Beautiful Live Examples of Visual Composer WordPress Plugin

Beautiful Live Examples of Visual Composer WordPress Plugin

Visual Composer is one of the most important and versatile tool for any modern WordPress website or blog. The secret of popularity lies in the unlimited opportunities this plugin opens to every WordPress admin. Visual Composer makes it easy to create and edit any element of a WordPress website within the drag-n-drop editor. It does not require any special knowledge or skills in web development or design. So, the secret of success is in the accessibility of all features.

This reason has also brought Visual Composer the title of the plugin that is the most often included into WordPress premium themes` kits. Most of the WordPress themes` developers do not even imagine their product without Visual Composer as the basic tool for the unlimited access to all WordPress website building features. Moreover, there are lots of premium addons for Visual Composer which widen the opportunities even further.

Anyway, it is much better to see the results of what Visual Composer is capable of. With the examples of websites build by means of Visual Composer plugin you will have the opportunity to evaluate its beautiful features with your own judgment. That is why we present the most interesting examples of Visual Composer`s features realization on real websites – watch them and make your own choice of design and needed tools to create it.

Social Stream Apps

Social StreamsSocial Stream Apps is the home of WordPress developers who have dedicated their work to the cooperation between WordPress platform and all known social networks. This website advertises Social Stream Apps` products: Flow-Flow Social Stream plugin, Grace Instagram Feed Gallery and Social Stacks.

This website includes main page, landing pages for the corresponding products, live demos for them, blog and documentation directory. The main page and the product landing pages are built with colorful and clear content blocks which represent different features of the plugins. Live demo pages have the examples of social streams built up with the corresponding plugins. All this pages are working together to engage a user into the idea of social streaming within WordPress platform.

Social Stream Apps` website is an example of a clean and structured performance for the sake of marketing and branding. If you wish to build a WordPress website with landing pages on products or services, then this example would be very interesting for you.

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Paradise Helicopters

Paradise CoptersParadise Helicopters offers amazing air tours across the Hawaiian Islands. The website contains different types of helicopter flights within the Hawaii Archipelago – from lava mountains and rainforests to waterfalls and beautiful sunsets. All tours are categorized by islands: Big Island, Lanai and Oachu.

The first amazing impression is made by the website within the full-screen video header. This header shows effective cut of the most beautiful places on Hawaii from the view of helicopter passengers. This view is really what clients should get on their tours. The first impression is very important and Paradise Helicopters does it masterfully.

Each page of the provided helicopter tours is also decorated with bright and juice full-screen image headers. Furthermore, clients can evaluate a lot of photos taken on this certain tour, see the map of the tour, get the short list of most important tour`s features (with icon images) and so on. All this information has positive influence on the potential clients` choices and overall users` engagement within the website.

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L’Appetit Sauvage Loup Paris

L’Appetit Sauvage Loup Paris is the web representative of the self-name French restaurant. Here a visitor can find the restaurant`s menu and the list of all services provided by L’Appetit Sauvage Loup Paris. The website`s design has white background which underlines the bright and colorful elements of decor.

The header of this website has a parallax effect and stick to the first content block. While scrolling further the header disappears to give the place for other important content blocks. L’Appetit Sauvage Loup Paris includes colorful header and footer in contrast with black and white middle part of the website. The overall impression about the site could be explained in two words: clean and comfortable. The prominent advantage of this website is the absence of any unnecessary details.

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Fortnox Developer

Fortnox DeveloperFortnox Developer is the website for developers who want to collaborate with the Swiss service created especially for this profession. This website`s main page consists from only 3 blocks: header, main content part and footer. The header has full-width image with parallax effect, title and short overview of the service.

The main content part is short and simple. It describes the 3-step process of registration within the Fortnox Developer service. The footer contains social links, redirection to blog and the short sitemap. The overall design is simplified and clarified to the limit. The target audience of such project should evaluate this clear design as the most convenient.

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Heckler Magazine

HecklerHeckler Magazine is the web project devoted to skating, skiing and snowboarding. Here the fans of such hobby can find different articles and reviews about famous skaters and everything connected with this extreme sport. There is also an online store with the equipment for skating, skiing and snowboarding.

The website`s design stands out with the dark background and masonry blog posts` previews structure. The store is very simple and convenient to use. There are no lots of products in there, but all of them has clear photos and prices. The sidebar of this website uses newsletter subscription and recent posts widgets for the users` comfort.

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To Do List

To Do List is the popular personal blog about the life in London: events, personalities, unique experience and so on. The blog has clear design and structure: the white background focuses a reader on the text content and images inside the articles and within the posts` previews. The unique feature of To Do List blog is the full-screen subscription form instead of a header. But this form is not required for reading – you can just scroll further to the posts.

To Do List uses social sharing block, newsletter subscription block and useful links block at the sidebar. There is also the place for disclaimer which starts with “The Boring But Essential Bit” title. This simple design and clear content presentation should be evaluated by any creative person.

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Victoriya Wedding Salon

Victoriya Wedding SalonVictoriya Wedding Salon offers wedding, evening and cocktail dresses in Moscow. The website has different collections for any taste of the buyers. There is also a blog that describes the modern trends in wedding and formal fashion. Here you can get feedback with the salon owners or just make an appointment online.

The main color of Victoriya Wedding Salon is white. It corresponds to the main assortment`s focus – wedding dresses. The content blocks advertise the main categories of the online store, then the catalog by fashion collection, then blog posts and finally the products by brand names. The content blocks are not strictly separated rather they flow from one to another naturally. This effect is created by the main color background and thematic images within all the blocks.

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Bolon Furniture

BolonBolon is the web representative of the Swedish brand of furniture. The website aims to present all the main information within the main page which is also a landing page for the products. Bolon uses the classic vertical scrolling but the unique feature is the presence of two subsequent full-screen headers. Than the content blocks go in a more traditional design – with images and text previews.

The main color of the website is also white due to its background. On the other hand, there are lots of juicy and bright photos of furniture. This contrast creates the required focus for any visitor. Bolon also uses black call-to-action buttons to maximize the contrast with the white background.

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Shout Digital Marketing Services

ShoutShout Digital Marketing Services have created a modern and stylish website to advertise their products. The website starts with full-screen header with image background and continues with clean Approach block that tells about the company`s modus operandi. The third and the last are the blog posts` previews with images.

The Shot`s website is very straight-forward and simple to understand. This effect is one of the most important for any potential client. More information and feedback form could be found in Services directory. The blog is also very interesting and well-structured.

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