How to Improve Your Conversion Rate for Free (With Zero Dollars Spent!)

Trying new ways to increase conversions is something every business owner should do at least once a month. Most of us only tackle this issue of conversion only when there is a problem, and a site is not producing the conversion rate that is expected. The problem is, that when we are forced to improve the conversion rate, this is a time when we are usually more frugal regarding spending money, and most conversion related tools and plugin cost a great deal of money, other with a one time payment or more frequently with a monthly fee.

In this article I want to share 3 amazing conversion improvement plugins for WordPress, that are absolutely free and perform just as well as the paid alternatives. These are well supported and well updated plugins, that are offered for free because they make money on premium services. Don’t worry, I’ve made sure the free plan is sufficient enough to truly have a positive effect on conversions. Once you are swimming with the increased revenue, you can consider to go ahead and purchase the pro version. Read more