Currently all our WordPress plugins participate in the Envato Affiliate Program. You can earn 30% by sending traffic to our pages on CodeCanyon. All you need is to have an Envato account and make some referral links. Promote premium WordPress plugins that look awesome and get benefit!

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Behind the scenes

Here’s a few examples that generate some sales for us. You can see from Google Analytics screens very solid conversion rate.

Posts on WPKube:


Post on WPSquared:


11 sales just from a single post. Awesome! Check out conversion rate.

Posts on SourceWP:


If you write all those 6 posts you could earn at least $122. And it grows over time naturally. Why at least? Because you get 30% of total cart sum. If customer adds to shopping cart more than 1 item, it counts as well.

Articles like this work very good in the course of time. You publish posts one time and they work for years. And the conversion rate are pretty awesome. Average conversion is more than 2.4% that is really great!

What works the best

There is no surprise that plugin reviews and posts like top lists work pretty well. Just write some unique content and Google will love you. If you have plugins directory on your website it’s a good idea to add our plugins there as well. People love our plugins and as much traffic you can send as more referral cuts you get. Learn a little bit more about articles above to find winning strategy. It’s important to understand that not all of the websites above has a great exposure and high ranks in Google. But it works no matter what!

What we offer

If you need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide you with free copies of our plugins. It is also permitted to use our plugins on your website that you use for affiliate program.

You can expect we will help you with necessary images you need for that posts. If you require high quality banners just let us know and we will be right back with it.

Getting started

  1. Create Envato account if you don’t have one.
  2. Pick up some plugins from our portfolio to review. We suggest to start with the best-selling plugins like Flow-Flow or Superfly.
  3. Write your post and fill it with your affiliate links.
  4. Earn 30% of the first purchase.

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Envato Markets gross constantly every year. We excited how our own referral income grows over time. Earn more on your website or blog promoting premium WordPress plugins. Start today, drop us a line and tell about your website. Feel free to offer any kind of cooperation as we are opened to any offers.

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