Hide My WP — Security WordPress Plugin

WordPress is a powerful piece of open-source software that runs almost 25% of the internet. This software is also one of the most hacked. New security bugs show-up in themes, plugins, and even in the WordPress core on a weekly basis. A tool that could hide the fact that WordPress is in use would be very valuable. Fortunately, such a tool, called Hide My WP, exists.

Hide My WP is security plugin that protects a WordPress site without changing the core files or folders. WordPress users will note frequent brute-force attempts are often made at the wp-login.php screen. This plugin allows administrators to change the accessibility and the names of the directories. For example, administrators could change the wp-login.php to wp-login.php?hide_my_wp=1234. This would block the direct access to the php file and prevent most brute-force attacks. Admins should also note that the plugin can hide other WordPress files such as read.html or license.txt.

Main Features

Access to PHP files are not the only things that can be adjusted. Admins can also change the permalink structure, adjust RSS feeds, clean up WordPress classes, disable directory listings, and configure email settings. Changing the permalink structure would be a great way to beautify the site. For admins concerned about how changing permalink impact Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the plugin authors suggest that as long as the main content URLs (post, category, tag, author, or feed) are not changed, no impact on SEO will occur. Hide My WP plugin comes with other features as well such as AntiSpam and the ability to customize 404 pages. Customizing 404 pages is benefit for anyone looking to include another customer-touch point and redirect your customer to the right page.

Site Load Time

To make sites load faster, WP Hide Me has the ability to minify both CSS and HTML. Indeed, the plugin uses two different methods to mini both HTML and CSS.


The Hide My WP WordPress Plugin in is compatible with multi-site installations, sub-domains, and works on several different kinds of servers including Apache, Nginx and Window Servers (IIS). The WP Hide Me plugin is theme agnostic and works on regular themes, premium themes, and child themes. For admins who have other security plugins such as WordFence, BulletProof, or Better WP Security this plugin does not cause conflict and integrates well into an existing WordPress security framework.

The designers of WP Hide Me even included a no-hassle and quick setup through the use of pre-made setting schemes.

If you are looking for a no-hassle plugin with great security features this is it. With a 4.5 star rating, an active support community, and over 40,000+ active installs you cannot go wrong.

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