Big Screens Extension for Flow-Flow Social Stream

Big Screens Extension for Flow-Flow Social Stream is a new addon that brings your social streams to the big screen. This extension is perfect for WordPress users looking to create interactive social feeds. Drive interaction with your audience and bring the conversation to one place. Show your social feeds to the world via TV, projector or HDMI broadcast with a single click.

Big Screens works in alongside Flow-Flow. It gives you the ability to bring your custom social feeds to life. You can engage your audience and add the excitement of real-time to your display. It’s ideal for promoting your brand, creating engaging social media conversations, follow live events and more.

The developers at Looks-Awesome asked their customers what new feature they wanted us to add to Flow-Flow. The most requested features was the ability to cast their social feeds on a larger scale. With one-click you can show off your social hub in style. Cast the display on closed circuit television, projectors or HDMI broadcasts instantly.

*This is not a standalone plugin, it is an extension for Flow-Flow Social Stream. You need to have Flow-Flow v2.8 installed in order for Big Screens to work.

With Flow-Flow you can display beautiful social grids to aggregate all your favorite content in one single display. You can add unlimited feeds for marketing purposes things like hashtag campaigns, brand promotion or interacting with your audience. Building custom feeds from multiple networks and styling your displays is simple with Flow-Flow. By adding Big Screens to the mix, you can do in a bigger way.

This extension also gives you more functionality. After you install the Big Screens Extension, you will notice a new section in the Flow-Flow stream settings. This will allow to trigger big screen mode for any of your streams. With big screen mode on, your streams will switch to full screen and you will have an extra set of options to control the display.


  • Stream live events
  • Engage your audience
  • Control the display with filters
  • The stream updates live
  • Auto rotate your posts with interval settings
  • Add logo to your stream
  • Customize the display
  • Insert background image
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