PrivateContent — Multilevel Content Plugin

PrivateContent is a plugin that gives you advanced capabilities to manage user permissions in WordPress. You can restrict access to parts of your website, allow private pages and other management features. PrivateContent is intuitive and requires no knowledge of PHP.

With WordPress you may want to add more roles for users. PrivateContent allows WordPress administrators to create an infinite amount of users and restrict website content. Users are stored in a separate database to protect the integrity of the data.

This plugin is very flexible. There are endless ways to customize the way this plugin functions. Create custom categories and change user permissions. Users can be assigned to more than one category to give plenty of options for specifying permissions.

There are some handy features that can help you manage users. Use filters to sort data and the search function to retrieve queries. You can do things like deactivate users while keeping them in the database while restricting their access to certain content. Analyze your data by exporting user lists to an Excel File or CSV format. Use a CSV file to import them. This is very helpful for large external databases.


  • Organize Users
  • Private user page
  • Website lock
  • Restrict access
  • Form skin builder
  • Pwerful API
  • Shortcodes
  • 4 Login methods
  • Registration form
  • WordPress user system sync
  • Add-ons available

This plugin comes stocked with a shortcode wizard that hides private contents. It’s simple for anyone to use. If you need to do more than hide content, you can restrict it. Restrict access to entire areas of your content by managing user categories. Restricted users will be redirected. You can also hide all the items in the menu in the WordPress dashboard. Last but not least you can lock the entire site with a single click in the plugin settings.
Each user gets their own private page in PrivateContent. It’s accessible through a unique page, where contents are changed to ensure maximum security. You decide if you want to disable or enable this feature. Users can register with a simple form builder. This plugin is a great tool for managing users.

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