Templatera — Template Manager for Visual Composer

Templatera — Template Manager Visual Composer Addon

Templatera isn’t just a new word invented by WP Bakery, the makers of best page builder for WordPress. It’s a powerful addon for the Visual Composer plugin. It helps you manage templates. With it you can create, manage, migrate and control user access of design templates.

Remember, this is an addon, so you need the Visual Composer WordPress plugin to use it. This is a well-written plugin from the same company that created Visual Composer, the king of all WordPress plugins when it comes to page builders.

Manage your templates in one convenient place and view your changes instantly. By using post types and user roles, you manage your templates. This plugin saves time and effort, leaving you free to think of creative design ideas. If you ever wanted to take your designs and move them to a new site without any hassle, you can do it with Templatera. No more memorizing layouts or cloning pages to get part of a layout.

Using Templatera is simple. Once you install the addon, you will see it pop up in your Visual Composer element menu. In just a few clicks you can manage, create or import/export your templates with the built-in import/export function.

How does it work?

Templatera is just as easy to use as Visual Composer is. The Templatera element will enable you to add prebuilt templates as independent code blocks on your pages. Anytime you change one of your templates, the changes will automatically include the new content.

For instance, say you create a block with a forms to fill out, such as name, email and phone number and used the template on different pages on your site. If you wanted to change something like remove the phone number field, all you have to do is edit the original “Templatera” block. The changes will be reflected anywhere you used that template on your website.

This powerful tool allows you to manage content better, streamline the design process, make changes quickly and move templates from site to site. It’s a must have for anyone who loves Visual Composer.


  • The “Templatera” content element
  • Works with native WordPress UI
  • Create custom templates
  • Import/Export templates to other websites in XML format
  • Single template exporting
  • Control access to templates by user roles
  • Control access to templates by content type
  • Integrates flawlessly with Visual Composer
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