Rankie — WordPress Rank Tracker Plugin

Rankie is a premium WordPress plugin to help manage SEO. This rank tracker plugin is designed to help manage Google rankings by keeping track of keywords.

If you don’t know a rank tracker plugin analyzes and keyword strength to help you develop your keyword strategy. It generates powerful daily reports to help you stay on top of things. Rankie gives you lists of valuable keywords that are trending on Google at the moment.


  • Track WordPress Ranking
  • Auto trach searched keywords
  • 4 location methods for keyword position
  • Generate reports
  • Easy filtering options
  • Detailed action log
  • Daily updates rankings
  • Supports proxies

Generate ranking reports

Rankie works as a WordPress SERP plugin. It can track an infinite number of keywords that rank on google and continuously update the ranks daily. You can use this plugin to generate reports monthly, annually, or all time to let you know the status of different keywords. These reports will be available for download via PDF.

Keyword research

When you are doing keyword research it’s nice to be able to have lists of top keywords. Rankie does all the research for you by generating long lists of strong keywords. You can use these lists to find which keywords to focus on. This plugin catches Googles keyword prediction to find the strongest keywords.

This plugin can save a lot of time and money spent on analyzing keywords or hiring someone to do it for you who may just write a similar program anyways.

It will give you suggestions by appending the strongest results to your suggested keyword. For instance, if you suggest the keywords “hot dog” it will search Google and return you a list of keyword in the form “hot dog a” with 10 results, then “hot dog b” with 10 results, “hot dog c” with 10 results and so on. For “hot dog” you would have a list of 10 keywords for “hot dog pizza,” “hot dog bush,” “hot dog song,” etc. You can then copy and paste the list into a spreadsheet or wherever else you want.

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