Broken Link Checker for WordPress

Broken links and images in your content can greatly affect the quality. When content is missing critical pieces of information or important images, people are not getting all of the information or the full story. While this might not always have such a large effect on the content, the possibility is still there. At the very least, it makes content unappealing due to the broken link or image messages left on the page. With the Broken Link Checker plugin for WordPress sites, which is completely free, you have an easy and effective solution. This will scan for those broken links and images, reporting back to you if it finds anything.

Checking for broken links and images is an important way to keep your website up and running. Without this check, old pages may have broken links that would have gone unnoticed otherwise. You may not have realized that comments or smaller parts of a site have broken links or images, either. Leaving them broken will only lead to more issues with site functionality and appeal. People will not see the full content, affecting their opinion of the site as a whole. It may also mean that some people cannot access everything as expected on a website.

Key Features

  • Finds broken links, images, and redirects throughout the site
  • Scans all parts of the site
  • You can customize the scan to include site locations not part of the set search
  • Broken links appear differently to make them stand out more
  • Makes it so that search engines cannot follow a link if it is broken
  • Has a search and filter feature for links
  • Do everything from the plugin page
  • Receive instant notifications when the scans finishes
  • You can change and customize the plugin and take complete control of it
  • Easy to use

Everything about Broken Link Checker makes it incredibly simple, straightforward, and effective. If you plan to use this plugin for your WordPress site, it should come with minimal to no issues. You can add it to your WordPress site and then let it run when you feel it is necessary. It will do a quick run of the site and give you any of the broken links found. Of course, how long it actually takes is hard to say. It may take awhile if your website is larger, or it may take a short amount of time if you have a small site.

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