Best WordPress Plugins of June 2016

As a WordPress user and plugin junkie, I love to scour the market to find useful plugins for my projects. This month there were over 100 new WordPress plugins added to Codecanyon. We checked them out so you don’t have to. This list contains 11 of the best WordPress plugins in June 2016.

As WordPress continues to be the most flexible and dominant CMS on the planet, developers continue to churn out new plugins. The problem with this is there are so many plugins that do the same thing; it can be hard to make a choice.

All of the plugins on this list are making an impact on Codecanyon. This post has WordPress plugins to help you get more traffic, provide a better user experience, build sections on your site, optimize content, generate money, connect socially and sell products. Use them to save money and time on your road to success.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Pluginultimate-affiliate-pro-wordpress-plugin

Starting an affiliate marketing program on your website is an easy and smart way to build your brand. The Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress plugin can help you manage your affiliate marketing campaigns with ease. There are tons of features to help you drive traffic to your website, establish your brand, manage ads and increase sales. Key features include unlimited affiliates, ranks with achievements, custom amounts, payouts, social network integration and much more.

This plugin is a great way to implement your strategy by helping others earn money while they promote your products or services. With features that allow you to manage all of your tasks from WordPress, you can save hundreds of dollars with this plugin. Check out the live demo to see what you can do with it.

Get Ultimate Affiliate Pro Live Demo

Snax — Viral Front-End Uploader Snax Viral-Front-End-Uploader

Snax is a delicious new plugin that can help WordPress users create sticky content. This plugin enables you to easily add irresistible content that people can’t help but checkout. Crowdsourcing is a key to the success of many modern internet giants. With Snax you can let users create open lists. The front-end uploader is easy to use for anyone.

Lists can be created by users from already published content like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. User on your website can also upvote or downvote content, so the most popular posts can be easily identified. This plugin integrates with BuddyPress and works well with any bonafide WordPress theme like Bimber.

Get Snax Live Demo

Addon Creator for Visual Composeraddon-creator-for-visual-composer

Visual Composer is a WordPress website designer’s best friend. There are lots of different VC addons to choose from. Many of them are well written and give you more power, but it can be tough to find the right ones. Searching through the entire catalog of addons for Visual Composer can be time consuming and tedious.

This plugin helps by allowing you to easily create your own addons. It also comes with over 100 predefined addons for you to get started. This plugin can take any static HTML, CSS and JavaScript and create a dynamic, easy to edit Visual Composer addon. No more searching for hours looking for an addon that fits your purpose. Take any jQuery plugin from the web and turn it a tool for your website. This is a powerful tool to give you even more ways to let your creativity shine.

Get Addon Creator For Visual Composer Live Demo

Facebook Messenger for WordPressfacebook-messenger-for-wordpress-plugin

Facebook Messenger is a great app, especially for business owners. Some of the biggest benefits involve the ability to connect one-on-one with your customers. You can send direct messages to people and create a more personal connection. The potential to use this for your advantage as well as benefit your customers is huge.

You can save lots of time and money, not to mention increase conversions with Facebook Messenger for WordPress. Integrate messenger directly into your site to increase traffic, help people contact your business and increase the quality of your customer support. This is a nice addition to eCommerce websites that use WooCommerce.

Get Facebook Messenger for WordPress Live Demo

Gravity Forms Address Autocompletegravity-forms-address-autocomplete-plugin

This is a simple, inexpensive plugin that can make your site just that much more enjoyable to browse. Small things that enhance your visitors experience can convert into a more successful site. The auto fill function has enhanced many programs from word processors to shopping cart apps online.

Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete makes filling out forms that much easier. It helps users enter their address via the Google Places suggest API. People can save time they would’ve spent searching Google Maps for an address, which can make all the difference. The admin panel has the option for you use this plugin only on address fields – but you can use it on any field that you need to.

Get Gravity Forms Address AutoComplete Live Demo

DW TinyMCE Imgur Upload — WordPress PluginDW-TinyMCE-Imgur-Upload WordPress-Plugin

For people who like to upload images on their blog or website, this plugin is very handy. It integrates with the native WordPress editor to help you upload images. All you have to do is press the DW TinyMCE Imgur Upload icon from the editor and choose the image from your computer.

This plugin can help you save space since the images are not hosted on your local server. The plugin also adds the option for users on your site to add images to the comments section. It creates a new comment form to make uploading simple. This is a fast, convenient way to upload images to your website. Checkout the live demo to try it before you buy it.

Get DW TinyMCE Imgur Upload Live Demo

WooCommerce Attribute SwatchesWooCommerce-Attribute-Swatches

Add some life to your website with WooCommerce Attribute Swatches. Once you install this plugin, you have the option to customize the display of your product attributes. Build attractive designs by changing the color, image or text swatches.

You can also play around with radio buttons and tooltips. You can use this plugin to change individual products or make global changes. This little plugin is a great WooCommerce addon that can enhance the look and usability of your website.

Get WooCommerce Attribute Swatches Live Demo

Visual Composer Add-on – Diamond FlipBook(flash)diamond-flipbook-visual-composer-addon-for-WordPress

Another Visual Composer addon you say? This one is quite unique. It makes use of Adobe Flash technology so you can build impressive flipbooks. It’s a great idea for people who want to make online brochures, menus, showcase their photography and display ebooks among other things.

This plugin allows WordPress users to create nice online versions of flip books that take a cue from Google’s Material Design principles. You can add text, pictures or video to your flipbooks. The settings panel is simple and offers straightforward options. Checkout the demos to see some possible use cases.

Get Diamond Flipbook Live Demo

Uber Delivery Method for WooCommercewoocommerce-uber-rush-plugin

Uber has taken over in America. Keep in mind that this plugin is only for businesses based in San Franciso, Chicago or New York. This plugin works with WooCommerce. It helps businesses quickly deliver products local. The plugin uses Uber’s Rush API, which is an on demand delivery network that allows you and your customer to track any order in real time.

Use it to supplement your existing deliver drivers, use it as your primary delivery system, create marketing campaigns with UberRUSH, or move inventory from one location to another. Aside from fast delivery, there are lots of other useful features included with Uber Delivery Method for WooCommerce. Checkout the screenshots and documentation to learn more.

Get Uber Delivery Method for WooCommerce Screenshots

Facebook Crawler for WordPressfacebook-crawler-premium-wordpress-module

Use this plugin to generate content that people love on your WordPress website. Use this plugin to automate the process of content creation. This can be a big time saver and get you some good results. It crawls the Facebook pages that you are interested in to find content for your blog.

It pulls content from designated pages and converts it into a post on your site. All you need to do is install the plugin, create a Facebook app, add the app id to the plugin and find Facebook urls you want to pull from. Last you set up a cron job to run and that’s it. In less than a 30 minutes you can create interesting content for your blog and engage your visitors.

Get Facebook Crawler for WordPress Live Demo

Final Words

This month’s roundup has some useful plugins for all sorts of use cases. I really like the Visual Composer Addon creation plugin. I am interested to see it grow in popularity. Let us know in the comments section if you have tried out any of these plugins and how it went. Also feel free to share if you know of any other plugins that perform the same tasks that work for you. We are always interested in hearing about good solutions.

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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