Quform — Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

Quform is a powerful, premium WordPress plugin that allows users to create forms fast and easily. If you use WordPress and are in need of a custom form you will love Quform. You can save time by creating forms in seconds and you won’t have to touch any code. This WordPress plugin gives you complete control of your forms, as well as access to Quform unique theme creation system. You can use one of our existing themes, create your own, or use another developer’s template.

Quform Makes Form Building Simple

WordPress themes typically come with built-in contact forms, but it’s a smart choice to create your own using a plugin. Creating a form allows you to customize the design by changing the look or functionality. Adding extra fields and/or changing the feel of your form are just a couple of the various options provided by Quform.

Quform Makes Form Building Simple

Quform’s Key Features

This form builder is fast, simple, easy to use and works well with all major browsers. There are tons of features to customize and advanced users will be pleased with the wide range of options, which include tons of layout options. Following are some of the key features of Quform for WordPress.

  • Ease of use. You can drag and drop form elements into place. You can easily organize your form by using drag and drop functionality as well as single click edits.
  • You won’t have to write in HTML or PHP. With this form builder, you can build stunning and complex forms without any knowledge of how to code.
  • Wide range of element types. You will have the choice of 15 element types to choose from to build any kind of form you need.
  • Lots of element options included. There are tons of element options for you to choose as well including: individual element styles, label position, inline validators, filters duplicate entry protection and many more.
  • Preview while you create. The form builder allows you to see the form as you create, so you can instantly view your changes. If you want a more detailed look at your form, you can view the preview page.

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Form Layout Options

Quform offers more than just premium functionality, you can also take the design of your form to the next level with a large variety of layout options including:

  • 2 themes with variations. You have the choice of 2 themes available in dark or light, with the option to round the corners. You can also create your own theme to share or sell to other Quform users.
  • Easy style and form element control. Changing form elements and font colors are simple with the color picker. You also have the option of creating your own theme with a .css file or adding code through the form builder.
  • Grouping of form elements. With grouping you can create more dynamic, complex layouts for your forms. Nesting your groups can give you complete control of the layout.
  • Uniform jQuery plugin included. Uniform gives you customed themed controls. You can use Uniform to maximize accessibility and compatibility.
  • qTip2 Tooltips with 12 styles included.
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