Improve WordPress Site Performance with the Best Premium Slider Plugins

Improve WordPress Site Performance with the Best Premium Slider Plugins

Sliders can become a real treasure for your WordPress website. These tools can present information in the most interesting and attractive way — by means of interactive animated blocks. Sliders can serve not only for online shops to represent sales or new goods, but also for any other type of a WordPress site: personal blog, portfolio, landing page, viral and buzz project, online magazine and so on.

We have previously told about the free slider plugins, which you can use on your WordPress site. But now it is time to get serious: premium slider plugins offer much more opportunities due to extended set of features. Some of them even can be used as a well-tailored visual editors for your animated and interactive content. On the other hand, this tools are very important for every new website to attract visitors and keep their attention focused on those things that you can show through the sliders. So, there is no way you can save funds on this versatile plugins.

Today we present the list of 7 premium slider plugins, which have the greatest users` ratings and amount of sales. These indicators show the most important point — how other WordPress users judge the competitors in this area. But sales and ratings are not the only features we are looking for. Lots of unique possibilities are open to the users of each of the listed plugins. And it is for you to decide what features are the most important for you as the site owner and for your audience as the independent judge for the result of your work on the website.

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution has already evolved to a well-organized visual page builder, but it still remains one of the best among the competitors in the field of slider plugins. You can meet Slider Revolution in the kit of the most popular WordPress premium themes, which is an excellent evidence of its versatility and awesomeness.

The most important feature of Slider Revolution WordPress plugin is its built-in visual editor, that allows any WordPress administrator to create multi-media sliders of any complexity without special knowledge or skills in the field of web development or design. Full control over the wide customization features is delivered right to the simple drag-n-drop editor.

Slider Revolution is a truly multi-media plugin. It gives unlimited opportunities to use any type of content: text, images, video, social media streams, WordPress and custom posts, HTML5 objects and much more. Moreover, all this elements are SEO optimized, fully mobile responsive, secured and ready for easy debugging.

Slider Revolution has a wide selection of ready-to-use templates to create sliders of all known types and even to inspire you for inventing your own unique slider types and layouts. The existing tons of features can be truly observed only when you dive in the work with this outstanding plugin.

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LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

LayerSliderLayerSlider also positions itself as a versatile platform for creating and editing of the animated content. LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider plugin can help to create to only website sliders, but also animated presentations and slideshows. It perfectly matches for both landing pages and multipage sites or blogs.

LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider plugin offers wide variety of prepared templates, layouts, animated effects and skins, as well as unlimited opportunities to easily customize all the content inside your sliders by means of built-in drag-n-drop editor. This plugin includes a unique animation engine, that ensures the optimized cooperation with any other elements of your WordPress site.

The newly added feature of LayerSlider WordPress plugin represents an opportunity to add pop-ups to your sliders. The powerful combination of sliders and pop-ups can make your website truly interactive. Just imagine the possibilities to involve your users for email newsletters and registrations by means of animated sliders!

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RoyalSlider — Touch Content Slider for WordPress

RoyalSliderRoyalSlider is a simple, user-friendly and performance-optimized WordPress plugin. RoyalSlider supports image galleries with vertical and horizontal thumbnails and full-screen lazy-loading option. HTML5 objects, CSS3 animations and videos from YouTube and Vimeo are also supported by the plugin. You can easily add Instagram photos, Flickr or WordPress posts, WooCommerce products to your slider by means of this tool.

RoyalSlider focuses on the best performance in terms of loading speed and mobile responsive design. It is also supporting touch screens, which allows your WordPress website to gather audience from various mobile devices. RoyalSlider has not got a wide range of animation effects, but the existing ones are fully tested for their security and performance features.

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Master Slider — Advanced WordPress Slider Plugin

Master Slider is also a very powerful WordPress plugin, that has lots of prepared templates to use and wide opportunities to customize through the visual content editor. With this plugin you can easily use not only WordPress galleries or post previews on your slider, but also Facebook and Flickr posts, WooCommerce items. Master Slider provides the parallax effect for your images to make it even more attractive for your site visitors.

Master Slider is fully mobile responsive, provides the support for videos, image thumbnails, touch-screen devices and all popular browsers. It is also SEO optimized and tested for the best loading speed performance. You can also edit each element of the slider in order to add some tooltips for user clicks or hovering effects.

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Responsive FlipBook Plugin

Responsive FlipBookResponsive FlipBook plugin is a special slider for books and other printed publications. Responsive FlipBook allows you to create an interactive bookshelf where each book can be read by your site visitors. And provides really smooth and exciting experience for any fan of reading. It is also a pleasure for a WordPress administrator to set up and work with this plugin, as it provide user-friendly interface and wide customization features.

Responsive FlipBook provide your users with an opportunity not only to read books from your interactive shelves, but also to zoom, print, save as PDF files. As for style customization options, Responsive FlipBook gives a lot of fine-tune possibilities: custom styles, layouts, colors, fonts and so on. This plugin also comes with 9 ready-to-use demos for your interactive books and 4 prepared mockups to use on your design or inspire to create a unique one.

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All In One Slider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

All In One SliderAll In One Slider Responsive WordPress Slider plugin is actually a set of various tools to create different types of sliders. This set includes nearly everything you could expect from a slider plugin, divided into comfortable categories by spheres of application. The participants of the set are: Content Slider, Banner Rotator, Banner with Playlist, Thumbnails Banner, Carousel. This 5 sliders represent the most useful types for a WordPress admin.

Content Slider is a versatile type of slider, that can include any kind of content: from WordPress post preview to video or WooCommerce products. It has 3 predefined skins and lots of fine-tuning opportunities: animated text, autoplay parameters, colors, dimensions and transparency options, link URL and target options and much more.

Banner Rotator is a special tool for creating an outstanding advertisement elements on your WordPress website. It has 16 different photo transition effects to help you in setting up the best marketing campaign.

Playlist Banner is created for video and audio content of your WordPress site or blog. It also have 3 predefined skins, lots of transition effects and wide customization opportunities.

Thumbnails Banner is the best choice to show your image galleries with style. It provides additional lazy load feature to optimize the speed performance of your WordPress website while showing your best pictures and photos.

Carousel is a unique type of gallery showcase, that allows to preview previous and next to the recently shown images. You can also choose the number of viewed items — from 3 to 7. Carousel also supports video content.

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Theia Post Slider for WordPress

TheiaTheia Post Slider is a perfect WordPress plugin for creating beautiful an easy-to-read posts without additional knowledge in web development or design. Strictly saying, Theia allows a WordPress administrator to divide the posts into short and attractive paragraphs. The transition between these paragraphs is carried out in the classic slider way — by clicking arrows forward or backwards. As a result you get an interactive post, each part of which is designed in a proper way and style.

Theia Post Slider includes more than 60 prepared themes to design your content in a matter of seconds. It is also optimized in terms of SEO and speed performance. The wide customization opportunities should also be noted: you can change colors, fonts, layouts and other options for every element — from header to footer.

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