Best WordPress Plugins of May 2018

Best WordPress Plugins of May 2018

This May was full of new premium WordPress plugins worth to be mentioned and reviewed. Moreover, new plugins show us the reflection of the most relevant trends of WordPress development and design. These trends need to be observed by any WordPress website owner for the sake of sufficient development of his or her own project.

The most urgent topics of May 2018 were: GDPR compliance, Cookies policy notifications, Artificial Intelligence integration, Quiz creation, Twitch streaming support by WordPress and many other interesting issues. Some of them are not new but constantly developing within WordPress. Another appear to be relevant only now.

We have gathered the most exciting and prominent examples of new and trending WordPress plugins from Envato Market in this article. You should check them and think whether your WordPress project needs some improvement within the issues these tools are eager to resolve.

WordPress GDPR

WordPress GDPRGeneral Data Protection Regulation (also known as GDPR) has come live on May 25, 2018. This new European law aims to protect user data and provide the unobstructed access to personal data for each corresponding person. It means that any website must provide its users with following features: Forget Me (complete delete of user data by request), Data Breach Report (users must be notified when a data breach occurs), Data Request (a user can request his or her personal data from a website), Policy updates notifications, Direct Contact with DPO (Data Privacy Officer — a must-have person for any web project).

WordPress GDPR plugins provides website admins with all listed above features. It allows you to create all needed forms for users to contact you within GDPR questions and requests. There are also lots of important additional features like email newsletter unsubscribe option or cookies and privacy policy notifications.

WordPress GDPR integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Tag Manager, Contact Form 7 and other helpful plugins and services. WordPress GDPR plugin has become the leader among the competitors because of ease and convenience it provides to a website admin.

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WP Cookie User Info Pro — Cookie Notification Plugin for WordPress

WP Cookie User Info ProWP Cookie User Info Pro aims to provide you with one of the listed GDPR compliant features — cookies notifications. Because of a very narrow topic the plugin can offer significantly more options to customize and rebuilt notifications for cookies policy then any common GDPR-related plugin.

WP Cookie User Info Pro has lots of ready to use templates for your WordPress website. There are 3 different layouts, 20 Bar layout designs, 5 popup design layout designs, 5 floating layout designs and 8 position options for your cookies notifications. Such a variety can serve any type of website with different attitudes to design.

WP Cookie User Info Pro also provide a WordPress admin with an easy to use visual builder for cookies notifications. This builder allow you to customize 4 important elements of your notification window: content area, confirmation button, “More Info” button and close button. Lots of styles, fonts and colors are available to customize the listed elements.

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Accordion FAQ Plugin for WordPress

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) represent one of the oldest but still important feature for any website that wants to have a dialog with its visitors. Well-made FAQ page can significantly reduce the work of your website`s team to support users with any issues they have during their visit or using some particular feature or service.

Accordion FAQ Plugin gives a WordPress admin seamless opportunities to create FAQ guides without any web developing knowledge and skills. The plugin works with WordPress shortcodes, native widget area and Visual Composer. It gives you 3 opportunities to add your FAQ guide to choose from.

Accordion FAQ Plugin has unlimited options on customizing your FAQ guides. You can choose from various styles using different fonts, colors, backgrounds and layouts. The key feature of this plugin is the ease of creating and adding your FAQs to your WordPress website.

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A.I. Spinner — Rewrites article with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence slowly become more and more useful for common tasks. There is no doubt about the future of AI — it will change our perception of reality and bring more freedom by doing routine tasks perfectly. Now AI aims to help with search engine optimization tasks and everything connected with them.

A.I. Spinner is a good example of artificial intelligence which helps to succeed with routine tasks automatically. This tool rewrites your content to make it unique for more pages of your website. Its rewriting technology is based on machine learning. A.I. Spinner scans your content data and finds ways to restructure sentences making them unique for search engines.

A.I. Spinner can help you to revive old posts on the automatic basis or write unique content for your RSS feeds. The plugin can use category based filters to scan only the most relevant content and has the feature to revert the already spun posts to original versions.

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Advisor Quiz

Advisor QuizQuizzes have proved themselves as good tools to attract users` attention and engage them to spend more time for every visit. Advisor Quiz is a good addition to the amazing collection of already existing premium quiz plugins. It proves the statement that quizzes remain the important tools of every entertainment WordPress website.

Advisor Quiz can serve not only as an entertaining product but can also boost your online sells. You can use Advisor Quiz to guide users through the variety of presented products and services and advise them the most suitable one at the end of a quiz. The conjunction of gaming and selling elements is perfect for any type of online store.

Advisor Quiz has 4 types of quizzes: trivia, personality, count and content filter. The last type has been specially created to advice products and services to your potential clients. The plugin also provides you with 3 different layouts: minimal, presentation and image-based.

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Twitch Status for WordPress

Twitch StatusGaming industry evolves fast and gets more and more fans each month. That is why game streaming is also very popular. Game streams gather billions of viewers from all over the world and engage them for hours literally. If you want to use the gaming industry success, then you definitely want to set up Twitch streams on your WordPress website.

Twitch is the most popular game streaming platform around the world. WordPress developers have done a lot to integrate Twitch to WordPress platform. And Twitch Status for WordPress is one of the most convenient tools for you to set up a Twitch streams directly on your WordPress website.

Twitch Status for WordPress allows you to connect lots of various streams to your website. It also provides you with seamless customization of any design element for the streams. The tool does not slow down your WordPress website speed performance optimizing Twitch streams and making them going smoothly on your project.

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Affiliate Egg — Niche Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin

Affiliate EggAffiliate programs are still very popular and beneficial for any WordPress website owner. The variety of platforms and shops any WordPress admin can use for affiliate program makes such business very profitable and relatively easy to work on. Premium WordPress plugins represent the key feature that makes this kind of business easy and convenient.

Affiliate Egg is one of the best examples of seamless integration`s tool for any affiliate program to your WordPress project. It supports more than 100 worldwide and local shops` affiliate programs including the most prominent ones: Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Souq, Jabong and others.

Affiliate Egg allows you to set up fully automated affiliate-based business. You just need to insert a link to parental shop category and new products will appear on your website automatically. Price updates are also made automatically. All you need is to collect money from time to time!

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