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The safety issue is always keen for any web project. Despite the fact that WordPress is one of the most secure platform for a website or blog, the chance to be hacked always remain. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no absolute protection against all threats of hacking a web site.

Many site administrators underestimate the importance of their sites for hackers. If you do not have a major and a world-renowned project, it does not mean that it will not be attacked. Statistics argues that small internet projects are even more frequent subjects for hacking than larger ones. The thing is that hackers know about the human factor vulnerabilities of small internet projects.

The problem of small sites and blogs is neglecting the fundemantel safety rules. The administrators of these projects use complex passwords and supports current version of the data very rarely. Timely update is important both for the WordPress platform and for the used themes and plugins. But often we forget about the update immediately after the installation of a plugin. For this reason, there are many gaps in the defense of any WordPress website or blog.

Today we offer you to get acquainted with a revolutionary approach in the protection any WordPress site. This approach involves a qualitative hiding the fact that your project uses the WordPress platform. Hiding WordPress is not aimed to mislead the users of the site. It has a goal to protect against brute force attacks on preventive measures and hacker bots that are constantly scouring the net in search of new prey.

New Way to Secure WordPress Sites

new-way-to-secure-wordpress-sitesSo, how is WordPress hiding helps the security of your site? In the first place, Hide My WP plugin changes the default permalinks for categories, posts and user pages. Also, this plugin hides the main service pages by changing their permalinks and modifies the source code so that it becomes impossible to copy and steal. Moreover, Hide My WP provides multifactor tracking of suspicious user activities on your site.

All of these techniques are aimed at disorientation of hacker bots, which produce automatic attack of poorly protected sites. Such attacks are numerous and are designed for the most obvious vulnerabilities that are often found in WordPress projects where administrators do not yet have the rich experience of the confrontation to hacking. If a boat hits a hidden or changed website or blog, it will bypass such project, because it would not be able to apply the standard template of conducting the brute force attacks. So you protect yourself from the typical 99% of break-ins and future problems associated with them.

Now let us take a closer look at the features of Hide My WP plugin, to understand how their actions make the possibility to counter hacker attacks on your WordPress website or blog.

Changing Permalinks

Hide My WP plugin changes the permalinks without changing any file names and directory structure in your WordPress site. The plugin only makes it impossible to access the data on the standard addresses of vulnerable pages as wp-login.php, wp-admin, themes and plugins directories, upload URLs, wp-includes folders, AJAX URLs, WordPress queries URLs.

An important feature is the ability to hide or change the address belonging to a specific user. These pages can give a hacker bots access to the accounts of administrators and their rights to change the website content ot its settings.

You can also disable the direct access to the feeds and special page, for example — readme.html license.txt. Standard pages of archives, categories, tags, pages, and posts can also be deactivated to view.

With the combination of all these changes, you will be able to maximally protect the most vulnerable places of the internet project and prevent the majority of automated attacks made by bots using brute force algorithms.

Hiding the Source Code

hiding-the-source-codeSource code can also be a vulnerable place for hacker attack, because it is publicly available. Hacking bots can search for specific words or phrases that will be a key to start the attack.

Hide My WP plugin allows you to replace certain words or whole strings of source code with the random characters that will shot down the perseption of any bot. The source code itself will not be change. We only change its display to unwanted guests who wish to get profit from the contents of your web project.

Hide My WP plugin also provides automatic tools for HTML and CSS minifying. These tools allow you to clear the display of source code from any comments and maximally squeeze its contents. Thus, no automatic tool will not be able to understand the content of your source code and you will be fully protected in this cyber front.

Tracking the Hackers

Tracking of suspicious activity is an important part of the counteraction to hacker attacks. Hide My WP plugin will notify you of any attempts to brute force attack in detail. You will learn about applying for hacking techniques, the level of threat to the current status of your project and the user’s IP from which the tentative attack has been made.

The plugin will always notify you of attempts to hack your WordPress website or blog. At these moments, you will be able to take active steps to protect your site with the help of blocking access for of anonymous users, back-up of your content and messages to technical support for your hosting to block malicious IP.

Always remember that there is a risk of unknown vulnerabilities. You can deal with these vulnerabilities only by means of continuous monitoring of suspicious activities on the site. While carring out this process manually is not possible, the Hide My WP plugin was created therefore.

Other Useful Features of Hide My WP Plugin

In addition to the immediate blocking of attacks on your WordPress site, Hide My WP plugin offers additional features that also help you to organize the work of your web project. Several of these features are aimed to work with e-mail.

Hide My WP plugin helps to block spam in the comments of your blog, and eliminates the need to moderate each message and receive a huge number of notifications about spam messages. Also Hide My WP plugin will help you to change your email address when sending messages for users.

Hide My WP plugin disables direct access to PHP files of your website and deactivates the directory listing. These features provide additional protection to your web project on WordPress platform.

This plugin will also help you to improve the visual component of your website with the help of custom 404 page and removing the standard WordPress footer.

Main Settings of Hide My WP Plugin

main-settings-of-hide-my-wp-pluginMain Settings of Hide My WP Plugin consists of 5 tabs: General Settings, Permalinks & URLs, Source Code, IDS Firewall, Replace Tools. In these tabs you will find a simple configuration of the features that we have described in detail above. We will give a quick overview for each of the tabs, so you can have an idea about the functionality of this plugin.

General Settings tab contains features about the access for different user groups, view the display of 404 page, setting of hiding the most important pages — wp-login, and wp-admin, as well as most of the features described in this article under the heading Other Useful Features of Hide My WP Plugin.

Permalinks & URLs tab is the largest one and includes all of the settings at page addresses replacement (except wp-login, and wp-admin, which belong to the General Settings tab).

Source Code tab is responsible for optimizing HTML and CSS code of your site and remove the standard elements of issuing belonging to WordPress platform from it.

IDS Firewall tab configures the job of tracking system hacking activities directed against your site, as well as suspicious user activity notifications.

Replace Tools tab provides a simple interface for automatically replacing words or whole strings in the source code to the encrypted messages for hacker bots.

Final Words

Every sensible WordPress site administrator puts the safety of its project at the forefront. We hope that you also belong to the WordPress administrator who care about your site and do not wish to be subjected by the brute force hacker attacks. That’s why you should think about installing of Hide My WP Plugin just now.

Do not forget to constantly upgrade the version of WordPress and all the themes and plugins that you use. But even in the case of strict compliance with all standard safety rules, Hide My WP Plugin will not be superfluous to your site. We wish your site will never be exposed to hacking!

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    WordPress security is really an important part. As as per my knowledge 40%-50% websites are build on WordPress. And still are many security loopholes available in WordPress. We should secure every door.


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