WordPress Plugins for Easy Data Visualization

Visualization is the most important tool to increase the attractiveness of your WordPress site or blog. With the help of visual content, you can attract visitors’ attention for a long time and easily convert them to regular readers. We have already described various strategies for creating visual content in the article How to Gain Interest in Your Audience with Visual Content. Please, read it carefully to understand the basic principles of the visual content`s work and the variety of its capabilities for WordPress sites and blogs.

Today we will focus on one of the types of visual content — charts, tables and diagrams. This kind of visual content is extremely important for all business projects that deal with large amounts of numeric data. These data can be of great interest to the target audience, but in the form of a simple listing it will be very difficult to be perceived by the readers. To solve this problem, you need to use tables, graphs and charts. Fortunately, there are already many automatic tools that facilitate the task of creating visual content based on numeric values.

WordPress plugins for content visualization allow you to create tables, graphs and charts of almost any complexity without any knowledge in the field of web programming and design. You do not even need to know the HTML tags to design the corresponding elements of visual content. We will review the most convenient and functional plugins of this group to help you make an informed and correct choice among the existing variety. Some of the participants in our list are free tools, others have additional paid functionality, and some are paid premium plugins. We will mention this important detail in the description of each plugin.

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Data Tables GeneratorData Tables Generator is a free plugin for creating all kinds of tables for WordPress sites and blogs. Naturally, the WordPress admin panel assumes the ability to create tables using the basic functionality. But Data Tables Generator allows you to create more complex designs using data from a variety of formats — from mathematical formulas to audio and video content.

Data Tables Generator provides a wide range of features: Google Charts integration, creating charts and diagrams based on data in tables, exporting to PDF and CSV files, the ability to quickly print tables, various layout options for tables and their contents.

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WordPress Charts

WordPress ChartsWordPress Charts is also a free tool, but its features are concentrated on creating diagrams of various types. This plugin allows you to create diagrams of 6 basic types: line, radar, bar, pie, polar area, and donut. The plugin is based on HTML5 technology, which allows you to optimize the speed of downloading the visual content created with this tool.

WordPress Charts gives the administrator the ability to use the special built-in WP Charts widget. With this widget, you can easily place the created diagrams in the required locations on the pages of your site. The plugin is compatible with all modern browsers and is retina ready.

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WpDataTables — Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

wpDataTablesWpDataTables is a universal premium plugin for creating tables and diagrams that costs $35. In addition to a full set of all the features that the WordPress site administrator can only need, this plugin includes professional technical support for its users.

The WpDataTables kit includes 35 different chart types, the ability to export to CSV and XLS, Google Spreadsheets support, MySQL query support, extensive editing capabilities in the visual editor mode and much more.

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M Chart

M ChartM Chart is extremely easy to install and work with plugin that you can use for free. This tool will be the best choice for novice WordPress administrators. The plugin allows you to create simple graphs based on the entered numerical values.

The unconditional advantage of M Chart is its ease and SEO optimization. To place the results of the plugin`s work on your WordPress site or blog, use the simplest and straightforward method — shortcodes. That is why the tool is recommended for beginners.

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POWr Graph

Powr GrahpPOWr Graph is also a very straightforward tool for creating some pie, line, bar or scatter graphs. The basic features of the plugin are free, but you can purchase an additional premium subscription for $3.19 per month. The premium version includes the removal of watermarks from all graphs, unlimited data set size, built-in analytics for tracking user interaction with charts and qualified support.

The basic free version of the plugin will be relevant for beginners in the area of ​​WordPress administration. The premium version will be useful for those who have decided to develop their project further and see the need for continuous creation of graphs based on complex data and tracking the involvement of the audience in the information provided.

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DrawItDrawIt is a unique tool that allows you to draw not only simple charts, but also flow charts, inline drawings and much more. In addition, the plugin is completely free to use. This tool will be an ideal solution for novice WordPress administrators who want to get a universal plugin to create unique and useful visual content.

DrawIt will allow you to experiment with various ways of submitting information and analyze the reaction of the audience in different cases. So you can easily find the best approach to your readers, and they will get interesting content on your WordPress project.

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SnowballSnowball is also a kind of unusual plugin for creating a viral visual content. The main purpose of this tool is to visualize data for information articles on various topics. This plugin helps to place large amounts of data in convenient views within the framework of one article or blog entry. Snowball will be an excellent solution for bloggers who are engaged in any research and publish their results.

Snowball provides almost unlimited opportunities for the design of visual content. At the same time, you can simultaneously use graphs, tables and diagrams, for each of which you can apply your unique style of design. You can also connect such internet modules as: YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps, SoundCloud, presentations and so on.

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PressStatsPressStats is a paid premium plugin, which is created for WordPress administrators, who do not want to spend extra time and effort on creating visual content. PressStats allows you to automatically convert data into a well-perceived visual content.

PressStats` plug and play solution is a simple wizard for installing and initializing the plugin, which will automatically create data in visual content. PressStats supports many widgets, cache and geolocation.

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Responsive Charts

Responsive ChartsResponsive Charts is also a paid premium plugin. This tool allows you to easily create animated charts for your WordPress site using modern HTML5 technology. You can easily customize the display of diagrams on the pages of your site and design each of them to your liking with the help of a visual editor.

Responsive Charts boasts support for 7 animated chart types: pie, line, bar, radar, polar, donut, and unique Bootstrap progress bars. The result of the plugin`s work on your site is completely mobile responsive, so you do not have to worry about additional optimization for mobile devices.

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TablePressTablePress is a free plugin with the ability to purchase premium add-ons at various prices. The basic principle of TablePress is to create tables of any complexity with data of various formats. The created tables can easily be inserted on the pages of your WordPress site using widgets or shortsodes.

TablePress supports data import and export for different file formats: Excel, HTML, CSV, and JSON. This feature will appeal to experienced users who can work not only with simple Excel spreadsheets, but also with complex data formats in JSON.

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Final Words

The choice of tools for visualizing content is really very wide. We brought you only the most popular and proven to be effective tools. Over time, you can choose the most suitable for yourself or find something unique for the individual needs of your WordPress project.

The main idea is that the WordPress administrator should not ignore such wonderful opportunities for visualizing content. Visitors of your site will be grateful for your efforts if you provide them with quality and vivid content!

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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