Sucuri Security Scanner — Free WordPress Plugin

Sucuri Security Scanner is a WordPress security plugin that contains security toolset, which is used for the integrity monitoring of security, security hardening as well as for the malware detection. It is a widely recognized authority in all related matters with regards to website security that specializes in WordPress Security.

Sucuri WordPress Security Scanner is a security plugin that is built by a well-known team because of their security approach. It is built using domain scanners, remediation cases and security block attack for websites.

This plugin is free to all users of WordPress. It is meant to complement the existing posture if security in their website. It also offers WordPress users features of security for their website which is design in order to have a positive effect on the website security. It includes the following helpful features:

  • Monitoring of File Integrity
  • Auditing of Security Activity
  • Scanning of Remote Malware
  • Monitoring of Blacklist
  • Hardening of Effective Security
  • Actions of Post-Hack Security
  • Notifications of Security
  • Add on of Website Firewall
  • Brute attacks of force against the WordPress Administration that is trying to guess the website password
  • Attacks of DDOS or Denial of Service against WordPress websites that are trying to take down the site
  • Usual Spam
  • Attacks with regards to the vulnerabilities on the plugins, WordPress core and themes
  • Attacks with regards to the incorrect setting of configuration that can possibly leave the website vulnerable
  • Leverage of vulnerabilities in distributing malware in the website
  • Leverage of successful attacks with regard to the distribution of Spam in the website

It is a catastrophic event for website owners if they will lose the safety of their website. So, in order to improve the security posture of their website as well as to help them as a website owner to address the challenges that they have in their website, it is very important to install WordPress plugin in their site.

Sucuri scanner is used in order to remove all the confusions that WordPress website owners can find in their security plugins. It is designed in order to help in building compliment with regards to the security services and provide the website owners’ peace of mind in administering their website. This tool is very effective even if there are an after effect of attack breaks in the website wherein all the logs are remotely shipped to the security operation of Sucuri center in order to make it inaccessible to the hackers. It also means that the hackers will not be able to have an access to the logs and it will eventually erase the useful things to the forensic analysis.

So, if you have a WordPress website, you should have this Sucuri Security Scanner in order to make sure that your website is free from hackers. It is very easy to purchase this Sucuri Security Scanner WordPress plugin because it is free. All WordPress users will be able to get security and safety for their website when they install this free WordPress plugin.

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