Best Premium WordPress Plugins of January 2016

It’s the first month into the New Year and WordPress is as awesome as ever. This month we saw a new WordPress security release (4.4.1) and a new batch of new plugins to review. We are back again with our monthly roundup of the best top selling plugins on Codecanyon. This collection has a mix of useful tools for WordPress users.

The following plugin list has a lot of variety, so you will be more likely to find at least one that you like. Included are plugins for page building, forms, web site analytics, file hosting, social networking, accounting, project management and more.

Massive Addons – Uber Visual Composer Extension
Massive Addons – Uber Visual Composer Extension

This is a huge pack of add ons for Visual Composer. If you are a fan of Visual Composer, you’ll love Massive Addons. This package is lightweight, fast and looks good. With Massive Addons you can easily create things in just a few clicks.

The developers make use of presets – different layouts and styles for shortcodes. This means you can recreate any of your layouts with a single click. You can also edit or remove any preset you want. With over 800 presets to choose from, you have plenty of options. To use a preset, simply load it, edit and save. That’s it!

Massive Addons is easy to use, performs strong and has a clean user interface. If you want to keep things simple, enable Easy mode to display only basic settings. This plugin gives you a lot of design power with over 45 shortcodes, 800+ presets, 18 page templates and lots of configurations to manipulate. The documentation is thorough and there are lots of tutorials to help get you started as well.

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King Composer: High-Performance WordPress Page Builder Pluginking composer visual page builder plugin

Page builders allow you to focus on design. One problem many people run into with page builders is slower loading times when building. This plugin addresses that problem. King Composer is a high performance drag and drop builder. It’s simple, flexible and is one of the fastest page builders out for WordPress.

The developers boast the fact that they use their own UI core instead of Ajax. Ajax can be slow when working on a live host. Instead they use native HTML5 for to power this page builder. Get unlimited containers to work. Build any style layout you can conceive.

It’s easy to get started with King Composer. Just open the page editor and begin. Drag, drop, sort, build templates, copy etc. You can copy and past anything, even in a different browser tab. King Composer is super light weight, versatile and comes with lifetime updates.

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Visual Post Navigation for WordPressVisual Post Navigation for WordPress

Visual Post Navigation is a simple plugin that allows people to easily navigate through your posts. After you activate the plugin, choose to show post navigation and choose to display posts by category. This simple plugin is great for blogg, news sites, viral videos or any website where you want to give readers easy access to your posts. It’s easy to use and you’ll only need to configure a few options. It has 6 different skins with animated effects and SVG support.Visual Post Navigation also comes comes with lifetime updates.

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Visual composer Notifications & Alerts
Visual Composer Notifications & Alerts

Visual Composer Popups and Notifications allows you to create popup boxes via Visual Composer. Create alerts, notifications or modal boxes. From inside the page builder you can create notifications with lots of features. Add vides, images or forms (from shortcodes) to your notifications.

Out of the box this plugin has over 60 animations, 6 sounds, 3 themes and lots of settings. Choose your own color schemes, fonts and icons to match your website. There are many more settings to configure the behavior of the popup including options for delay, exits, sounds and features. Remember you need to have Visual Composer for this add-on to work.

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Smart One Page Navigation – Addon For Visual ComposerSmart One Page Navigation – Addon For Visual Composer

Smart One Page Navigation is a very easy navigation for Visual Composer. You can use it to visually build some very cool page designs with sections. You can create a landing page with lots of features and options. This plugin is awesome, especially if you want to build a website that is best for browsing on mobile devices.

BBeautiful one page websites with lots of different scrolling effects. Create custom menus to take the sites visitors form one section to the next. There are over 20 demos to choose from and cool options like sticky navigation and slick animations.

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ZoomTimeline — WordPress Ultimate Timeline PackZoomTimeline — WordPress Ultimate Timeline Pack

Zoom Timeline is a timeline plugin that has many use cases. There are six timeline templates that allow you to build a wide range of timelines. It’s good for building any type of timeline: company history, purchase history, shipping tracking, timeline slider, and more.

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Last Word

I hope you find something you like out of this bunch. There are some cool plugins in this list to help you with your blog or business site. One of my favorites is the Smart One Page Navigation. It’s a fun one to play with. You can build trendy one-page sites that are fun to view on mobile. We will be back again next month with another roundup of best selling plugins. Let us know if there are any awesome plugins that came out this month that we missed in the comments section below.

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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