Best Countdown Timer Plugins for WordPress

Countdown timers refer to the must have tools for your WordPress site or blog. Countdown timers can be useful during the maintenance mode of your site or in order to attract the attention of visitors to a limited-time offer. Also, the timer can count down the time before an important event in which you and your users participate. This event need not have a marketing motive. For example, you can wait together for the start of the soccer World Cup.

All countdown timers can be conditionally divided into two types: ordinary and evergreen. Under ordinary timers we mean a single count, which can be viewed by all visitors of the site. This countdown is triggered once and after its completion, there must be a certain global event in the life of your community. Evergreen timers have a marketing motivation. For each user, such a timer can show an individual time. This is useful for informing users about personal discounts and special offers for the most valuable customers of your online business.

If you are a beginner in WordPress administration, it is better to start your acquaintance with the technology of countdown timers from the usual kind of these tools. Evergreen countdown timers will be useful for advanced users and business owners on the web.

Today, we will take a look at a few free and several paid plugins for installing regular and evergreen countdown timers on your site. In our rating we have only those plugins that received high marks from users on and Codecanyon. All of them are regularly updated by their creators and use modern technologies (mostly jQuery).

T(-) Countdown

T CountdownT(-) Countdown is the simplest, most understandable and reliable tool among free WordPress timers. To display numbers, HTML and CSS are used, not flash, which makes the content of the page with the timer more stable and faster to load.

You can set any date and time using T(-) Countdown. You have a few simple styles to display the timer. Also, you can add your own HTML or CSS to improve the design of your countdown. After a simple setup, you will be able to have a timer in the form of a widget and a shortcode for integration into any page of the site using the admin panel of WordPress. You can also customize custom HTML to display after the timer ends.

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Evergreen Countdown Timer

Evergreen Countdown TimerEvergreen Countdown Timer is a multifunctional tool that you can use to create both types of timers. This plugin provides the ability to track users by using cookies data or IP addresses to configure individual evergreen timers.

The free package of Evergreen Countdown Timer includes the ability to create regular and evergreen timers, as well as an unlimited choice of colors and styles for decorating your countdowns. Pro version adds the ability to restart the timer on a given day and count the number of remaining goods in your online store (for example, tickets for a particular concert or hot tours in a certain direction).

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Waiting: One-click Countdowns

Waiting One-click CountdownsWaiting: One-click Countdowns is highlighted with a stylish design and the ability to bind the DOM events to the completion of the countdown of your timer. The visual designer will grant the possibility to create a unique timer without any knowledge in the field of web development and design. Inserting a ready-made timer into the WordPress site is even easier with shortcode.

Binding the end of the timer to DOM events gives you ample opportunities to implement scenarios for your reference. You can also set the automatic redirection of visitors after the countdown timer. If you have prepared a special offer for your potential customers, you can immediately show it to them.

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WordPress Countdown Widget

WordPress Countdown WidgetWordPress Countdown Widget also offers extremely simple functionality for creating timers on the pages of your WordPress site or blog. Basic settings of styles allow to revitalize the settings of the default timer design.

With WordPress Countdown Widget, you can create timers that count the time back or forward. The plugin uses jQuery technology and offers ready-made widgets and shortcodes for inserting timers into pages on your site.

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Coming Soon by Supsystic

SupsysticComing Soon by Supsystic is a highly specialized plugin for use during maintenance mode on your WordPress site or blog. The ready-made templates of Coming Soon by Supsystic allow not only to put a timer before the official opening of your site, but also simultaneously to collect the audience in social networks and for future mailing lists.

Unfortunately, this plugin is not intended for a wider range of purposes. With its help, you can not count down the time to certain events with the subsequent transfer of users, nor can you use other types of timers, except counting back.

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Countdown by POWr

POWr CountdownCountdown by POWr is a solid tool with some unique opportunities for use on your WordPress site or blog. You will need to register an account with POWr in order to use the plugin. This registration is free and is conducted in connection with the fact that this plugin is based on cloud storage technology.

In addition to conventional timers, you can use Countdown by POWr to create a time to count ahead (rather than backward, as in a normal timer) and to account for regularly recurring events. For example, you can set up a counter for new visitors or customers of your online store.

The free version of the plugin will have a POWr developer icon on all your timers. To remove the badge, you must purchase a premium version of the POWr toolkit for $3.99 per month.

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JCountdown Mega Package

jCountdownJCountdown Mega Package is a premium plugin for a very low price of $7. This plugin offers more options to customize the styles of your timer, compared to the T(-) Countdown. Here you can adjust the background color and numbers, the width of the timer, the presence of reflection and the degree of its blurring.

JCountdown Mega Package includes 8 ready-made styles for displaying a timer. Also, you can modify the finished styles with your own HTML or CSS code. This plugin is also based on the stable modern technology of jQuery.

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WooCommerce Sales Countdown

WooCommerce Sales CountdownWooCommerce Sales Countdown is designed specifically for online stores that use the WordPress site for their placement. The main task of WooCommerce Sales Countdown is to create an excitement around certain promotional products. The timer urges potential buyers to make a purchase faster.

WooCommerce Sales Countdown has enough flexible settings that allow you to place its code in different blocks of your WordPress site – in sidebar, in product page, in category page or other sutiable places.

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