Maps List Pro

Map List Pro — Google Maps & Location directories

This premium plugin is one of the best Google Maps plugins for WordPress. It’s easy to use and has a ton of features. With it you can build custom Google Maps on your website. Display locations on your map in a user friendly list. Visitors can sort, search and filter the results based on how you configure your map.

This plugin really unlocks the power of Google Maps. Map List Pro comes with 20+ pre-built styles to get you started. Map List Pro can save time and money, not to mention make your site much more accessible. All you have to do is create a map an insert the shortcode to add it to any section of your website. It is also fully customizable, allowing you do anything you want with it like add multiple maps to a single page.

One of the most popular reasons people use Maps List Pro is for directory websites. Create useful maps to help people locate stores, offices and contacts. Choose from hundreds of icons to use or upload your own. Give your visitors the option to print directions directly from your site. Allow people to automatically get directions by geolocation, search or destination.

Maps List Pro lets you make responsive, interactive maps. To make navigation easier, use clustered markers with easy to see numbers. Another useful maps feature are the use of additional fields. Add any custom fields you want to display things like telephone numbers, business hours or any other field type you choose.

Checkout the demo content to see live examples of Map List Pro. You can’t go wrong with this plugin if you are looking to add a responsive Google Map to your website. It is especially useful for creating maps that will display lots of different locations.

Feature List

  • Generate sortable, filterable, searchable lists
  • Easy to customize
  • Create in seconds
  • No coding, it just works
  • Categorize locations
  • Hundreds of Icons
  • Upload custom icons
  • Automatically display locations by search
  • Clustered markers
  • Printable directions
  • Sort by distance with location search or geolocation
  • Advanced search function
  • Distances can be set to Miles or Kilometers
  • Multiple maps on a single page
  • Lists automatically update
  • 25 pre-built styles
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