Fancy Product Designer — WooCommerce plugin

Fancy Product Designer works alongside WooCommerce to that helps you design and sell any type of product. This tool is great for creating and designing custom mugs, shoes, cards, hats, calendars stickers and more. There are many sites that feature these kinds of tools where a few years ago there were very few.

Fancy Product Designer is a tool that responds quickly to help customers create add a personal touch to products. The idea behind Fancy Product Design is to give people an interactive way to customize a product. Fancy Product Designer showcases what the software revolution can really do for people. It has democratized design in such a way that anyone who has the right tools can become a designer. This HTML5 plugin responds fast and is optimized to work on all devices. This is one of the most responsive tools of its kind available on WordPress. The design environment lets users create using layers of text and/or graphics.

The user interface is customizable and works flawlessly with the WooCommerce Plugin. There are plenty of setting option in the admin panel that will help you manage pricing, sharing and user options. Set variable prices based upon the options chosen. For example you can charge extra for multiple layers or multiple products. For user options you can let users upload their own files, share their design on Facebook or Instagram and more. This product can give your visitors the power to create. This can be a valuable asset to any online store.


  • Optimized for mobile and desktop
  • Compatible with IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome
  • Allow users to create custom products
  • Supports file upload of photos/images
  • Variable pricing
  • Multiple Layers
  • Text and multiple media sources
  • Advanced color options
  • Customize user interface
  • Clean code
  • Easy to follow documentation
  • Works with WooCommerce
  • Supports Sharing via social networks
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