10+ Best WordPress Plugins of May 2016

Every month we like to search through the latest and greatest plugins on Codecanyon and check them out. This month there were some great new releases for lots of different uses. This list of fresh plugins has a little bit of everything. It’s got plugins for security, reviews, booking, marketing, analytics, sharing and more. Checkout the list to if you are shopping for plugins to install on your WordPress website. 

Broadcasting Extension for Flow-Flow Social StreamFlow Flow Big Screen Extenstion

On the top of the list is our very own Big Screens Broadcasting Extension for Flow-Flow. This extension allows you to take your social media hub to the big screens. Engage your audience and bring the conversation to a central place. Connect to any projector, HDMI device or TV.

The Big Screens extension is suitable for many marketing applications. You can broadcast your social wall in style at a live event, create a display at your office, host Twitter parties and more. Control what feeds show with filters to block out unwanted content.

Remember, this extension requires Flow-Flow to operate. You must have it installed on your site. For more info take a look at our post on Big Screens.

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GuessOn — All in one Viral Quiz & Polls –WordpressGuessOn

This fun plugin can help you engage your visitors. It’s great for increasing your website’s ranking, drawing traffic and boosting sales. How does it work? GuessOn can help you increase your rank by providing your site with high quality traffic.

There are number of ways you can use this plugin. Create unlimited polls, build time based quizzes, generate user ranked lists, go viral and more. Take a cue from media giants like Buzzfeed, Uber and BBC. Get creative with GuessOn to maximize your ROI and engage your visitors. This plugin is compatible with Visual Composer and fully customizable.

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Stachethemes Event CalendarStachethemes-Event-Calendar

Stachethemes Event Calendar lets you create and manage events for your visitors. There are tons of ways to utilize this plugin. Keep track of events and add detailed information. Each event can be customized with icons, user comments, weather forecasts, directions etc. Invite people to an event and keep them informed with reminders. It’s easy to manage everything from one place.

The Stachethemes Event Calendar plugin integrates well with any theme. It is also WooCommerce ready and works great with Visual Composer. You have all the tools you need to customize the layout and manage any event. Features include:

  • Email reminders
  • Location and directions
  • 40+ ccons
  • Invitations
  • Event countdown
  • Easy to customize
  • Fully responsive
  • File attachements
  • Merchandise
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Let’s Review | WordPress Review Plugin With Affiliate OptionsLets Review

Let’s review helps you add beautiful, responsive visual aids to your posts. This is perfect for anyone who wants to review or compare products on their site. This plugin is super easy to use and incredibly powerful. You get plenty of options for customization.

The backend is well-thought out and intuitive, which makes styling easy. Additionally, drag and drop functionality speeds up creation time. This plugin has useful features to help you monetize your reviews with affiliate marketing buttons. It is fully translatable for multi-language websites. The code is lightweight and you can save time by creating your own default templates.

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WP Content CrawlerWP-Content-Crawler

Generate dynamic content from all over the web! With WP Content Crawler you can get content from just about any website and post it to your blog. What can you do with this plugin?

  • Create a personal site and aggregate all your favorite content into one place.
  • Integrate WP Content Crawler with WooCommerce to collect products from shopping sites.
  • Use this plugin in tandem with affiliate marketing programs to earn money.
  • Create a sandbox to test your theme or plugin by collecting posts.
  • Create custom collections of plugins, themes, apps, videos etc. from other websites. Try saving your favorite arcade games.
  • Keep track of your competitors.
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WP Shoutcast & Icecast Radio Player — «Line-R» w/ AAC+WP-Shoutcast-Icecast-player

Now  you can get all the benefits of the Sticky Shoutcast & Icecast Radio Player for WordPress. Before it was only available for HTML5. This plugin is a lightweight radio player for your website. This fully responsive radio plugin gives you an easy way to stream audio to mobile devices and desktops.

Create your own streaming player with lots of options like unlimited colors. You can style your Line-R player however you want. It comes with premade themes that you can customize to get a unique look. There are many use cases. Monetize your player by adding a buy button or streaming advertisements.

Noteable features:

  • Sticky to top or bottom
  • Stream info and metadata
  • Realtime waveform
  • Share on social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  • Optimized for touch screen
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Report Builder add-on for wpDataTables – Generate Word DOCX and Excel XLSX documentsReport-Builder-add-on-for-wpDataTables

Report Builder is an extension for wpDataTables. Use this plugin to generate reports with data for any use. It instantly creates documents and spreadsheets that populate your templates with data. It works great for generating Word .docx or Excel .xlsx on your WordPress website. How does it work? It uses wpDataTables as a data provider to pull data and create documents in real-time.

By automating the process of generating reports, you can save time and effort. You can use it to complete a number of important business tasks. Generate invoices, contracts, stats, transaction history, promotional offers, catalogs and many more. You can allow downloads from the front or backend of WordPress.

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Salon Booking WordPress PluginSalon-Booking-Wordpress-Plugin

If you own a salon or barbershop, checkout this plugin. It’s specifically designed for you. It’s also perfect for:

  • Clinics & Therapists
  • Spas & Wellness Centers
  • Equipment Rental

Get all the tools you need without the hassle that comes from all-purpose booking plugins. The good thing about this plugin is that it’s small in scope, so you won’t have to deal with too many different options. It’s very easy to use. This fully responsive booking plugin looks good on any device and has some great options.

With a few clicks you can manage all your booking from the admin panel.Send SMS messages, create a calendar, take payments, create filters, allow user reviews and more.

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User Gallery WordPress PluginUser-Gallery-WordPress-Plugin

This WordPress plugin comes in handy for photography websites. With User Gallery you can allow users to upload photos to your photo gallery. It gives website owners complete control over the content. You can create unlimited categories, enable comments, display metadata, resize images, send email notifications and more.

Build beautiful, function galleries for your audience and let them share. This plugin is easy to install, use and SEO optimized. It has successfully been tested on 60 WordPress themes to date and is cross browser compatible. Check out the demos to learn more.

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WPBruiserPro { no-Captcha anti-Spam }WPBruiserPro

Enhance your security with this plugin. It works autonomously, meaning that you don’t need to connect to any outside services. Keep your site safe and self-contained with a simple click of a button.

WPBruiser is an innovative security plugin. One of the main benefits of this anti-spam plugin is that it provides a user-friendly experience. It doesn’t require the use of annoying Captchas that alienate your visitors. WPBruiser uses the latest web technology to stop spam and protect your site. The end user won’t know it’s there while it swats down brute force attacks and spam comments. There’s no need for your visitors to fill any detection fields. It simply works.

Get WPBruiserPro  Screenshots

WP Glossary – Encyclopedia / Lexicon / Knowledge Base / Wiki / DictionaryWP-Glossary---Encyclopedia

WP Glossary is an awesome plugin for the price. You get a lot out of this plugin. Use to create your own glossaries for Wiki type sites. There are four main modules included in this plugin you can use to build a glossary, create styles, enhance user experience and add links. It’s ideal for the following types of websites:

  • Enyclopedias
  • Lexicons
  • Knowledge Base
  • E-Learning
  • Docs
  • Dictionaries

It works by utilizing WordPress custom post types. This responsive plugin is easy to customize, fully responsive and simple to setup. It also enhances search engine optimization by automatically linking highlighted phrases or item back to their definition page. There are many different ways you can exploit this functionality to save time and effort.

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iWappPress Builds iOS App for any wordpress websiteiWappPress-Builds-iOS-App

With this plugin, anyone can build apps for Android or iOS. It couldn’t be easier. iWappPress can change any WordPress website into an app with a click of a button. This mobile app builder is fast, powerful and super easy to use. All you need to do is create the app, configure the app info and hit build.

Imagine the possibilities. You can save time and make lots of money with this tool. There is no need for technical knowledge or experience. Anyone with an idea can see it through with iWAPP.

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Final Word

That wraps up this months roundup. This list has some plugins for fairly specific tasks to help streamline workflow and avoid confusion. This could be exactly what many WordPress users are looking for. Let us know if there’s any cool plugins that came out this month that we missed in the comments section below. Also feel free to share any positive or negative experiences you have had with any of the plugins on this list.

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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