Examples of Using Artificial Intelligence within WordPress

Examples of Using Artificial Intelligence within WordPress

Artificial Intelligence (widely used as AI abbreviation) was an example of science-fiction matter just 20 years ago. Now Artificial Intelligence is the new step in the development of computer science and linguistics combined. AI used to handle all the boring and repeatable work for humans. But now it is rapidly evolving and making progress in lots of activities, making some things even better then human beings.

That has even become a reason to worry for lots of people around the world. Would not AI become smarter than the most intelligent scientists? Will the AI replace humans once? But whatever you answer to these question by yourself, it is no doubt that artificial intelligence is a must-have tool for any modern website, business or community.

What can a modern AI exactly do and how could you use its features for your WordPress website? This article will answer the questions related to Artificial Intelligence for website development. We will also observe the most interesting examples of using AI within your WordPress website for completing lots of different tasks.

Features of the Modern AI

It is primarily important to understand how artificial intelligence works, at least in outline. The main feature of a modern AI is so-called “machine learning” ability. This learning means that AI can analyze its experience and build new knowledge in its basis. Without this self-education feature a program can only use the algorithms its creator has put into it.

Another important feature of any AI is the ability to understand humans in their natural context. AI gives as an opportunity to communicate with computers not only by means of default input-output devices, but also with our voice, gestures, mimics and other natural (for humans) ways to express thoughts and emotions.

Taking into account the mentioned above features and some obvious parameters of AI (like absence of necessity in sleep, rest and emotional stability) we will receive the perfect executioner for nearly any of the possible tasks. Now let us observe some interesting examples of such AI executions delivered by premium and free WordPress plugins.

WP A.I Assistant

WP AI AssistantWP A.I Assistant allows you to create a virtual helper for your customers within an online store on WordPress platform. The plugin provides you with mindmap-based algorithm creation kit for your virtual assistant. It means you can set up the reactions of a virtual assistant to different action of the users at your website. These reactions will initiate the corresponding actions your virtual assistant takes to help your customers during a product selection or order process.

With this plugin you can easily create the effect of qualified assistant`s presence for each and every customer on your WordPress website. This tool can save you a huge sum of many by replacing a whole call-center by itself. Unfortunately, such type of AI is very dependent on algorithms given by an administrator. Thus some mistakes or misunderstanding between a real customer and AI assistant can occur. But putting some effort on evolving the algorithms and analyzing failures will bring you to a state very close to perfection.

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Facebook Messenger Chat with Bot

Facebook Messanger BotFacebook Messenger Bot is another way to communicate with your customers without your presence. The bot can also use algorithms to answer frequently asked questions while you or your shopping assistants are not online. This way you can provide your customers with 24/7 support.

Facebook Messenger Bot can significantly increase user engagement and even raise sales if it is perfectly fine-tuned to your target audience and its usual needs. The bot can not fully replace a human assistant on your online store but can serve as a good alternative for non-working hours and holidays.

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WordLiftWordLift can be called the AI-modified version of well-known Yoast SEO plugin. The main goal of WordLift is to improve your content for better visibility in search engine results and better user engagement simultaneously. This tool is very important for every WordPress admin who tries to optimize his or her website in the most convenient and effective way.

WordLift will suggest links, media and other contextual facts for every piece of content you create within your WordPress website. With these suggestions you can significantly increase the versatility and usability of your content and improve the overall user experience.

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Kindred Posts

Kindred PostsKindred Posts aims to improve the recommended content displayed for your WordPress website visitors. This AI-based algorithm analyzes the behavior of your typical website users and suggests more relevant pieces of content to display on the corresponding blog (for example, Most Popular Posts or Recent Posts blocks).

Kindred Posts can also use Google Analytics data gathered for your WordPress website which gives it an empowered view onto your audience. The usage of the tool is as simple as it could possibly be: you just activate plugin in your WordPress admin dashboard and add Google Analytics tracking code if you want to.

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WatsonfindsWatsonfinds is a tool with the unique goal — it tries to analyze the users` emotions brought by your website content. Watsonfinds makes the sentiment analysis to display the basic emotions in percentages to each other. The basic emotions Watsonfinds analyzes are: joy, sadness, anger, disgust and fear.

With such an analytics you can easily explore the visitors` view of your content. It is always important to get the precious feedback even if you do not get it from your audience directly. Watsonfinds will help you with this task.

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MyCuratorMyCurator helps you to find interested and related content faster and easier. This is a perfect assistant for any informational blogger who is always in a search of trending and viral content to write about. MyCurator sorts and filters content by the topic your WordPress website is dedicated to.

MyCurator combines the analysis of lots of source in one convenient tool. For example, the plugin uses Google Alerts, various RSS and social feeds to gather information. Then it filters all the gathered information by keywords and related media and provides you with the most suitable pieces of content.

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Quttera Web Malware Scanner

QuterraQuttera Web Malware Scanner provides you with the important information about any type of malware threat within your WordPress website. This tool scans your website on the subject of any trojans, malware, viruses, backdoors, worms, shells, spyware and other threats.

Moreover, Quttera Web Malware Scanner uses machine learning ability to constantly improve the algorithm of the threats` search. It means the plugin self-educates to detect any new type of malware that appears in the web. This feature is vital for anti-malware software, because viruses and trojans evolve even faster.

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