Duplicator — Free WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugins are considered beneficial in terms of creating and developing websites. Every plugin plays different roles in order for the websites to function well as it is. One of the most used WordPress plugins today is the WordPress Duplicator. This unique plugin has the capability to duplicate the exact feature of the existing site and most of all; it is very easy to install giving the website builders convenient way of installing the plugin.

Transferring contents from one site to another became an issue that is why the plugin developers are making ways in order to address that issue. It paved way on the development of WordPress Plugin Duplicator to cater the needs of the website builder to create a website that will also effectively cater the needs of the website visitors. This plugin is recommended by most, knowing that it never failed most of the users. In addition to that, the use of this plugin can prevent the user from using the WP Clone Plugin or the WordPress Installer for convenience purposes.

Through the use of the latest Duplicator plugin, it is now made easier to use the plugin that would really serve its purposes. There is no need to worry about cloning and duplicating because the answer is just few steps away that would surely benefit those website builders who are planning to use the plugin.

Main Features

  • Duplicate, backup and clone, transfer and move the site from one place to another
  • Simply serve as backup utility
  • Supports base64 string replacement that is serialized
  • Simplify process of moving WordPress backup
  • Avoids setups that are repetitive
  • Workflows are templatized
  • Faster creation of Niche sites
  • Rapidly deploy and clone WordPress sites
  • Store entire settings and blogs
  • Quick management on the page
  • Lesser time to migrate to another site

This WordPress Plugin Duplicator is offered for free and this will surely benefit more and more websites especially those which are in lined with businesses. The websites will surely become useful knowing that most of the people are using websites for different purposes. The above mentioned features of the plugin can be availed for free once you have used the WordPress Plugin Duplicator, which will lead you in creating effective website without thinking the amount of money that you will spend.

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