Create Perfect Pricing Tables with Premium WordPress Plugins

Create Perfect Pricing Tables with Premium WordPress Plugins

Pricing tables are one of the important selling elements of your WordPress website. Pricing tables represent the last step on the way of your potential customers` purchase. That is why this selling tool must be beautiful, user-friendly and intuitive. To create such elements by your own, you need to have advanced web development skills. But with WordPress you need no special skills, because there are lots of useful plugins.

Premium WordPress plugins allow you to create different pricing tables in a matter of a few minutes. Most of these premium tools have easy installation process, wide variety of prepared templates and shortcodes technology to add the created elements directly on any page of your WordPress website by simple copy and paste feature.

Customization option are usually very broad. You have the opportunity to choose colors, sizes, columns settings, different headers, bodies and footers for each of your pricing table. Moreover, you can edit the prepared templates to shorten the time and effort needed to achieve the desired result.

Today we will take a closer look at 5 best selling premium plugins for creating pricing tables with ease and style. These plugins have similar goals, but they reach them by means of different features and unique nuances. Meet these powerful eCoommerce tools within the WordPress platform and choose the best one for the needs of your potential audience.

Go Pricing — WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables

Go PricingGo Pricing WordPress plugin is one of the most well-known and prominent premium tool for creating pricing tables. First reason of Go Pricing`s popularity is the ease of installation and usage. This plugin allows a WordPress administrator to set up a pricing table within a few minutes from scratch. This goal is reachable because of the presence of more than 250 prepared templates for pricing tables.

Go Pricing has a unique administrator`s panel with intuitive interface, which is friendly even towards beginners in the sphere of WordPress administration. Moreover, this plugin is fully compatible with Visual Composer, which opens up an opportunity to create and edit pricing tables in a simple drag-n-drop interface of the editor.

When it comes to customization features, Go Pricing can satisfy most of the needs of a WordPress administrator. First of all, you will have more than 2000 font icons to decorate your pricing tables and guide users through the most important elements inside them. These icons give you nearly unlimited possibilities to visualize content and make it more interesting for users.

Go Pricing WordPress plugin provides you with price counters to attract more attention of your potential customers. Dynamic price counters will engage users to act faster and confidently. You can also add column animation to provide much more interaction between a user and your pricing tables. 39 ready-to-use transitions are available to decorate your pricing tables!

There are also additional opportunities to decorate your pricing tables with ribbons of any color, size and custom text on each of them. The special Column Editor will allow you to type your own text on a ribbon and choose other display settings: fonts, colors, ribbon type and so on.

Go Pricing even allows you to use media elements to attract more attention of your site`s visitors: video, audio and interactive maps with custom pins. Unlimited buttons, special PayPal button shortcode, custom CSS code and other engaging interactive elements are available for adding to any WordPress admin, who uses Go Pricing plugin.

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CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables is simple and intuitive plugin with lots of useful features inside. It comes with 2 predefined styles for your pricing tables and 20 color schemes to use directly on your WordPress website. The result of plugin`s work is fully responsive and moreover has an option to set up your own dimensions for mobile devices.

CSS3 Responsive Pricing Tables have a convenient admin panel with lots of helpful options like creating unlimited number of rows and columns for your pricing tables, hiding and deactivating one or more columns, choosing width in pixels and percent and much more. You also have an opportunity to make one column of your pricing table active by default. This feature allow you to draw the users attention to desired option within the pricing table.

CSS3 Responsive Pricing Tables include a set of 42 icons and a kit of 60 different ribbons to decorate your pricing tables. You can also add lots of interactive effects to your pricing tables: slide effect, hover effects, expand and collapse option for every column, rows and columns sorting, tooltips and hints for users and other interesting features.

CSS3 Responsive Pricing Tables support simple shortcodes for implementing the results of the plugin`s work to your WordPress website. This plugin also supports multi site platform and has options to easily import and export data for seamless transfer of your pricing tables from one project to another.

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ARPrice — Responsive Pricing Table Plugin for WordPress

ARPriceARPrice is another pricing table WordPress plugin with lots of prepared templates. You can use more than 200 pricing tables samples to create this important element of your WordPress website. There are also vast opportunities for customization like 2400+ icons, 700+ Google fonts, unlimited color options and other ready-to-use peaces to gather your unique puzzle.

ARPrice has a real-time template editor, which helps any WordPress administrator to create and edit pricing tables without web development knowledge and skills. The plugin is also fully compatible with Visual Composer, which opens up even more opportunities to customize pricing tables with ease and style.

ARPrice supports both simple PayPal Buy Now button and buttons with custom data sending upon clicking. Multiple button style will help you to choose the most suitable design corresponding to your WordPress website`s style. Additional hover and hide effects can bring more interactive environment for the sake of your users` interest.

ARPrice has vast option for adding different ribbons, background images, interactive maps and other useful elements to your pricing tables. Custom CSS is also supported by ARPrice. You are also provided by detailed analytics about your users` behavior towards the pricing tables. Do not miss the opportunity to analyze and optimize your selling tools to make your WordPress website more profitable.

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Pure CSS Responsive Pricing Tables for WordPress

Pure CSS Responsive Pricing TablesPure CSS Responsive Pricing Tables include 15 predefined themes and unlimited opportunities to customize your pricing tables within the intuitive editor. This plugin uses pure HTML and CSS in its modus operandi, which allows to download pages with pricing tables much faster than competitors with images do.

The unique feature of Pure CSS Responsive Pricing Tables is the opportunity to add Yes and No buttons for your pricing tables. With this option you provide your users with the opportunity to choose their way through the website without leaving it. This would be helpful to decrease the bounce rate and engage visitors to spend more time on your WordPress site.

Pure CSS Responsive Pricing Tables also have lots of options for ribbons, buttons, tooltips and other interactive elements of your pricing tables. All of these elements are made on the basis of CSS3 technology, without using images. This plugin also provides seamless PayPal integration and Google fonts integration.

Pure CSS Responsive Pricing Tables can provide you with unlimited number of rows and columns. The implementation of plugin`s work can be easily performed by means of shortcodes.

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Easy Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

Easy Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin is also very friendly for novice WordPress administrators. It comes with 10 ready-to-use themes, 120+ ribbons, 100+ icons, 5 hover effects and unlimited color options. All these features provide the WordPress administrator with ample opportunities to create unique pricing table in minutes.

Easy Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin has useful and intuitive visual editor and preview feature for all changes made for your pricing tables. You can create multiple pricing table and import/export them with no problems. The result of plugin`s work is fully mobile responsive.

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