WooCommerce Extra Product Options

Extra Product Options is a tool for creating custom price fields for your WooCommerce products. Add any sort of field such as checkboxes, radio buttons, buttons, select boxes, text areas, color choosers and more.

There are many times where having extra product options is not only optimal, it’s necessary. For instance, on a pizza delivery site you can have radio buttons, checkboxes and photos to help users design their order. This kind of plugin was built to save webmasters lots of time. There are many like it for WordPress but most don’t perform quite as well, or have as many options. This plugin is handy for developers and novices alike.

If you aren’t an experienced developer, you probably aren’t fluent and fast when coding. If you are fluent with CSS/HTML/PHP, you know that even modifying a simple form can take a lot of time. Extra Product Options was designed to save hours of time writing tedious code.


  • Add product options
  • Supports checkboxes, radio buttons, select boxes, textareas, input boxes, upload, date, range picker and color picker.
  • Create price fields individually or by product
  • Form builder
  • Conditional logic
  • Image replacement
  • Style options
  • Validation features
  • Hide or show prices
  • Grid display for checkboxes or radio buttons
  • Add unlimited custom fields
  • Lots of display options
  • Lazy load for radio buttons and checkboxes
  • Import/Export to forms
  • Dynamic pricing options based on conditions
  • Use action hooks to show options outside WooCommerce

With Extra Product Options you can create any option in the admin panel. Make local or global changes for each option you have. Get complete control over the fields that you create and categorize by name, description, order and optional price. Use conditional logic and the clean user interface to easily customize your product pages. Place the fields wherever you’d like to create a convenient shopping experience for your customers.

Upgrades made to this plugin:

  • Added compatibility to support multiple currencies
  • Inline validation to ensure that any text boxes are filled out correctly.
  • Global forms can now be added to individual products even if they are not specifically assigned
  • Choose between a range of different image sizes when replacing images or pictures in the product image area.
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