WP-DBManager — Free WordPress Plugin

WP-DBManager is a flexible and powerful free plugin that allows the user to run selected requests, empty/drop tables, remove backup database, restore database, backup data base, and repair database and also to optimize database. In addition, this plugin supports automatic schedule of backup, repairing and optimizing database.

This plugin is very easy to use and install. However, organizing WordPress database can be complicated also most especially for those beginners, but doing this kind of task should simpler and easier with the use of excellent data base plugin, which offers helpful features and tools to use in managing the database task. Through the use of this WordPress plugin will enable you to obtain such benefits like you will be able to save money from several tutorials out there.

WP-DBManager is designed for those people who are in need of tools to be used in managing their databases in a more perfect and easier way. This plugin will give you the ability to complete all database tasks effortlessly and quickly without meeting any problem. The plugin is offered for free and this will surely suit your needs. With more than one million downloads, this WordPress free plugin is under active and effective development.

Installing the plugin for WordPress is very simpler. The activation and upload is not even required unless you have your own specific requirements, which is easy to set through Dashboard. Overall, this plugin is one of the best database backup WordPress plugin.

WP-DBManager WordPress Plugin Features

Here are some useful features that will make your site smoothen to work on and at the same time give you a peace of mind during unexpected problems.

  • Provides quick access of database queries. You can run particular queries and drop table.(premium)
  • Restore and schedule database backup at any time you want. ( premium)
  • Speed up your website. ( premium)
  • Modify and automatically repair database. ( premium)
  • Support automatic backups scheduling
  • Database repair
  • Empty and drop tables
  • Delete backup database
  • Restore database
  • Optimize backup database
  • Improves functions of database
  • Clean your database effectively
  • Comes in intuitive interface that is best designed for those non-technical users.

These are just few of the amazing features of this plugin that for sure every user will love to have in managing their database perfect. This list of features about the plugin will help you on how you would able to make your site more interesting and excellent as well.

Every WordPress website uses database. This database actually stored all important information incorporated into your website. So, if you are one of those people who have already mastered on how to use and manipulate website, the use of WordPress plugin is very important to save time and effort as well. Therefore the use of WP-DBManager can help you do your task simple and easy.

So, if you are one of those people who want to improve more the management of database information into your website, then the use of this plugin can really help you to secure your site information from other people.

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