10 WordPress Plugins to Optimize User Experience

Plugins make the WordPress world go round. Today we have a list of plugins that can help you make your website more mobile friendly and accessible to your visitors. For many businesses and services, it’s important make browsing as convenient as possible.

This way people can easily find the information they are looking for or get in touch with you. Otherwise, prospective customers may leave for a site that is better optimized. I’ve categorized this list of plugins into four different areas. On the list are plugins that enable you to:

  • Create call now buttons for people browsing on mobile devices
  • Integrate social media networks into your website
  • Provide live chat for things like customer support
  • Add Google Maps with Advanced features

Some of these plugins are free and some can be found for purchase at Codecanyon. These plugins are useful for any business or organization. Hopefully you can find something to make your WordPress website more accessible and increase your conversion rate.

Mobile Call Now Plugins for WordPress

Eliminating the need to copy and paste your phone number can save them a whole lot of time and increase your chances of people contacting you. This is a helpful feature for any personal or business website.If people are browsing your website on a mobile phone,  a call now button is makes it a whole lot easier for them to call. Especially since mobile users are often on the go.

While contact forms are a necessary feature to help people get in touch you should provide other ways for people to reach you. Giving as many ways for people to reach you will not only offer a better user experience, it will increase your marketing potential.

Call Now Buttoncall-now-button

Call now is a very simple and effective plugin. It is optimized for mobile and 100% responsive. As you would expect, it adds a call now button to your website for browsing with mobile phones. Don’t make your visitors copy and paste. Call Now creates a button in the bottom corner of the screen for 1-click calling. Set up couldn’t be easier and there are more advanced settings that give you more control over your call now button.

Get Call Now Button

Mobile Call Now & Map Buttons


Here’s another free plugin that allows you to optimize your site for mobile phones. With mobile call now button and map buttons — you can customize the way your website appears on mobile devices. Easily add buttons to call or look up address as a footer to all the pages viewed on mobile devices. This simple and free plugin is an easy way to enhance browsing and help people get in touch with you.

Get Mobile Call Now & Maps

Social Media Integration

One of the best ways to make yourself easy to reach and promote your brand is through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others. It’s now a mandatory part of any successful marketing campaign on the web to utilize social media. You can promote your brand, connect with the community and drive interaction through social media. The following plugins can help you get social and provide ways for you to integrate popular social media networks with your WordPress website.

Flow-Flow Social Stream

The free version of Flow-Flow is powerful and robust. It’s the number one plugin for creating beautiful social streams on your website. Decrease your bounce rate and draw more traffic. You can build an awesome social hub for all sorts of different uses. Flow-Flow Social Streams offers endless design possibilities and tons of configuration options. Create unlimited feeds in your social stream and get direct control over their functionality. Quick caching helps your feeds load fast, even if you are on a shared server with slower loading times.

You can use filters to display feeds based on criteria such as hashtags, user favorites, search, user account and more. Style each custom card-style feed display to fit your brand or use the default settings. It’s very easy to use and full of potential. The free version provides support for the 4 largest social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest).

Get Flow-Flow Live Demo

Social Pug – Easy Social Share Buttonssocial-pug

Get people involved and spread your content around the web. If all you need are a few simple buttons to allow people to share your content on social media, this plugin can help. It’s free on WordPress.org and well worth it.

This lightweight plugin offers support for the big 4: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Display social share counts to increase your credibility, place buttons on your website and choose options to configure how they are displayed. There is a premium version of this plugin available as well. It offers support for 6 more social networks and more features to control the behavior of your buttons.

Get Social Pug

Real-Time Chat Plugins For WordPress

To the disdain of many online shoppers, most companies have opted to offer support only through email or telephone. I find this frustrating and many people would agree. These methods are often slow and annoying. It’s no fun waiting on hold for half an hour only to have the call drop when you reach a customer representative, or waiting an undetermined amount of time for an email response.

Having a way for visitors to chat live with a person, not a robot, is a very useful features. This will improve customer experience and give you a leg up on the competition. People will naturally choose a site or product with the most responsive support over comparable competitors. Giving people on-demand support is a great way to keep them happy. Not only can you increase sales, you can gather important data, save money and make your business more accessible.

WP Flat Visual Chatwpflatchat

WP flat visual chat is a really slick plugin. This real-time chat plugin is modern simple and unique. It enables you to can offer your customers quality support and a stunning user experience.

The beautiful flat design is responsive and clean. The back-end console is powerful, offering lots of advanced features. You can show elements of the site, initiate chat, create multiple operators and customize the display among other things. It’s the only real time chat plugin for WordPress that allows you to visually guide your visitors while you chat.

Get WP Flat Visual Chat Live Demo

WordPress Live Chat Pluginlive-chat

Live Chat is the best seller for good reason. Installing this plug-in gives you a platform to chat live with your site’s visitors. It’s an easy solution and offers useful features. The code is clean you can keep logs of all chats and create operators to speak with people. Visitors can fill out a contact form if there are no operators online to respond. When you purchase this plugin you you get the rights to install it to an unlimited amount of websites. It’s great for help desks, customer support, marketing, sales or just chatting.

Get Live Chat Live Demo

WordPress Chat X pluginchat-x

WordPress Chat X is a powerful chat plugin for WordPress. The default interfaces styled beautifully and the plugin itself is solid. This plugin is also feature-rich. It’s easy to customize, you get lifetime updates with purchase and it offers SSL support.

Get Chat X Live Demo

WordPress Google Maps Plugins

Google Maps is one of the most used and most useful utilities on the web today. It’s streamlined the way we find businesses, get directions, plan trips, order pizza and a whole lot more. Having a Google Map with advanced features like directions and custom display options is a key part of giving people easy access to your company or organization via your WordPress website.

Map List Pro — Google Maps & Location Directoriesmaps-list-pro

Map List Pro gives you an easy way to add Google Maps and list to your WordPress website. In just a few minutes you can add a map and a store locator to your website.

It comes with 35 pre-made layouts that you can customize. It’s simple solution for creating store locators, addresses and contact lists. Make your list searchable, sort them or add filters. There are lots of styling options the ways to control the behavior of your Maps.

Get Map List Pro Live Demo

Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPressadvanced-google-maps

If you want create a unique experience for your visitors, advanced Google Maps plugin for WordPress can help. There are an exhausting amount of options available to configure.

Create a simple map or a complex, feature-rich Google Map. It’s easy to do things like List locations, create search filters, Style the display, give directions more. Get unlimited options for styling and take advantage of  lots of back-end options. This plug-in is extensive, well documented and easy to use.

Get Advanced Google Maps Live Demo

Final Word

People these days expect a smooth and convenient browsing experience. If you can’t provide that you may just lose out to someone who does. It’s very easy to optimize your site for accessibility with plugins like the ones on this list. Using these plugins can help you drive more traffic to your website, increase conversion rates and offer a better user experience. Hopefully you find this list useful and you can use at least one to enhance your WordPress website. Let us know in the comments section if you have used any of the plugins mentioned in this post or if there are any others we can include.

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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