Ajax Search Pro for WordPress — Live Search Plugin

Ajax Search Pro was created to enhance the user search experience on WordPress websites. With live ajax search functionality, the WordPress UX is much faster and more enjoyable. This premium plugin is responsive and works well on mobile devices.

This plugin has many useful options for WordPress webmasters for front end search functionality. The results can be presented with images to add more dimension to your search result list. The latest version can take precedence over the default WordPress search engine to enhance the user experience.

Return custom post types for products, forums, topics and more. Ajax Search Pro also allows you to return custom categories, users, and other social network categories. This is no small plugin, although it’s lightweight there is tons of features to play with.


  • Front end search settings
  • Create advanced search options
  • Powerful backend
  • Rich layout & theme options
  • Many content types supported
  • Icons
  • Image support
  • Widgets & shortcodes
  • Customize search logic
  • Smart image parsing
  • Multisite support
  • Visual composer
  • Keyword suggestions & highlighting
  • Stats and statistics
  • Export/Import available
  • Cache
  • Performance tracking

It comes stocked with four built-in layouts: vertical, horizontal, polaroid and isotopic. Additionally there are over 60 themes to choose from for each layout including the demo content. There are many different types of content that can be returned in the search results as previously stated. This is ideal for eCommerce, or any site that features long lists of products.

Advanced search result options that go beyond the scope of the default WordPress search engine are available. Change search logic to fit your needs with OR statements. If you need more specific results you can customize the logic to suit your needs as well. Fine tune the smart image parser to make sure that you get the best results for high quality images.

Let users search multiple blogs, social networks or sites at the same time. Keep your search functionality current with today’s trends by adding multisite search support. Switch to full text search to get even more relevant results. Customize specificity with the fully adjustable options panel. Keyword functions such as autocomplete and highlighting can make searching a breeze, especially for mobile users. There are many more useful features contained in Ajax Search Pro that would take months to develop from scratch. Checkout this plugin if you are interested in having a very advanced search function on your WordPress website.

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