Collaboration is win-win situation for all parties. Let’s increase and share benefits from partnership. It does not matter whether you are WordPress developing team or you cover another market. We are opened to any offers and have some to propose.

Our Portfolio Volume Purchase Program

Adding our plugin to your WordPress theme

Be advised that purchasing Extended License is not allowing you to add our plugins for reselling with your Theme. You still need to ask for our permission. In the most cases we don’t mind but you need to contact us first.

It’s also possible to make our plugin exclusive just for your theme. No one would benefit from this except you! Usually it costs some regular price monthly and may be discussed.

For Non-WordPress developers

If you are interested to make jQuery, PHP or any other standalone edition of our plugin be informed that it’s possible. Usually we agree on that with keeping %share of sales of the upcoming product. Anyways it’s good idea to start chatting with us to discuss it.

Volume purchase program

Planning to use our plugins for multiple clients? Use advantage of our Volume Purchase Program and save extra dollars purchasing multiple licenses.

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Expedite development

We don’t provide custom work by default. All the features are listed on our private roadmap and we go through it according to free resources we have. But if you require some important features for your client’s needs it’s possible to expedite the development. In this case we need to meet two conditions:

  • Additional work must be paid.
  • Entire community should benefit from this feature.

On the other hand, if you want to help us and speed up development of important features you can simply participate in our user suggestions polls. It will help us to set priorities with better accuracy. Currently, we support polls for two our plugins:

Promote your WordPress Theme or Plugin

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Share your offer

We hate to lose opportunities. So if you have some offer not listed here please contact us. We will back to your shortly with our reply. Wish you luck with sales!