Slider Revolution — Responsive WordPress Plugin

The Slider Revolution is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that are being used by WP members because of how easy it is to use not to mention the numerous features it provides. Slider Revolution is available as jQuery Plugin, WordPress plugin, and as an add-on for Concrete5.

WordPress authors are finding Slider Revolution a useful tool in creating more compelling templates for their site. Here are a few examples of features that this plugin is boasting of.

Features of Slider Revolution

  • Media Support – With just a few clicks of the mouse, user will be able to integrate texts, links, videos, and images to their site. This lets the user create a post that is rich in information that their viewers will find useful. Also each of the media types has their own animation layer complete with its own styles and timing for your own use.
  • Responsive Layouts –Completely responsive and includes multiple options for slider layout, Slider Revolution is all about ease of use. You can choose from custom, full-screen, fixed, and auto-responsive. The Custom and Fixed layer options enable you to set the exact size of your slider with the Custom providing you with extra options of changing the size of the slider and screen width. The Auto-Responsive option is ideal for those who don’t want to customize the sizes of their sliders manually. The Full Screen option is the most unique in Slider Revolution where you can create sliders that will fit the entire screen perfectly regardless of where it is viewed.
  • Easy Options – For those who want to create custom sliders, the Slider Revolution plugin leaves you more room to stretch your creativity with various options for customization for you to play with. Select your own navigation arrows, add media layers, drop-down menus, and other options to create a fully customized slider for your WP.

Other Slider Revolution features include loop animations, multi-language support, parallax layers, no coding visual editor, and more.

Who Can Use Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is perfect for WordPress users who want to build a more interactive theme for their site. The free version of Slider Revolution provides its users with basic slider templates that can be easily incorporated into their existing theme for a more robust interface with images, texts, animations, and videos.

With the plugin’s easy-to-use interface, users will be able to integrate slides into their website with ease while increasing the design and overall aesthetics of their WP website. No coding is needed such as CSS because the plugin can do the streamlining of slides on its own through drag and drop feature. Just drag the slides on top of one another and let the program do your work for you.

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