8 Main WordPress Trends of 2021

The first months of 2021 are behind us and now is the time to look into the future and assess current trends of 2021. Any WordPress Site administrator must always look towards the future to keep up with the new trends of design, user interface and content delivery style for his or her readers.

It is impossible to list the number of current trends completely within a single review. In addition, trends tend to be complemented and change over time. At the moment, we consider the most important and interesting trends that will definitely affect the development of WordPress sites during the current year.

Some of the trends that we will now consider, are already used by leading projects and WordPress sites on other platforms. If you already use at least half of the trends listed here, then your project is clearly on the right way to success. If all of the following will be a novelty for you, then you still have time to implement all these methods.

Mobile Devices Got More

60% of users tend to use mobile devices to search for information on the internet. This fact should make you think seriously about optimizing WordPress website or blog for mobile devices. Otherwise you run the risk of losing a big piece of your potential audience and to miss the enormous potential to broaden the base of your readers and subscribers.

Modern website should assume the possibilities of optimization for mobile devices from the earliest stages of its creation. This means that the planning of any online project should include a mobile version of all pages and project services for easy use on users` smartphones and tablets.

The choice of WordPress themes for website design should also include the option of mobile responsive feature. Fortunately, most modern WordPress themes have already taken into account this feature and provide a good optimization for all types of mobile devices. If you are still using a comfortable, but outdated WordPress theme without a mobile version of the site, then it is time to seriously consider updating the user interface of your project.

HTTPS Becomes Crucial for the Security

httpsHTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is known for the majority of the WordPress site owners. However, for a long time this secure protocol was considered as redundant means of ensuring safety only when used for the transmission of the really important data, such as details for online payments. Today HTTPS becomes relevant for all sites on the internet.

HTTPS` modus operandi is based on encrypting all information that you submit through any form on the website. If the site does not use HTTPS, the data may become easy prey for hackers and other intruders on the internet. HTTPS provides protection of personal data, as this encrypted transmission can not be read by any third parties.

Analysts’ forecasts suggest the transition of most significant projects to HTTPS in 2021. There are two ways to install HTTPS for your site: via hosting service provider and independently with the help of special services and plugins. If your hosting provider can transfer service to HTTPS, then it would be wise to take such an advantage.

Microinteractions Should Be Improved

microinteractionsWe are constantly facing a variety of data downloads when you visit internet sites. Equally, we are faced with the unpleasant anticipation, which is directly connected with these downloads. Experts have identified a special term – interstitial anxiety. It denotes the state of the nervous person while waiting for the downloading of a site or one of its elements during the interaction with its interface.

Naturally, each owner of a WordPress site should strive to reduce the rate of users` interstitial anxiety. To this end, a variety of interactive interface elements that allow the user to see the progress of the download or perform a certain operation are developed and implemented. Examples of such elements may be download progress bars or the marks for progressing certain stages of filling any form on the site.

Rise of SaaS

SaaSSoftware as a Service (SaaS) assumes constant cooperation with the developers of a particular program or service in the form of monthly or annual subscription. SaaS presupposes not only a product, but also skilled support and free updates for subscribers of a service.

Many site owners on the WordPress platform used to acquire the necessary one-time plugins. However, the SaaS business model is eager to make some adjustments in this process. It is time to come on the serious cooperation with the SaaS services that are ready to provide more than just a convenient product here and now. It is time to look ahead and plan for the long terms.

Time to Use Video Headers

Video HeadersVideo attracts users’ attention better than any other kinds of content. That is why most websites have already begun to use the video content as the main source of attraction and retaining for the audience. A new trend is the use of video clips on the first screen, which the visitor sees. Video headers are logical and beautiful trend of the new year.

New WordPress themes offer simple functionality for adding and editing any video headers on various topics. An excellent example is the one of the free themes from WordPress, which is named in honor of this year – Twenty Seventeen. This example is a vivid illustration of the trend, in which formation the administration of the WordPress platform is involved itself.

User Experience Enhancement

User ExperienceUser Experience is becoming a key factor in attracting and retaining the right audience in 2021. And this trend will be relevant for many years. Scope of user experience is constantly evolving, that is why we advise you to keep an eye on new research in this field to provide your users with the most convenient and pleasant site structure.

You can improve the user experience of your readers by yourself. To do this, you must constantly monitor the available statistics of attendance, bounce rates, and other data from Google Analytics. You can experiment with methods of content delivery and the location of the various elements of the site design to determine the best option for your target audience.

Multipurpose Themes Become More Popular

multipurpose-themesMultipurpose WordPress themes are becoming more popular every year. The reason for this trend is general compliance with all the requirements of today’s users, to which all the creators of Multipurpose WordPress themes aspire in the first place. These requirements are met to a lesser extent in those themes, which are created for a specific niche of online audience.

We advise you to start the acquaintance with multipurpose WordPress themes with the free ones. If you feel a good trend and the positive response of your audience, you can move on to more advanced premium themes. They will provide more opportunities for the development of your WordPress website or blog.

Virtual Reality Evolution

Virtual RealityVirtual reality is the most exciting and anticipated direction of modern technologies development for WordPress site owners. Virtual reality is not limited to the gaming industry and can provide great opportunities for the eCommerce segment of WordPress sites. Demo version of virtual tours or shopping trips will be a real breakthrough for the entertainment industry.

Virtual reality evolves simultaneously with WordPress. Adding VR video is already available for owners of WordPress sites and blogs, and in the near future it is expected an explosion in the development of plugins in order to optimize the virtual reality features to WordPress platform. Create stunning virtual tours easily, on your own, in minutes.

Final Words

So, we introduced you to the most important trends, in accordance with which the leading WordPress sites and blogs will evolve in 2021. Some of them comes naturally to our mind, and the other will have to get some time to evolve. But the general principle of this trends is straight: continuous training and the desire to unite all the progressive sites owners on WordPress platform.

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