Interactive World Maps for WordPress

Interactive World Maps plugin is a powerful, user friendly plugin that you always wanted to have on your website. By using this plugin, you can easily highlight countries, states, even cities. This plugin has its dedicated control panel, so now you do not have to get messy with APIs and co-ordinates. Because of it’s cool features and overall great looks, this plugin has been sold more than 6,000 times until now.

The first thing that most users love about this Interactive world map plugin is its beautiful layout and tool tip function. Each time you hover your mouse on a state or a region, that particular section will hover up and will display pre-defined information. These are some features that you will not find on a map created using Google map API.

Here are two more features that makes this plugin so unique:

Extended database

This plugin has an extensive country, region and state based database which you can easily use to create your desired map on demand. By using a region specific map, you will be able to explain more to your readers. And the best part is, your readers will not have to zoom in and out on that map to find more information. All they have to do is to click on their desired location and they will get more information on an instant.

Fully customizable features

From dividing states with unique colors to highlighting a number of areas with specific color, this plugin can do them all. You can also assign certain types of Markers to specific areas as well.

Interactive World Maps plugin also allows the webmaster to assign certain action to a pre-defined area. By using the setting options from your WordPress backend, you can easily assign Javascript or Ajax based animations on certain locations as well.

By using the action setting you will be able to add URL and special message on each of your desired areas. All you have to do is to write the message on your desired area’s form and you are good to go.


  • Embed entire world map with color variance
  • Easily create area, city, region based maps of any country
  • Interactive tool tip option on mouse hover
  • Responsive map that loads faster and smoother on all types of devices
  • Visually stunning message options to show more information straight from the map
  • Configure actions on maps to make them look stunning
  • Use Javascript and ajax based animation to make your maps more stunning
  • Uses powerful Google GEOchart API to derive geological information
  • Interactive Worldmap Plugin’s standalone API is available
  • Design stunning colors and borders right from the control panel
  • Easy to install and quick configure option
  • Easy to configure map plugin
  • Extended support for API
  • No need to zoom-in or zoom-out to read find information
  • Use maps straight on your post by using short codes
  • Custom made user dashboard
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