Realsite – Material Real Estate WordPress Theme

Are you looking for a trendy theme with a clean design? Real estate agents or companies looking to stand out will love Realsite. This theme is packed with power and the design is beautiful. It uses elements of material design to create fresh website with a current feel. Realsite is trending right now, and for good reason.

You may want to check out this theme if you are looking for an extremely professional and clean design. Realsite is also full of tools needed by real estate professionals to list, buy and sell properties. The theme is scalable, giving you room to grow. With it you can build and manage any sized site from a small business to a global enterprise.

One of the best things about this theme is how easy it is. A lot of the hard work is already done. So all you have to do is download, install and start running your business. There are various prebuilt pages for everything from homepages to things like accepting payments and creating custom fullscreen maps.

Aside from all the standard features you’d find in a premium WordPress theme such as responsive content and the famous 5 minute install (less with a fast internet connection); there are lots of other great features.

All the industry standard tools such as custom maps, property comparison, front-end submission, payments, agent profiles, bulk import and more are included. The theme is focused on making you money. Generate cash by pay per listing or offer packages. You can also allow users to post for free.

There are also some great features that aren’t seen in other real estate themes. The property search function gives you as well as your visitors some great tools like statistics. Check the documentation for a more detailed run down of all the features. Take one look at the demo and you will fall in love with this stunning theme! If you are into that sort of thing.


  • Material design
  • Customize anything
  • Beautiful templates for pages
  • Accept payments
  • Manage users
  • Side navigation
  • Beautiful custom maps
  • Display listings
  • Property comparison
  • Front end submission
  • Bulk CSV import
  • Statistics
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