Bitcoin within WordPress — How to Accept Payments Easily

Bitcoin within WordPress — How to Accept Payments Easily

Cryptocurrencies become more and more popular every day. This popularity is based on anonymous payments and lower transaction fees compared with the classic payment methods (such as credit cards, PayPal and other). The name Bitcoin was essentially registered back in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamato. Since those days there had appeared more than 1000 kinds of cryptocurrencies but all of them are connected with the one common principle of anonymous payments.

We have already described some of the modern premium WordPress plugins which help to build cryptocurrency-based communities and provide service connected with different Altcoins. Today we will provide you with the full guide on creating Bitcoin payment method for your WordPress website. In other words, this manual will help you to set up an additional payment method via Bitcoin cryptocurrency for your customers. Taking into account the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, this advice should be applied as soon as possible.

3 Steps to Get Started

Even “3 steps” could sound complicated for a modern users but these are not very difficult and we will guide you through each of them, so there should be no problems in the process.

First of all, you need to create your Bitcoin wallet in order to have a place where your cryptocurrency can be stored and operated.

Secondly, you should choose a digital payment processor service and sign up for it. This service will provide simple connections between your WordPress website and Bitcoin wallet, as well as between your Bitcoin wallet and other payment systems (like banking accounts, credit cards, PayPal and so on).

Last (but not least) you proceed to a WordPress plugin`s choice. We will provide you with a list of plugins which simplifies the work of cryptocurrencies within your WordPress website.

Bitcoin Wallet Creation

The most convenient and safe way to create your Bitcoin wallet is to use the official service. The service will provide you with lots of options to store your cryptocurrency: on desktop, hardware, mobile or in the web. As for web storage variants there are lots of services that will safely store your cryptocurrency and can provide payment services and transfers to other payments systems.

You can take time to examine all the peculiarities of each Bitcoin wallet suggested through this service. There are full description for each of the products provided. There could be no optimal decision for every WordPress admin, so this choice should be based on your own goals and needs.

Digital Payment Processor Service Registration

As we have already mentioned, a digital payment processor service helps you to receive payments and exchange cryptocurrency to local currency. Although there are lots of options for among services, we will mention only the most popular and trusted ones, as they do not differ much from one to another.


Bitpay works purely with Bitcoin cryptocurrency and provides convenient services on storing and processing it. Bitpay allows you to set up direct payments to your Bitcoin wallet or even credit card and bank account with automated exchange of cryptocurrency to local currency.

Bitpay opens up an opportunity to work with the bank of 38 countries all over the world. Moreover, it is fully integrated with all of the popular eCommerce platforms for WordPress, like WooCommerce, Shopify, Gravity Forms and others. This way the service appears to be one of the best options in terms of working with Bitcoin.


CoinBase offers the service to handle more than only Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This services works alos with Ethereum and Litecoin. Thus CoinBase is a more versatile tool for WordPress admins who desire to have alternative to Bitcoin or diversify their crypto funds through various cryptocurrencies.

CoinBase also provides opportunities to collect altcoins for your wallet or to send them directly to your bank account or credit card with the automatic exchange service.


CoinGate goes even further in a matter of cryptocurrencies` diversity. This service provides you with the opportunity to work with 45 types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

There are also convenient opportunities to gather cryptocurrency inside your wallet or send it to your bank account / credit card with auto exchange to local currency.

The Choice of a WordPress Plugin for Bitcoin Operations

Thus, the preparation process has been fulfilled and we proceed to WordPress plugins` options to set up a convenient user experience during the payments via cryptocurrencies.

Digital Paybox — WordPress Plugin

Digital PayboxDigital Paybox is a premium WordPress plugin initially created for the donation projects but evolving to the digital online purchases. This plugin work only with Bitcoin via the Bitpay digital payment processor service.

The unique features of the plugin include the setup of minimal payment without maximal limitation (important for the donation projects) and the automatic email with digital code for the product bought by your customer.

Get Digital Paybox View Demo

Bitpay for WooCommerce

BitpayBitpay for WooCommerce is one of the easiest ways to receive payments with cryptocurrencies within your online store based on WordPress. Take into account, that this plugin requires installed and working WooCommerce service on your WordPress website.

Bitpay for WooCommerce allow you to receive payments in Bitcoin after the connection of your WooCommerce account and Bitpay account. The process of connection is fully described in the plugin`s documentation and should not cause problems even for novice WordPress admins.

Get Bitpay for WooCommerce

Coingate for WooCommerce

CoinGateCoingate for WooCommerce also allows a WordPress admin to receive payments in cryptocurrency within his or her online store. Unlike the previous participant of our list, this plugin allows you to work with different cryptocurrencies, not only with Bitcoin.

Coingate for WooCommerce requires WooCommerce installed and working on your WordPress website. You will also need to connect your WordPress website with an account in Coingate service to provide the flawless altcoin payments` process for you and your customers.

Get Coingate for WooCommerce

Easy Digital Downloads — Coinbase Payment Gateway

Easy Digital DownloadsEasy Digital Downloads is a free WordPress plugin for online stores on this platform. But the free version of plugin does not allow a WordPress admin to receive payments in cryptocurrency. Coinbase Payment Gateway is the paid add-on for this plugin that allows such operations.

Coinbase Payment Gateway uses the original CoinBase service to store and process payments with cryptocurrencies of different types. The service also supports quick exchange of cryptocurrency to your local currency with transfer to your bank account or credit card.

Get Easy Digital Downloads

Mollie Payments for WooCommerce

MollieMollie Payments support lots of cryptocurrency types including the most popular — Bitcoin. This service is fully integrated with WooCommerce. It allows to receive payments via your WordPress website and provides your customers with a better user experience while processing their payments.

Mollie Payments plugin uses the corresponding digital payment processor service also called Mollie. There is also an opportunity to automatically exchange crypto- and local currencies via the plugin features.

Get Mollie Payments

GoUrl — Bitcoin Payment Gateway, Paid Downloads and Membership

GourlGoUrl is another digital payment processor service with its unique WordPress plugin. This service allows you to work with Bitcoin and other altcoins within your WordPress website but does not have an opportunity to convert cryptocurrency to any local currency.

GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway has lots of useful add-ons specially created for WooCommerce integration, membership websites on WordPress platform, paid downloads and donation projects. All of these additional opportunities are also free to install and use on your WordPress website.

Get GoUrl
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