Regenerate Thumbnails — Free WordPress Plugin

WordPress Regenerate Thumbnail plugin is responsible for automatically resizing all the images uploaded. This is the solution on manually resizing the images which seems not encouraging. On the fly images resizing is the most advantage of this plugin knowing that it is not easy to resize picture one by one. This would be able to bring convenience and save time as well. This can also be used in regenerating thumbnails from the media library images. Most of all, this WordPress regenerate thumbnail is free of charge.

In order to be guided about this free plugin, the following are its features that would surely bring satisfaction on the part of the users:

  • Regenerate thumbnails every after thumbnails sizes are changed
  • Image attachments are regenerated
  • Very handy
  • Changing thumbnail dimensions
  • Resolve support threads
  • Force and delete regenerate thumbnail
  • Process images faster
  • Continue and re-stops resizing process
  • Store thousand images

The Regenerate Thumbnails are suited for resizing and restoring images in the library depending on your preferences. This plugin would not resize the thumbnails that are within or outside the post content of the gallery as URL’s to thumbnails on the post content. Featured images and galleries are generated through WordPress that uses the settings for the image’s size. This plugin runs in a single period of time after changing the dimensions of the thumbnails through theme codes or changing the theme to another size of the featured image. This plugin is also used in order to upload images either multiple or individual. There is no need to worry about the thumbnail sizes because this plugin would automatically regenerates the sizes.

The features stated are free in the plugin once you installed it but if you wish to add premiums to be included in the plugin, it would require you to pay an extra amount of money. The development of the free plugins really helped those websites builders who do not have enough amount of money in buying plugins that they need. Knowing that the WordPress Regenerate thumbnail is for free, you can assure that it has a high quality like those premium plugins. The difference is that the other features that the premium plugins have may not be found in free plugins. But in terms benefits, they are all the same.

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