Social Locker for Wordpress

Social Locker — Content Locker for WordPress

If you want to share your content, Social Locker can help. Are you getting all you can out of your social buttons? Would you like more people to share your content? Sometimes people need an extra push to inspire them to share your content. That is where Social Locker comes in handy.

Social Locker is a WordPress plugin that locks site content behind a set of social sharing buttons. Once the visitor shares, likes, +1 or tweets your page, they can then access the content. This helps you get better results from your website. As you know, this in turn can help you generate more traffic, get more shares and find more followers.

This plugin is very easy to use. Simply choose the part of your content that you want to lock and click a button. By doing this you can use any type of media on your site as motivation for people to engage with you on social media.

Social Locker currently has 8 buttons for the biggest social networks in the business. This includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and LinkedIn. There are more on the way and the developer are taking requests. Each social share button has its own unique settings.

This powerful premium plugins allows you to do many things. Use it to build an email list, add more subscribers, and automate user registration on your site and more. The plugin comes stocked with a built-in set of analytics tools to track user interaction. You can review the results and hone your strategy accordingly.

Styling is easy with Social Locker. You get to choose from a set of eye catching styles that appeal to visitors. The style templates are animated and aren’t pushy. In fact, feedback from Social Locker users report that the plugin helped reduce bounce rate. This means people will stay on your page longer.

Try Social Locker for WordPress to drive traffic, build quality connections and gain followers. You can also user it to boost your SEO ranking. The better you perform on social media, the better your SEO.


  • 4 types of locks
  • Responsive
  • Smart targeting
  • Customizable
  • Supports 8 social media platforms (more on the way)
  • Built-in styles and animation
  • Advanced analytics
  • Sign-in buttons
  • Fast loading time
  • Developer friendly
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