / Convertplug. I received convertplug via a bundled theme the7, I spent hours setting up 4 forms, tested it and it continuously fails to load the inline form. It’s an intermittent problem that is serious. It fails to load 70% of the time. I have then spent 2 hours trying to find a solution. You do not allow to submit any issue via your plugin page, or other source. This lack of service suggests you want me to purchase a premium licence for a product that should have been tested properly before release. I have found several forums where people are complaining about the same issue without any solution. I am happy to buy licence if you fix my problem if not guarantee a full refund. However it would make sense to use my assistance and fix the product from the ground up. Ps i have tested the environment and confirm it’s a serious bug with the software.

  4. Aurorasa
    Aurorasa says:

    Thank you so much for putting together all of this information. It helped me making a decision. It seems they are more or less at the same level, maybe convert and ninja have a few features more that I like.

    Not to sound ungrateful … one interesting info for me is if they have an “adblocker” notice.

    Again, thank for all of the info! I was searching for ninja vs layered but will probably end up with convertplug.


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