Easiest Ways to Convert Your WordPress Website into a Mobile Application

Easiest Ways to Convert Your WordPress Website into a Mobile Application

Mobile applications (or simply “apps”) represent the new way of user interaction with websites of all types. Any modern WordPress website should aim to have at least a mobile version of its content. The next step of involving users into your WordPress project is the creation and development of a mobile application.

There is a strong trend of modern users` transition from desktop devices to mobile ones. In other words, people are using their smartphones and tablets more and more often to visit websites, read news, estimate and buy products and services, leave their comments and testimonials, and much more. Modern mobile devices are already providing users with all corresponding opportunities according to their demands. However, not all web projects appear to be ready for such changes. Is your WordPress website ready for them?

Most beginners in the field of WordPress website administration delay the development of mobile application for their project. This is an awful mistake to make, because the share of mobile users is always growing. It means you will constantly loose audience without a proper mobile application for your project.

We will analyze the opportunities WordPress gives website owners to convert their projects into mobile applications. The process is not so complicated as many WordPress website owners imagine. Premium WordPress plugins and services are ready to make the most difficult parts of the work for you. We will observe some examples of such tools in this article to give you a sophisticated understanding on how to convert your WordPress project into a mobile application without special web development knowledge and skills.

What Kinds of WordPress Projects Need a Mobile Application

Actually, all types of WordPress websites should aim to have a mobile application. This fact is more obvious for online shops and services – all kind of projects that sell something through internet. We know, that modern customers want to evaluate, compare and buy products just using their smartphones. But what about other types of projects?

Let us talk about the main types of WordPress projects: blogs, membership websites, online communities and business (or personal) representative websites. Blogs and online communities` success is based on the amount of visitors and their activity level. It means you need to give your users as many opportunities to login, read and comment on your posts as possible. Mobile devices appear to be one of the most effective way to increase your audience`s revisit frequency and time sent on your WordPress website.

Membership websites often communicate and cooperate with local stores and other resellers. This is the main reason your members could have a situation where they may want to visit your website for a special promo code or product suggestion. Mobile applications allow them to achieve the desired 24/7 and worldwide.

Business and personal representative websites need to show all the capabilities of their owner(s). This goal cannot be reached without a mobile application you may have an opportunity to show on job interview or negotiations with the clients. It has become a versatile and must-have tool on these occasions.

WordPress Plugins and Services to Convert a Website to a Mobile Application

Now let us observe the most prominent examples of WordPress plugins and services which can help you to convert a website into a mobile application with ease and style. We have prepared a list of 5 items and the short but informative features` overview for each item for you.


AppPresserAppPresser is a visual app builder and customizer with lots of additional features. First of all, you can get the full control on your mobile application`s design and content within the drag-n-drop editor. The dashboard is beginner-friendly and intuitive which allows WordPress administrators without any web development skills to use it.

AppPresser also includes push notifications for your users and moderators, BuddyPress and WooCommerce full support, Facebook login, geolocation and camera use, social sharing buttons integration and much more. With these features you can build and customize as many applications as you need. The price of AppPresser`s service starts from $19 per month.

Observe AppPresser


MobiLoudMobiLoud is more sophisticated and advanced service for building and developing your mobile application on the basis of a WordPress website. The creators of the service provide two unique products: for bloggers and for online shop owners. Each of the platforms has lots of corresponding features to develop your dedicated WordPress project.

MobiLoud also provided you with the application launch process and full email and phone support on demand. The application for your website will be created for both most popular platforms: iOS and Android. All updates and maintenance is included in price. By the way, MobiLoud is a highly premium product which price starts from $319 per month.

Observe MobiLoud


AndroAppAndroapp is the only one item in our list that has a free starter pack for one month. After the first month you can either annual license for $66 per platform (iOS and Android separately) or let the plugin`s developers to show their advertisement instead of yours within your application. These terms might be very attractive for the beginners.

Androapp allow a WordPress administrator to build and customize a mobile application within the simple visual editor. It includes push notifications, offline backups, caching techs, infinite scroll feature, deep linking support and much more. Pay attention, that the plugin does not support neither WooCommerce nor BuddyPress services.

Observe Androapp


WPMobileAppWPMobile.App is the plugin that allow you to create and customize mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. The tool is initially free for use but the license for Google Play or Apple store costs 79 Euro each. It means you can create and customize applications but have no right to use them officially until you buy the proper license. Free demo period is also available for those WordPress website owners who want to estimate the features of WPMobile.App before buying a license for their app.

WPMobile.App includes all needed customization options within a simple and intuitive visual builder. Additional features provide you with real time analytics data, push notifications, lifetime updates, offline content caching, advertisement integration service and lots of other useful options.

Observe WPMobile.App


WapppressWapppress is the premium WordPress plugin that allow you to create mobile application on the basis of your WordPress website automatically. There are also lots of further opportunities to customize your application due to demands of your target audience or just to make it unique and stand out from the crowd.

Wapppress allows you to use different theme, launch icon, homepage, splash screen or message for your app comparing with its source – your WordPress website. The automatically generated application can be directly published on Google Play store or customized within the convenient visual builder.

Get Wapppress View Demo


Building and developing your own mobile application is the must-have action for a modern WordPress project. We have shared some tools and services which can help you to achieve this goal without learning any coding skills. The future of your WordPress website is in your hands now – do not lose the opportunity to be far ahead the competitors that ignore the mobile applications` opportunities!

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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