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Quick Tip: What is WordPress VIP

Most website owners tend to consider WordPress platform as a cheap tool to build and customize web projects. We have already debunked this and other myths about WordPress but there is still a great opportunity for enterprise level web project that we did not mentioned and reviewed. We are now talking about WordPress VIP.

VIP (Very Important Person) relates to any sphere of products and services of a unique quality level. WordPress VIP is not an exception. This project is created especially for big web projects with extended budgets. What features does WordPress VIP actually have, how much does it cost and for whom specifically is it interesting — we will tell in this short overview article. The information will be useful not only for large projects but also for developing ones to estimate their future goals and ways of achieving them.

WordPress VIP: Overview

Wordpress VIP overviewWordPress VIP provides all-in-one service for enterprise level projects which do not want to deal with any technical aspects of their maintaining process. The demand for such a service is dictated by new type of web project within the WordPress platform. These projects have millions of visitors but are maintained by small groups of owners or administrators.

In previous years such projects were more like exceptions from the rule that says: a successful high-traffic projects needs to have a correspondingly big team of administrators, moderators and other managers. It is however not true for modern type of internet projects. Nowadays there is a lot of examples of web portals or services that are supported by a small group of founders and their most prominent assistants.

For this type of projects WordPress VIP provides the full variety of tools and support. For example, WordPress VIP includes Facebook Instant Articles integration, A/B testing opportunities and Google AMP service accessibility. Moreover, WordPress VIP gives a full stack support. This support begins with full check of your project and proceeds with all-inclusive update support and safety insurance.

The most convenient WordPress VIP`s feature is the provision of the best enterprise level hosting, guaranteed 24/7 uptime and comprehensive user support. With this feature WordPress VIP takes one of the most problematic and insecure feature of any website and converts it into your main advantage.

WordPress VIP: Prices

Wordpress VIP pricesAlthough WordPress VIP does not provide the concrete prices, there is information about approximate fees and expenses a VIP user spends for his or her project. Everything starts with initial payment for your WordPress website check and improvement process. This fees can be estimated around $10,000. Moreover, one should pay a monthly fee as long as the project starts its membership in the VIP club. The monthly fees are very different but usually start from $2,500-$5,000.

As we can see, such expenses cannot be supported by beginners in the sphere of WordPress administration. Moreover, any enterprise level project is unique and needs to be estimated by WordPress VIP managers individually. That is why there are no standard packages or other rates within the WordPress VIP landing page. The process starts with your individual request and the estimation operations of WordPress VIP`s managers.

WordPress VIP: Target Audience

Wordpress VIP target audienceWordPress VIP is obviously not for beginners but there is still a lot of projects which can have a significant benefit through it. We are now primarily talking about projects that have millions of users as their actual audience. It is very important for these services to have a smooth 24/7 workflow for their visitors as well as all-in-one support and analytics tools for managers and administrators. WordPress VIP does provide such projects with the demanded tools and even more.

The prominent examples of WordPress VIP customers are: New York Post, VentureBeat, Variety and Deadline. Although these projects spend great amount of funds on WordPress VIP service, they benefit a much bigger income with its help. Any WordPress project should aim to become such an example of enterprise level website. That is why the information about WordPress VIP should be interesting for all website owners without an exception.

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